Green Bonds Benefit Companies, Investors, and the Planet

Harvard Business

The past five years have seen explosive growth in “corporate green bonds” issued to finance climate-friendly projects. While investors bought just $3 billion of these bonds in 2013, they scooped up $49 billion worth in 2017, bringing the total sold since 2013 to $113 billion at an average of $308 million per offering. A wide range of companies including Apple , Unilever , and Bank of America have issued green bonds in recent years, and the trend is likely to continue.

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7 Ways Young Leaders Can Be More Innovative

Joseph Lalonde

Young leaders are innovative. Young leaders are innovative. But young leaders can be even more innovative (and influential) with a few tweaks. But even before the light bulb people couldn’t say Edison wasn’t innovative. He was innovative. We can see with Edison that even though he was an innovator, he always found ways to be even more innovative. So, let’s see how young leaders can be more innovative than they already are.


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James Bond, Dunder Mifflin, and the Future of Product Placement

Harvard Business

The second is reverse product placement, an innovative way of launching new brands that can protect the integrity of the show and respect the empowerment of the imaginative consumer. If, say, James Bond is wearing a shirt you like, you will be able to buy it immediately. My children are now old enough to go downstairs and turn on the TV by themselves. It’s an important moment in their lives — and the lives of their parents.

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Innovative Leadership Insight

Coaching Tip

Most of us are far more innovative than we give ourselves credit for. Throughout my career, I have observed people who could stretch themselves beyond their self-perceived limitations and attain a far greater level of innovation than they initially thought they could. These observations inspired me to write 63 Innovation Nuggets (for aspiring i nnovators ). I noticed that innovation is a “WE” thing, not just an “I” thing. By Guest Author George Barbee.

5 Components of Charismatic Leadership

Skip Prichard

Inspirational communication builds the necessary emotional bonds with followers that give charismatic leadership its unique strength. Create deep emotional bond with your followers. Alexander the Great had a close bond not only with his officers but also with the common soldiers.

How Upworthy Gets Its Staff to Bond

Harvard Business Review

And it created a “bonding budget,” to urge employees to get together outside the workday, build rapport with their peers (many of whom they might only work with virtually), and talk through problems, ideas, and conflicts in person. Harman International Industries sponsors a monthly “innovations” contest where employees can submit ideas for new products and win various prizes if their ideas are adopted for further consideration.

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The Social Impact Bond as Ironclad Arrangement

Harvard Business Review

If you care about social innovation and haven't already heard about social impact bonds, let us be the ones to tell you about them. In fact, we've written about them before, and they've been well described by others , so we'll keep this description brief: The social impact bond is a new financing approach that lets societies benefit from risk-taking on new ideas for social programs, without asking their governments to foot the bills for experiments that don't pan out.

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Servant Leaders Outperform Because They Connect

Michael Lee Stallard

Connection is defined as a bond that exists among a group of people based on shared identity, empathy and understanding that moves self–centered individuals toward group-centered membership.

How We Think About Innovation at Cisco

Harvard Business

The question confronting Cisco and other companies is how to do that – how to speed the process of innovation, especially as technological change threatens to upend our current business models. A 2013 study found that companies with a diverse workforce – both culturally and in terms of professional experience – “out-innovate and out-perform others. Innovation Digital ArticleNo one doubts that the future belongs to the Internet of Things.


4 Things Your Innovation Efforts Shouldn’t Focus On

Harvard Business

But too often CEOs find themselves stuck in what I call an innovation plateau. A main indicator of how widespread this plateau has become is the decline in corporate investment in R&D, the invisible infrastructure that supports true innovation. Innovation Strategy: Timing and Scope. First movers and second movers can be just as successful – as long as companies tailor their innovation strategy to their approach. Efficiency is not innovation.

