Why Diversity Hiring Is Important


Diversity is complicated, and that’s why most companies fail to meet their Diversity, Equity & Inclusion goals. Businesses tend to see diversity as a numbers issue. But emphasizing statistics ignores the uncomfortable factors that lead to poor diversity.

Diversity & Leadership | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

Let me be clear: leadership and diversity should have nothing to do with one another. I’ll take it one step further – I can’t really think of any issue that should be argued or decided solely on the merits of diversity. In fact, let me take it up even another notch…diversity should be a non-issue altogether. The issues of diversity in business when handled properly can be catalysts for growth. of virtually every diversity segment.


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Understanding the Role of Technology in Growing Your Business

Strategy Driven

The secret to ticking all of these boxes and optimizing the potential for business growth lies in investing in the right technology. So, what type of technology is necessary to ensure that financial administration is properly taken care of from month to month?

Celebrating Diversity

Marshall Goldsmith

Consumers can have access to an incredible diversity of goods that may have been produced anywhere in the world. While, in theory, global trade will create greater product diversity, in practice it sometimes creates greater homogeneity. People worldwide are buying the same global brands that are globally advertised, marketed, and distributed. But by communicating with people of diverse backgrounds, we quickly learn that negative ethnic stereotypes are invalid.

Bite Sized Insights on Personal Branding #IndiaHRChat


For the first time, I participated in a Twitter Chat ( #IndiaHRChat ) on the topic “ Personal Branding for HR Professionals “ People from diverse backgrounds shared their views on personal branding in presence of special guest Mr. Anand Pillai , Chief Learning Officer of Reliance Industries. It was fun to share my insights on personal branding and they were well received. Here are the bite sized ideas on personal branding that I shared.

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The Big Picture of Business – The Realities of Branding… Slogans that Mislead

Strategy Driven

This is not written to take swipes at responsible branding, marketing and advertising. Branding is a sub-set of marketing, which is a sub-sub-set of corporate strategy. What is their commitment toward literacy, social services, health care, the environment, multicultural diversity and other key issues that really create a better life? Communications is fundamental to maintaining, but technology is only as good as the people using it.

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Putting Customers at the Heart of Your Brand to Create Passionate Fans: What Microsoft Learned About Customer Engagement in the Sports Industry - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM Microsoft

Harvard Business

But today, there’s nothing linear or traditional about the way businesses and their brands can explode in scale overnight—sometimes before the product even makes it into the hands of customers. Empathy is the foundation of inclusive design in that when we understand human motivations on a universal scale, we design for a broader, more diverse audience. Fandom begins when customers find others who share the same interests and engagement with the product or brand.

10 Insights from the 100 Most Creative People in Business

In the CEO Afterlife

This month’s Fast Company names the 100 Most Creative People in Business, with an emphasis on global leaders in technology, design, media, music, movies, marketing, television and sports. Located in Harlem, Red Rooster serves American comfort food that honors the diverse culinary traditions of the community. I bike and I walk every corner of Harlem, and see so much diversity that’s unexpected.” Why is creativity so important in business?

Five Foundational Truths of Youth Marketing (and Leadership)

Leading Blog

Their generational voice is diverse, engaged, knowledgeable, pragmatic, collaborative. The HRC Retail Advisory forecasts this generation to drive 40% of all US consumer spending, and yet it is one of the most challenging generational cohorts for brands to reach. W HO IS Gen Z?

Vincent Chee on Bevel’s inclusive and progressive workplace culture

HR Digest

I am focused on employee engagement and retention in order to build a positive employer brand and foster a workplace culture of belonging. My goal is to recruit people that truly believe in our employer brand. .

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Mary Hassett Creates New Opportunities at Lam Research and Beyond

HR Digest

In a remarkable interview with The HR Digest, Mary Hasset shared how ‘Diversity, Equity and Inclusion’ is being firmly anchored into Lam Research’s philosophy, how the company is bridging the diversity gap in executive leadership, and shed light on the upcoming Inclusion Index. .

