Deep Motivations, Not Competencies, Drive Leadership Performance

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You could gain access to the underlying motivators that drive a leader or employee to do their best work? It’s called motivational profiling. Your underlying (and often unconscious) attitudes and motivations determine what you pay attention to and focus on in your leadership role.

Have You Tied Your Organization’s Goals To Your Noble Cause?

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Why do the goals that you’ve set out for your team to accomplish matter? At first, the answer to this question might seem obvious – the goals you’ve established are meant to ensure your organization’s continued profitability, to increase or sustain your market share, create a new demand for your products or services, and so forth. So how can you make sure the goals you’ve set out for your organization are aligned with your noble cause?

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The Big Picture of Business – Setting, Meeting, and Benefiting from Goals

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New year projections are the best time to benchmark progress and adjust sights for the coming term. Additionally, corporate executives must have personal goals written, in conjunction with a professional business coach or mentor. Managers lose sight of their employees’ goals.

To Reach Your Goals, Make a Mental Movie

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This evidence suggests that to reach your goals first write them down, and then determine different possible ways of achieving them. But, as easy as it sounds, simply closing your eyes and imagining yourself accomplishing a goal or leading a team to do so may feel challenging for a number of reasons. What if I have missed my targets for several quarters, and trying to imagine getting to my goal is anxiety-provoking?”. As a start, define your goal.

Can Your Sales Team Actually Achieve Their Stretch Goals?

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Sales leaders have a deep-seated belief in using stretch goals to challenge a sales force. Stretch goals are correctly credited with guiding effort, promoting innovative thinking, energizing salespeople, and boosting persistence. Track historic goal achievement outcomes.

The Big Picture of Business: Goal Setting… An Important Part of Strategic Planning.

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Human beings live to attract goals. Organizations get people caught in activity traps…unless managers periodically pull back and reassess in terms of goals. Managers lose sight of their employees’ goals. Mutually agreed-upon goals are vital.

What Are Your Needs?


Maslow knew that there were exceptions to his theory, but it has largely withstood the test of time and become, in many ways, the benchmark: Alderfer’s ERG Theory. These individuals possess motivation and the need to increase personal status and prestige. What are your needs?

9 Must Haves for Business Success

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Your total rewards package should link to your recruiting strategy as well as your goals and objectives. Development opportunities must align with the company’s mission, goals and objectives, so use measurements, benchmarks and metrics to assure they are.

Overcoming Leadership Myopia

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Another well-respected organization, the Corporate Executive Board, came out with a research report last year that showed 90 percent of employees are either not aligned with organizational goals or not engaged and giving their best efforts. All the Six-Sigma, Lean, benchmarking and metrics in the world won’t help us lead people if we fail to recognize these realities. Howard Behar and Michael Lee Stallard. American leaders need to wake up and smell the coffee.

Work with Who Your People Are, Not Who You’d Like Them to Be

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In other words, rather than leaning on traditional tools like motivation and discipline, leaders must learn to embrace process and systems design that create a bias towards success.

The Daily Sales Checklist of Successful Sales Managers

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Check In On Overall Team Goals. You can’t make significant progress on your goals if you aren’t mindful of them. Keep a running log of your sales team’s goals – and their benchmarked progress – within arm’s reach at all times.

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Who are you competing against? Part 1 of 2.

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We needed to set some goals. We established specific benchmarks and goals for each of the ten events. Once we could consistently atten those benchmarks we knew we were in good shape. Army ROTC has a “Varsity” sport called Ranger Challenge.

Communicating a Corporate Vision to Your Team

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Amit had to restore their trust and motivation. Before you start on the vision, take a few minutes to answer the following questions about your team: What do they know about the current status of your project or goal or bigger strategy? Leading teams Motivating people Article

A Guide to Managing a Volunteer Workforce

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Though they have a big goal they want to achieve, they introduce peaks and plateaus on the way to it. Peaks are short-term actions that move a campaign closer to its big goal — a massive protest or a targeted boycott, for example.

