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9 Strategies Of Uncommon Wisdom For Fuelling Top Performance

Tanveer Naseer

Fuelling top performance is the goal for most leaders and managers. The best managers know their people are the key to achieving top performance on every metric of success they track. As a leader or manager, how can you make the biggest difference through leveraging the talents and efforts of the people on your team? Accept People As They Are Your job as a manager is not to change people. Be Unreasonably Optimistic SMART goals are overrated.

Going Wonka: 5 Steps To Building An Effective (and World Changing) Idea Factory

Terry Starbucker

He had been a frequent visitor to my subconscious throughout my corporate career, always managing to show up at times when I needed him, along with his admittedly peculiar brand of inspiration. I’ve written that the “secret of life” is never growing up, and indeed, that child’s sense of wonder is an element of idea generation that just HAS to be there if an organization is going to swing for the fences with big changes, or to go after those “BHAGs” (big, hairy and audacious goals).

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Q&A With Millennial CEO And Book Author Rick Lindquist

Eric Jacobson

In order to attract, develop and retain the best people (especially with respect to Millennials) in today’s job world, you must have a plan to advance your workers’ career opportunities during their time with you. How important have mentors been to your career? The intersection of these three circles is your BHAG, or big hairy audacious goal, The BAHG forms the basis for your company’s great opportunity.

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