2020 Top CHRO List – The People Leaders To Watch

N2Growth Blog

While Chief Digital/Technology Officers or Chief Marketing Officers are often tagged with the innovator label, it is the CHRO who is the real innovator in 2020. Remember, it’s the people and culture who enable technology and marketing success – not the other way around. ?.

Pat Wadors on Reconnecting With Our Humanity

HR Digest

employee value proposition (EVP), and explains how the company’s Diversity, Equity and Belonging (DIB) has put Procore on the global map as one of the top companies for underrepresented talent groups. Diversity Shake Up.

Why Should Companies Hire New Graduates?


The skill shortage is real, and all the data points to the power of a diverse workforce. Reach your diversity goals. When companies hire fresh graduates, they’re more likely to attain their diversity goals. A diverse workforce is good for your business.

6 Things I’m Learning from Millennials

Strategy Driven

For example, Richard Branson (who is decidedly NOT a millennial) has always been a fantastic example of someone who knows what it takes to build a brand—which today means taking full advantage to technology to transform your business and connect with customers; ignoring this instantly ages people, regardless of how old they actually are. Diversity-mindedness Connects Us All. Most of us have first-hand experience with just how ridiculous stereotypes can be.

Why Trust Matters More Than Ever for Brands

Harvard Business Review

We've all been taught that trust and reputation are important elements of branding. The drivers of brand value have changed over time, and there are three forces at play that have brought the issue of trust to the center stage: 1. In The Brand Bubble , John Gerzema and Edward Lebar highlight the fact that in the 1950s, about 30% of firm value was intangible (at the high end); today it is closer to 62% globally. Brand: Brands, trademarks, customer goodwill, company reputation.

Re-engaging Five Generations in the Workplace

HR Digest

While 73 % of executives are carefully paying attention to a significant workforce shift from AI invasion, WEF expects the technology to create over 58 million new jobs by 2022. For instance, leaders can connect with the millennial, which constitutes the largest and most diverse generation in the US employee population, according to a 2014 U.S No generation is exempted from the ongoing changes in the workplace speeding up with advances in technology.

Leaders: Will You Win The Race or Fall At The Final Hurdle?

Lead Change Blog

Some have fallen by the wayside, including some big-name brands, but in the main many businesses have so far survived – many just by the edge of their teeth. You’ve upped your communication, re-iterated your strategy, praised your team, adopted remote working practices, embedded flexible working, invested in technology to implement all this, pivoted your working practices, and in some cases product offering, all to accommodate the new world we find ourselves in.

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How to Overcome Proximity Bias for a Better Hybrid Team

Let's Grow Leaders

During the years I worked remotely, I obtained lifetime Titanium status at my favorite hotel brand. Just like the other work you’re doing on diversity, equity and inclusion, overcoming proximity bias takes deliberate focus and practical, tactical approaches. Technology matters.

Team 215

What’s in your transformation zone now?

Lead Change Blog

Significant job losses announced yesterday in two major High Street brands are an indicator of what leadership challenges lie ahead, in organisations, local or global. Accompanying that change is increasing social and environmental awareness, a rapid mobilisation in technology, especially online working and buying, and in the UK, increased state intervention, the likes of which I have never seen. So, if adapting technology to your emerging business model is not you, make it so.

Blog 192

Can We Keep Our Biases from Creeping into AI?

Harvard Business

But there’s a smaller community of people committed to addressing two more tangible risks: AI created with harmful biases built into its core, and AI that does not reflect the diversity of the users it serves. And I would argue that not addressing the issues of bias and diversity could lead to a different kind of weaponized AI. But that will only happen if we expand AI talent pools and explicitly test AI-driven technologies for bias.