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To Foster Innovation, Connect Coworkers Who Share Aspirations

Harvard Business

If communities of origin and growth are bonded by perceptions of sameness, communities of aspiration are held together by the differences between their members. Education was another factor, with one company reporting that its engineers bonded closely, creating a closed community that was very difficult for outsiders to penetrate, as was religion, with a Moroccan company noting the limited interaction between women who wore the veil and those who do not.

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One Way to Finance Tech Startups Outside of Superstar Cities

Harvard Business

Local innovation bonds could help fund ventures in new areas. Economy Entrepreneurship Innovation Digital Article

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Take Charge of Your Company’s Future

Leading Blog

Science fiction can be a tool to break the bonds of incrementalism and to imagine other possibilities. Whereas many people cannot stand the fuzziness of uncertainty, leaders of innovation and transformation frequently demonstrate negative capabilities. Creativity & InnovationH OW CAN WE BREAK FREE of incrementalism, dream bigger, and inspire people to follow us?

Want to Do Corporate Innovation Right? Go Inside Google Brain

Harvard Business

Each of these companies, in its own way, is a superior innovator. But what makes Google (now officially known as Alphabet) different is that it doesn’t rely on any one innovation strategy, but deploys a number of them to create an intricate — but powerful — innovation ecosystem that seems to roll out innovations by the dozens. Innovating from the bottom up. Innovating the core. Apple fuses technology with design.

Defeating Work-From-Home Burnout and Zoom Fatigue

Lead Change Blog

To cultivate human connection and a sense of trust, you need to replace bonding activities from office culture with innovative virtual bonding activities. That includes mutual bonding through chatting and collaboration, asking and answering quick clarifying questions, and providing guidance and informal mentorship.

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0612 | Nilofer Merchant


Nilofer Merchant is the Jane Bond of Innovation. Podcast Strategy burkus collaboration innovation leadership Merchant strategyFrom working with Steve Jobs at Apple, to defeating Microsoft in an epic industry battle, to advising the C-Suites of GE, IBM, Logitech and more, Merchant brings a world-class pedigree to her work. You’ve probably seen her byline and ideas in publications like the Harvard Business Review, Wired, and Oprah.

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Leadership Comes in Many Forms. Helping Business Save the Earth.

Great Leadership By Dan

Innovating O ur Way to Sustainability , we assert that to address these challenges requires substantial, disruptive innovation across a wide number of sectors. Such innovation cannot and will not happen without the active involvement of the business community. Innovation is more than invention. Markets are where the value of innovations are articulated. Innovation requires creating value that exceeds the cost of production.

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First Look: Leadership Books for March 2020

Leading Blog

New research shows that gratitude boosts employee engagement, reduces turnover, and leads team members to express more gratitude to one another—strengthening team bonds. Create the Future + the Innovation Handbook : Tactics for Disruptive Thinking by Jeremy Gutsche.

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Three Rules for Innovation Teams

Harvard Business Review

Our business at Continuum is design and innovation (if you've used a Swiffer or pushed a new Target shopping cart, you've encountered us), so naturally we are always looking for ways to innovate how we innovate. Follow these rules, and you'll see a dramatic difference in your own team's ability to innovate: 1. The magic in innovation is to combine perception with analysis. Innovation doesn't stop once you have an idea. Creativity Design Innovation

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5 Ways to Strengthen Trust With Weak Ties

Let's Grow Leaders

He works with significant innovators (with a capital I– think people who will invent the next product you must have and will be willing to spend too much for). Getting true innovators to connect with, and trust one another online and around the globe is a vital ingredient of real progress.” Showing up with real expertise will attract other curious and innovative souls. Be that guy, and your weak ties will quickly tighten into trusted bonds of true collaboration.

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Why Innovators Love Constraints

Harvard Business Review

If you, like me, are a foot-dragging devotee, consider the following: Fewer resources produce proximity; proximity drives innovation. High-tech giant Adobe recently opened a striking new building in Lehi, Utah specifically designed to create an ecology of planned and unplanned cooperation and innovation among its employees. If you want to form meaningful bonds that lead to productive collaboration and innovation, make room for more close encounters.

