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Why Sit on All that Cash? Firms Uncertain on Cost of Capital

Harvard Business Review

Only 46 percent use the perpetuity growth model, while 27 percent develop an explicit cash flow forecast for the entire life of a project. Fully 72 percent develop multiple cash flow scenarios representing the expected outcome as well as best- and worst-case outcomes, which are then discounted. Book vs. Market Weighting Factors Used for Debt and Equity in Calculation of WACC. . Current market debt/equity ratio. Current book debt/current market equity ratio.

Why Those Guys Won the Economics Nobels

Harvard Business Review

The Swedes had given the award to one guy, Eugene Fama , who is best known for originating something called the efficient market hypothesis, another guy, Robert Shiller , who once called the efficient market hypothesis “one of the most remarkable errors in the history of economic thought,” and a third guy, Lars Peter Hansen , whose work is so dense that even academic economists couldn’t satisfactorily explain it or its connection to Fama and Shiller.