Lobbying Is Not Enough to Build Influence Among U.S. Lawmakers

Harvard Business

Enter the concept of a Washington brand , which is the measure of a company’s long-term reputation and influence among the powerbrokers of DC—from K Street to Capitol Hill to the White House—who write the laws and regulations affecting corporate bottom lines. Just like consumer and employer brands, a Washington brand captures how the audience perceives a company, and how those perceptions influence their future behavior. Building a Strong Washington Brand.

Wait. Millennials and Gen Z Prefer to Meet with Their Boss Face-to-Face?


Nearly two-thirds (62%) of Millennials prefer communicating with their manager face-to-face, according to a recent study by Millennial Branding and American Express. And separately, a new study by Millennial Branding and Randstad US found that more than half (53%) of Millennials’ younger siblings – those in Gen Z (ages 16-20) – also prefer in-person interactions over communication via technology.

Brand 124

The Role Connection Plays in a Democracy

Michael Lee Stallard

E Pluribus Unum, the Latin phrase meaning “out of many, one”, was the motto put forward by the committee of John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson appointed on July 4, 1776 to design a seal for the brand new country.

This Is What You Need to Learn to Become A Successful CEO

Lead from Within

Act as the brand and ambassador. As a leader, you are also an ambassador for your brand, your company, your organization. Every business is in constant flux in an increasingly fast-paced technology-driven world. Implement diversity. For the highest degree of success, surround yourself with a diverse team. If you value difference and implement diversity, your team will respect one another for who they are.

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Marketing Trends You Should Keep an Eye on in 2020

Strategy Driven

New technologies are constantly allowing us to reach audiences in new ways. Both technologies are becoming more common in marketing, and major retailers have already started using it as part of their strategy. It can help build brand awareness.

Trends 103

N2Growth Helps Businesses Combine Strategy & Innovation for a Consumer-First Approach to Digital Transformation

N2Growth Blog

Digital technology continues to transform both the retail and consumer experience. To stay competitive, brands must innovate and transform. That transformation requires adopting new digital technologies in every aspect of business — from product design and operations to customer service and marketing. N2Growth’s Founder and Chairman, Mike Myatt, has a diverse background of professional leadership in the banking industry, law, internet strategy, and advertising.

Solomon Cloud Solutions Announces NEW Web Apps Customization Services

Six Disciplines

Their expertise and certifications with Microsoft technologies and industry standard tools sets them apart. Solomon Cloud Solutions’ development engineers will solve the diverse Microsoft Dynamics SL Web Apps customization demands of your clients. . Solomon Cloud Solutions , a sister company of Beyond Software and Six Disciplines announces the availability of NEW Web Apps Customization Services for the Microsoft Dynamics SL product.

Learning & Development’s Role in Operational Efficiencies in 2022

HR Digest

It’s also important for leaders to train their learning teams and keep or create investments in remote learning technologies and tools. With the workforce becoming more diverse and hybrid, organizational leaders in many industries need to tailor the employee learning experience accordingly.

How HR leaders can deliberately shape their worker-employer relationship?

HR Digest

For example, traditional diversity metrics (e.g., demographic data) alone cannot tell an organization if they’re creating an environment that fosters belonging, offers equitable opportunity for all voices to be heard, or celebrates diversity of thought and perspective.

7 Key Hiring Trends For 2021

HR Digest

With changes in the HR space, technology has empowered a new breed of recruiters. . Employer Branding. A key element that shapes an employer brand is its Employee Value Proposition or EVP. The pandemic year was challenging for recruiters.

How To Discover Your Organization’s Next Big Growth Opportunities

Tanveer Naseer

That may have been the way Google started out, and search is undoubtedly still at the core of Google’s business model, but judging from the company’s diverse and rapidly widening portfolio of products, services, and interests, Page would appear to view Google much more broadly. In other words, Larry Page sees Google as a broad portfolio of science, technology, and Internet-related resources that can be leveraged into almost any meaningful new venture.

