Dream Adjusters: Why Company Leaders Also Have To Be Chief Calibration Officers

Terry Starbucker

I’ve experienced that plenty of times in my career, at one moment preaching about a “BHAG” – the Big, Hairy Audacious Goal – and just a few moments later drilling down and coming to terms on a missed quarterly target) . Unrealistic budgets and operational goals are morale (and job) killers. When is a dream too big? When is it not big enough? When should the dream change?

BHAG 311

15 Steps To Great Leadership (The More Human Way)

Terry Starbucker

We had just finished a review of one of our operating centers in Cheyenne, Wyoming. After all, this was a telecommunications and cable TV operation, and they were used to observing a far different situation. 1) Set the “BHAG” – Teammates want to be a part of something bigger then just “profit”; find a “big, hairy, audacious goal” and run for it. Frank sat back, shook his head, and looked me straight in the eyes. “How did you do this?

BHAG 308

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What are your inner critics saying and why?


To protect us, however, they operate as inner critics. In doing so, they sabotage us and prevent us from achieving (or even trying to achieve) a big, hairy, audacious goal (a BHAG as it is sometimes called). What are your inner critics saying and why? We all have little voices inside our heads. In general, they want to keep us safe and sound. They don’t want us to be embarrassed, feel rejection, or be uncomfortable.


Goldilocks, The Three Bears, And Effective Goal Setting

Terry Starbucker

Those over-arching “BHAG&# (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) are typically an Immutable, but since they usually look farther into the future, leaders have a bit more margin for error, so they ultimately could be adjusted – which leads us into the next category… The Variables were our most used, and most effective goal type. This was a goal typically tied to an operating metric, like the Net Promoter Score, or the company’s “fault rate&# (i.e.

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Consider Not Setting Goals in 2013

Harvard Business Review

Big Hairy Audacious Goals (or BHAGs, as they're known to the inner goal-setting crowd). The Pinto resulted in 53 deaths and many more injuries because workers omitted safety checks in pursuit of Lee Iacocca's BHAG goal of a car that would be "under 2000 pounds and under $2,000" by 1970. An operations goal might articulate a cost savings. An operations area of focus might identify areas you want to explore for cost savings.