3 Lessons On How To Promote Successful Collaborations

Tanveer Naseer

Indeed, your organization’s ability to innovate requires employees moving beyond teaming up with people who share identical ideas, experiences, and insights, and instead partner up with people who can compliment their native talents and expertise in order to reveal previously unseen opportunities and paths to explore. One of the benefits I garner through my work are opportunities to collaborate with different groups and individuals.

How Leaders Can Fix a Negative Company Culture

Great Leadership By Dan

Bridge divides with team bonding. Hire to innovate. Business and HR leaders can cover all the bases by keeping innovation in mind as they select new hires. It may feel good to have a homogeneous staff, but this stifles innovation.

Get Ready for China's Innovation Juggernaut

Harvard Business Review

The Chinese admire America, especially its entrepreneurial spirit and track record in commercializing innovation. America should not underestimate China's capacity to innovate. From gunpowder on, the history of Chinese innovation is strong. When the Chinese can no longer make easy money imitating, they will start innovating. Home-grown innovations will motivate tougher enforcement of intellectual property regulations. China Innovation

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3 Leadership Attributes Revealed Through Serving Others

Tanveer Naseer

If you want to be a leader in your industry you need to be on the cutting edge of innovation. Your word has to be your bond. business communication culture Guest Posts leadership Recent Posts dream failure innovation integrity relationships thinking trust The following is a guest piece by Chi-Dooh Li.

How To Promote Continuous Learning In Your Organization

Tanveer Naseer

This last measure also ties into one of the core psychological needs we all have; that of relatedness, where we feel a connection, a bond and a sense of commonality with those around us. business communication culture leadership Recent Posts science assumptions behaviour change community continuous learning environment failure habits innovation neuroscience shared purpose vision “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates.

The Culture of Business: How a Great Culture Can Grow Your Company

Chart Your Course

So how have these companies fared so well in creating a culture that promotes hard work, an emotional bond with co-workers and product, as well as new and innovative ideas? Cities are melting pots of creativity, innovation and ambition. Games foster team bonding, shared experiences and fun interaction between coworkers, creating a team mentality. A company is a culture. As a leader or owner of a company, you help create that culture.

Leadership & The Expectation Gap

N2Growth Blog

Nothing engenders confidence and creates a trust bond like delivering on promises made, and likewise, few things erode confidence and credibility like commitments not kept. Communications Innovation Leadership Operations & Strategy Talent Management aligned expectations CEO Coach Expectation Alignment Expectation Gap expectation management expectation management for CEO expectations Leadership and the Expectation Gap managing expectations Mike Myatt N2growth promise management

The Future of Cities Depends on Innovative Financing

Harvard Business Review

Innovation in Cities. This is where a new financial product, social impact bonds (also known as pay-for-success contracts), can play a role. Social impact bonds were conceived to tackle social problems that can be objectively measured, such as recidivism. Rather than attracting mostly single-project debt investors who pander to timid underwriters obsessively guarding against downside risk, social impact bonds would reframe negotiations to spotlight upside potential.

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Fostering A Sense Of Community To Promote Organizational Success

Tanveer Naseer

We’re compelled at an innate level to reach out and bond with those we relate to and who we share a common interest or experience with, a key driving force behind the popularity and growth of today’s social media networks. business communication culture leadership Recent Posts challenges community employee engagement innovation motivation psychology shared purpose vision

Protecting Employees from Covid-19 through Connection

Michael Lee Stallard

The bond people experience makes it more likely they care about others, and will act and contribute in ways that benefit the group. In cultures of connection, however, the communal bond makes it more likely people will be diligent about complying with the protective practices. ?