How Innovative Trailblazers are Transforming Business

Skip Prichard

That’s what Brand Positive co-founder Sean Pillot de Chencey teaches in his book Influencers & Revolutionaries: How Innovative Trailblazers, Trends and Catalysts Are Transforming Businesses. Economic Disruption. Disruptive changes are transforming entire sectors of the economy.

Future Leaders

Marshall Goldsmith

Two factors making global thinking a key variable for the future are the dramatic projected increases in global trade and integrated global technology, such as e-commerce. New technology is another factor that makes global thinking a requirement for future leaders. New technology will make it feasible to export white-collar work around the world. Technology can help break down barriers to global business. Appreciating cultural diversity.

Why Strong Customer Relationships Trump Powerful Brands

Harvard Business Review

Since the birth of e-commerce, marketing experts have disagreed about the future role of brands. Some have predicted that digital technologies will hasten the demise of brands because customers will have ready access to information they need to make purchase decisions, and “brand” will therefore become less relevant. Others have prophesied an increasing importance of brand as a simple way to evaluate choices in an era of information overkill.

A Culture of Excellence: An Interview with Melissa Strait

HR Digest

In these challenging times, Melissa Strait , Chief People Officer at Inspire Brands, is making a herculean effort to build on the advantages of a values-driven corporate culture. The HR Digest: What is Inspire Brands’ secret sauce for being recognized as a “Great Place to Work?”

Brand 36

Beyond L&D Trends—A Critical View on the Future of Organizational Learning

Experience to Lead

Leaders are often faced with these questions without seeing how the choices of technologies or delivery formats for L&D programs are highly dependent on an organization’s culture, infrastructure, and the learners’ needs. “What? You don’t have an LXP? You don’t do micro-learning?”

6 Things Successful Women in STEM Have in Common

Harvard Business

In prior research , we at the Center for Talent Innovation (CTI) found that women leave STEM fields in droves: 52% of highly qualified women working for science, technology, or engineering companies leave their jobs. Hone your brand. It is important to not shy away from owning how important their contributions are because that nurtures and is essential to their personal brands and reputations. Gender Leadership Technology Digital ArticlePM Images/Getty Images.

How To Get Hired

Eric Jacobson

Brand and market yourself with a unique resume and strategic LinkedIn profile. For many companies, all this new technology has increased productivity and become part of the new norm. Define your professional brand to make it crystal clear who you are and why you’re a perfect fit.

Stop Criticizing and Start Leading Your Youngest Workers

Great Leadership By Dan

And f iguring out how to harness the energy and enthusiasm is clearly a worthwhile endeavor, as they are the fastest growing, most diverse group in our population and just this year they surpassed all other generations in the workforce – one in three U.S. And they are a generation that celebrates self-expression and diversity – get past the superficial and look for the value and purpose that they can provide. Let them use their personal technology at work.

8 Tips For Running A Successful Distribution Business

Strategy Driven

It’s good to use technology here, i.e., barcode tagging and scanning to log incoming and outgoing shipments. You can leverage trust in your brand to build a loyal customer base for a steady income stream. A diverse customer base is always ideal for a business.

How to Get Employees to Stop Worrying and Love AI

Harvard Business

He had been surprised and annoyed to learn that his company had set up a new AI-based marketing system that was doing most of what he thought was his job as digital marketing manager at Global Consumer Brands: deciding what ads to place where, for which customer segments, and how much to spend. Resistance to disruptive, technology-driven change is not unusual. Technology Managing People Digital Articletyler garrison/Getty Images. David Maister was angry.

5 Critical Skills You Will Need to Hit the Ground Running After College

Leading Blog

I want diversity of experiences in college that have exercised their brain,” Brown said. The generation entering college and the workforce now are often referred to as “digital natives” because they were raised on technology from a very young age. It’s about moving from a passive relationship with technology to a more active one —especially in understanding the how and why behind machines, not just the what.

Skills 162