The Big Picture of Business – Visioning Scope: Applying Vision Toward Your Organization’s Progress

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Identify strategic objectives and goals. Tactics feed into objectives, which feed into goals, which feed into strategy, which feeds into Vision. Keep the vision grounded in reality through benchmarked measurements. Visioning is the process where good ideas become something more.

The November 2011 Leadership Development Carnival

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And a century and a half is an eyeblink compared with the eternity it would take to achieve this benchmark in senior management". A plan is a judgment about the best way to go about achieving an intended goal.". Welcome to the November 6, 2011 edition of leadership development carnival!

The Big Picture of Business – The Fine Art of Failure: Benefiting from Mistakes to Assure Success

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Continuous quality improvement means that we benchmark accomplishments and set the next reach a little further. Develop attitudes, behaviors and skills as the motivator to create bigger successes. Success and failure… it’s a matter of perspectives.

4 Reasons Plans Fail & How to Avoid Them

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I don’t know about you, but I am motivated by deadlines. This will allow the team to measure progress toward the goal, as well as making sure the ideas move from the incubator to reality.

A Non-Profit Board’s AHA Moment

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All of our efforts to advance our goals are futile if we don’t have new leaders ready to jump onboard. It’s difficult to keep volunteers motivated and engaged or showing up. We need internal benchmarks and a leadership scorecard for our leadership team.

10 Pointers to Build Comfort Within The Team


Home Go to Guest Posts Disclaimer 10 Pointers to Build Comfort Within The Team It pains to see teams where people work on a common goal but don’t get along well with each other. Don’t talk small : You have a goal to achieve as a team.

90 Powerful Ways to Become a Highly Successful Leader

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Set goals and objectives; outline concerns and problems that you will deal with. Learn what matters to your people and how you can help them achieve their goals. Check Yourself At Benchmarks. Change can not be driven; it can only be inspired and motivated by you as a leader. If you’re starting a new position or role, or your leadership just needs a refresher use these 90 powerful tips over the first three months to get your leadership on track.

The Big Picture of Business: Fine Wine, Aged Cheese and Valuable Antiques. Professionals Who Go the Distance.

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Their market value is set by the seller, who often is an appreciator or, at the least, has a profit motive. Who should be the arbitrator and benchmark? Mentor-Leader-Advocate-Motivator.

How to Finally Kill the Useless, Recurring Meeting

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Transparent data was also shared with employees so they could see exactly what meeting norms existed across their departments and how they varied from external benchmarks. Everyone needed a goal that they could work towards. Internal benchmarks.

3 Emerging Alternatives to Traditional Hiring Methods

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The first relates to IQ, curiosity, and decision-making styles; the second to motivation and ambition; the third to emotional intelligence and social skills. The goal of enhancing user experience like this is to increase response rates.

Leading Job Growth in the Digital Economy

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He added that he wanted leaders with not just stellar academic records but also imagination, dynamism and, especially, character and motivation. Courtesy of Manuel Ferrol. Last week I visited Finisterre, an ancient Spanish port and fishing village, where my grandfather was born.

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Sales Data Only Matters If It Helps You Take Action

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Traditionally, salespeople decide which customers/prospects to spend time with by examining a list of accounts in their territory and figuring out which ones to focus on to achieve a territory sales goal. Analytics can help sales managers have higher impact as coaches and make more-informed decisions about issues such as sales territory design, goal setting, and performance management. In sales, as everywhere else in business, there is a buzz about big data and analytics.


The Radical Beauty of Three Simple Management Practices

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The reality is that many of them are unable to take such basic steps as setting achievable benchmarks, removing underperformers, collecting useful data, or offering coherent bonus schemes to motivate employees. At our web site , you can quickly benchmark your organization by country and industry on a management-scoring grid. Ideally, goals should be visible to everyone and should be translated into companywide, group, and individual targets that are tracked frequently.