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First Look: Leadership Books for July 2019

Leading Blog

Now, after almost five years of pioneering research, O'Mara has produced the definitive history of Silicon Valley for our time, the story of mavericks and visionaries, but also of powerful institutions creating the framework for innovation, from the Pentagon to Stanford University. It provides readers with the tools they need to design innovative and indelible experiences and to move their organizations into the experience economy.

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If You're Not Pissing Someone Off, You're Probably Not Innovating

Harvard Business Review

As the editor of the journal Innovations , I'm asked with some regularity, "So, what is innovation anyhow? But one thing is for sure: If you're not pissing someone off, it's probably not innovation.". I like this response because, if it doesn't end the conversation, it usually shifts it from definitions to dynamics — which is what innovation is all about, after all. To make such requests, you're going to need to have built a hell of a personal bond.

Important Questions To Ask Your Team In A Time Of Crisis

Lead from Within

Questions are the key not only to building a strong bond but also to keeping people on track, motivated, and growing. As an executive coach of leaders around the world, I spend much of my time asking important questions of my clients. It’s one of the skills I always try to pass on to them.

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Failing Forward: Brad Smith, Board Chair of Intuit Shares His Perspective

N2Growth Blog

During one of the most turbulent times in Silicon Valley history, Brad Smith was the steady-handed, innovative, and always resilient CEO of Intuit. In response to this tragedy, the community rallied in support and forged tight bonds. Let’s face it; we all fail from time to time.

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Artificial Persuasion: The Invisible Brand

Leading Blog

Psychotechnology combines four areas of innovation: Personalization: Personalization is the norm in digital advertising. Increasingly, people are creating emotional bonds with AI-powered machines. M ASS MEDIA has been replaced by mass personalization through the rise of Artificial Intelligence.

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Here’s Why You Should Hire a Humorous Speaker for Your Next Event

Chart Your Course

It relieves stress, fosters emotional bonding, and encourages creativity. Encourage creativity and innovation. Humorous speakers are most effective in terms of getting their audience to pay attention and absorb the message — a laughing audience is an engaged audience, and one that is likely to interpret the speech as a bonding experience. Researchers believe the social activity of laughing with others fosters close emotional bonds among social groups.

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10 Ways To Improve Your Connection Skills

Eric Jacobson

Connection builds an emotional bond that promotes trust, cooperation, and esprit de corps among people in the workplace." Actively contribution to innovation.

How to Have an Impact without Electricity and the Internet

Mills Scofield

Little did he know we were already connected – through bonds of purpose, passion and our alma mater. Brown University Culture Electricity GOALS Haiti Impact Innovation Kona Shen Networking Productivity Soccer Social Entrepreneurship Social Innovation Virtues-ValuesThis is a guest post by Kona Shen , Founder of GOALS Haiti , mentioned here.

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Protecting Remote Workers’ Productivity and Performance

Michael Lee Stallard

Related to that is collaboration and innovation. Cultivating a connection culture and strengthening the bonds of connection will help you, your team, and the organization thrive.

Is Your Business Biased Against Innovation?

Strategy Driven

Many people do not typically think of metrics and accounting as roadblocks to innovation, yet you call these out as potential problem areas. Doing otherwise biases the business against innovation because what you are projecting may look unattractive relative to your business today. Companies that will eventually be wrecked by others’ innovations are operating on autopilot. You just finished reading Is Your Business Biased Against Innovation? !

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Some ideas for virtual team-building exercises

HR Digest

Team building exercises are significant in maintaining existing bonds and aid in developing newer, healthier relationships amongst virtual team members. It helps the team bond over poor drawing skills and laughs! It is a good way to build tighter bonds.

How to Humanize Leadership

Leading Blog

Moreover, employees who are engaged in the workplace are more open to innovative ideas and new tools. This attitude is a prerequisite for innovation and growth. Humanizing leadership creates the glue that holds the fabric of a human system together, and the elasticity, bond, and effectiveness of the glue is determined by the overall relationship welfare of the organization.

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