10 Steps to Rolling Out Core Values at a Small Business


Especially when members of your values discovery group are skeptical about the potential impact of spending time on core value development, you must set clear expectations. Are these values complementary to our employment brand?

The Dos and Don’ts of Crowdfunding Your Company

Steve Farber

Businesses like restaurants and microbreweries–those with strong brand loyalty that can quickly connect to a large crowd of customers and supporters–have been early adopters. Jones says that if you’re an early-stage company considering this approach, one of the first things to do is pick the right person to conduct your offer at the right portal. INC Articles advice Crowdfunding leadership development


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What Google “Glassholes” Reveal About Managing Innovation

Harvard Business Review

Innovation increasingly blurs technical and marketing distinctions between “ lead users ” and “early adopters.” That challenges how organizations need to manage, learn from and even brand their first-generation customer communities. Disruptive innovators and strategic marketers take note: “Breakthrough” innovation depends less on design thinking and user experience than how well your lead users/early adoptersbrand” your breakthroughs in the mind of the marketplace.

A Dedicated Team of Problem Solvers Can Help Big Companies Act Like Lean Startups

Harvard Business

” That’s why he urges startups to “get out of the building” and talk to potential customers before beginning product development in earnest. It is the passionate early adopters who help you to gain traction, see what works and what else may be needed to make the product successful. Product development Entrepreneurial management Market research Digital ArticleMost companies try to avoid problems. Experian actually goes looking for them.

Like It or Not, You Are Always Leading by Example

Harvard Business

Even the most sophisticated psychometrics and people analytics have yet to make leadership development more science than art. Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders. ” But everyone senses their success — and failure — at leading by example is integral to their “leadership brand.” ” Smart leaders want to build their brands. The lead-by-example stories executives tell sharpen their leadership brand propositions.

Which Social Network Makes Your Customers Buy?

Harvard Business Review

Looking to develop and launch our business, we set our sights on one particular network — StockTwits. We developed a strategy to accomplish three goals across this social network: customer development, brand awareness, and traditional marketing and customer acquisition. We immersed ourselves in the StockTwits community among our target users, listening, asking questions, and building relationships (some people became our beta testers and early adopters).

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How GE Built an Innovation Lab to Rapidly Prototype Appliances

Harvard Business

Large companies serve mainstream customers, while innovative entrepreneurs first serve early adopters. As a free-standing enterprise operating under its own brand, FirstBuild is decidedly not another attempt to transform a traditional company’s corporate culture. Experimentation Product development Market research Growth strategy Retail & Consumer Goods Digital Article

Birthing a Baby Unicorn: The Anatomy of a Successful Startup Launch

Great Leadership By Dan

But, it’s better to get feedback from early customers, not board members. There are two types of PR firms: “upstream” strategic firms that have a seat at the big table in developing positioning and messaging, and “downstream” implementation firms. Build content early and often. You can never have enough content, so start developing—and reviewing—it the moment your positioning is finalized. Website UX trumps brand.

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Personal Needs vs. Customer Relationships

Strategy Driven

Some compile complex Customer Relationship Management algorithms to develop and maintain these relationships. As in all interpersonal relationships, from friendships, to marriage, to company and client, trust and the promise of mutual benefits are the foundation for growth and development. Even when brands claim to desire lifetime relationships with customers, many tactically distance themselves from the humanity of their interactions.

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What BMW’s Corporate VC Offers That Regular Investors Can’t

Harvard Business

In fact, BMW’s greatest co-innovation success, 12 years earlier, had been in a “venture client” relationship with an early stage startup: Mobileye, now a leader in collision-avoidance technology. Similarly, Charles Schwab was the early adopter client of Siebel’s revolutionary CRM system. A New Name and a Unique Brand Identity.

Do People Really Want Smarter Toothbrushes?

Harvard Business Review

Technology advancements are quickly outpacing traditional use cases, making the design and development of meaningful products harder than ever. Although attracting early adopters is essential for early success and encouraging virality, growth customers—the people who are likely to buy the next generation of products—are crucial for building a sustainable business. Design Innovation Product development

Why Nokia's Collapse Should Scare Apple

Harvard Business Review

Nokia had won by promising, communicating, consistently delivering, and relentlessly improving straightforward, relevant customer benefits, in line with its easily understood brand promise, "connecting people". Previously a straggling and struggling conglomerate, it bravely focused 100% on mobile communications, was an early adopter and driver of 2G technology, and quickly became a recognised world leader in both supply chain management and brand-building.

It's Time to Cut Back on Social Media

Harvard Business Review

Scheduled before the massive annual CES gathering, it's a powwow for bloggers and other social media enthusiasts, early adopters who are quick to jump on board the next great thing. Clearly there is a first mover advantage in some cases: Chris Brogan developed a passionate following as an early blogger, and Guy Kawasaki jumped onboard Twitter and became a powerhouse there. The "best" platforms will be different for every person or brand.

Produce Content Marketing That Customers Care About

Harvard Business Review

So Adobe invested in R&D and made some analytics-based acquisitions in order to develop a platform to make that possible. Those insights came from the research Adobe had done to develop the platform, as well as the data the platform was already generating from early adopters. BIM is complex, expensive, and still in development. You can’t just snap your fingers and produce great content.

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Fiat's Smart U.S. Launch Strategy — Really

Harvard Business Review

Eventually, once the brand had become established, separate dealers could have sprouted. Once a new idea has captured the attention of the foothold market, the concept can be revised for scale-up, and the early customers can demonstrate to fence-sitters that the product is a good one. Many people don't fit Fiat's mold, and even individuals well-targeted by demographic criteria (which is how media is bought) might not be early adopters of a new brand.

3M's Sustainability Innovation Machine

Harvard Business Review

With Novec Fluids, the team is not only working with key customers and early adopters, but it's also pushing the market toward greener options by advocating for tougher government standards and regulations. The company's core new product development process includes key sustainability questions and criteria for designers to address. Planes are now held together by tape, not bolts. It's really, really strong tape, but still.

3 Things to Watch as the Digital Side of the U.S. Presidential Campaigns Unfold

Harvard Business

For the 2008 presidential race, Barack Obama hired one of Facebook’s early employees, Chris Hughes, to drive the campaign’s technology strategy. Back then however, Hughes’s contribution helped mobilize a relatively small portion of volunteers, those already familiar with social media — mainly young people and early adopters. Clinton’s use of digital marketing in the 2016 presidential race is similar to the approach used by corporate brands.

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