Building a Business Case for IT Spending

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It is considered to be necessary spending in most cases, but the goal is to spend as little as possible to effectively meet the needs of the organization. Our goal is to provide accurate cost and benefit based information to our clients in order to help them make an informed decision.

The Big Picture of Business – Tribute to Dick Clark

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Motivating pop culture piece designed to foster better, more successful companies. Finding common ground about the zeal and joys inherent in running a company results in better buy-in and support of the goals. Progress is visioned, contextualized, seeded, benchmarked.

Why Radical Transparency Is Good Business

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It's particularly true of young, fast-growing companies driving to meet stretch revenue goals and keep their investors happy. This helps reduce the noise and clutter that can overload our prefrontal cortex with a sense of being "overwhelmed" about what our goals are. Engagement: Radical transparency increases commitment and motivation to the corporate mission because employee data are explicitly linked to performance, ensuring high levels of fairness.

Why Radical Transparency Is Good Business

Harvard Business Review

It's particularly true of young, fast-growing companies driving to meet stretch revenue goals and keep their investors happy. This helps reduce the noise and clutter that can overload our prefrontal cortex with a sense of being "overwhelmed" about what our goals are. Engagement: Radical transparency increases commitment and motivation to the corporate mission because employee data are explicitly linked to performance, ensuring high levels of fairness.

A Social Sanity Manifesto for 2012

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Our stress is compounded by each new performance metric that we're told to track and optimize, but social networking companies keep adding more, because they know each new target motivates us to do the job of growing their networks for them. Given that this is the season of resolutions, it's a perfect time to rebel against social benchmarking. I will set my own benchmarks. Am I suggesting that we should live in a world without metrics or benchmarks?

Top Leadership Blog Posts

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And a century and a half is an eyeblink compared with the eternity it would take to achieve this benchmark in senior management” S. A plan is a judgment about the best way to go about achieving an intended goal.” ” Henry Mukuti presents 5 Qualities of leaders and motivators part 1 posted at standout tall and be counted. Dan McCarthy posted a collection of top blog posts on leadership that included a post I wrote.

6 Ways to Recruit Superstar Talent to Your New Company

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Be less picky in the beginning about who you interview as the main goal is to hone your skill to be at your best when Grade A candidates comes your way. Motivation.

Getting Bundled Payments Right in Health Care

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Bundled payments — single payments that cover all the care for a patient’s medical condition or treatment over a specified timeframe — are increasingly being deployed to motivate the delivery of better patient outcomes at lower costs.

People Remember What You Say When You Paint a Picture

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And research on goal setting has established the merits of specific numeric targets for increasing motivation, in large part because they increase clarity about expectations. The specificity of this target certainly renders it an effective benchmark.

How to Make Electronic Health Records an Asset Instead of a Burden

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” Unlike many health systems that, in this era of accountable care, find themselves having to re-define their vision and re-align physicians around new performance goals, Privia has the advantage of being “purpose-built” for value-based care. HBR STAFF.

The Greatest Barriers to Growth, According to Executives

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Speed is measurable and can be benchmarked. ’” Distortion of motive: Young organizations have no place to hide and the founder knows everything. A large, iconic multinational is now struggling to keep growing while being chased by leaner, more aggressive competitors.

5 Reasons To Do An Employee Survey

Eric Jacobson

You will learn what motivates employees and what is important to them. To provide a benchmark – or a snapshot of your employees and their attitudes at a certain point of time that you can then compare to future surveys to spot trends.

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An Unlikely Partnership: When HR and Marketing Join Forces

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But the pervasive influence of social media on the work world demands change in the way employers motivate and communicate with talent. Our first, in 2005, aimed to transform the way Xerox's HR staff connected with its workforce and align Xerox employees with new business goals. One measure of the program's success: In the 2012 employee survey, 58% of Lincoln employees said they were "highly engaged" — a score well above the financial services benchmark of 35%.