Artificial Persuasion: The Invisible Brand

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William Ammerman states in The Invisible Brand , “ AI will play an increasingly important role in our lives in the years ahead as marketers turn vast amounts of computing power to the problem of influence people’s decisions.”. Most of the time, it serves us well enhancing our lives and improving efficiency, and we welcome it. For better or worse, the invisible brand is with us, and we have come to depend on it.

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Efficient vs. Effective | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

So much so, that I have really come to cringe every time I hear the word efficiency. It’s not really that there is anything wrong with becoming more efficient, but what I find is that far too many executives major in the minors when it comes to efficiency. Let me ask you a question – Have you become so efficient that you’ve rendered yourself ineffective? Are you efficient or effective, or do you know? It ain't efficient but it sure is effective.


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Increasing Efficiency Within Your Small Business

Strategy Driven

When you start your own small business , it won’t take long for you to realise that efficiency is one of the most important features that your team must concentrate on. One of the most essential features of a successfully efficient small business is motivation.

Improving Your Personal Brand as an Entrepreneur

Lead Change Blog

Personal branding is the most important way to set yourself apart from the crowd. A strong brand will deliver several business benefits such as being able to charge higher prices for your services and make it easier to acquire new customers. The question is, what are some concrete steps to improve your brand as an entrepreneur? The following are the most important aspects of working on for increasing both B2B branding in addition to B2C branding. Efficiency.

Creating an Efficient and Productive Workplace

Strategy Driven

You will have to create a workspace that is in line with your brand and in line with your customer expectations. From colors to branding – it all matters. A productive and efficient workspace needs to be one that is highly functional.

Why Your Brand Needs To Invest In Video

Strategy Driven

A lot of social media influencers are already creating video content and are willing to share this with brands, but a lot of brands are not yet taking advantage of this incredibly effective marketing tool. Video is often overlooked by brands, but not making use of it, is a mistake.

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The Ultimate Way To Increase Your Brand Awareness

Strategy Driven

Brand Awareness is important for increasing your company’s revenue. There are many ways to increase brand awareness, but none as effective as, Social Media Marketing: Use Social Media Platforms. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to promote your brand and content.

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Brand Vs. Wild With Jonathan David Lewis

Joseph Lalonde

Jonathan has a new book, Brand Vs. Wild, that recently released and I couldn’t wait to have him on the Answers From Leadership podcast to discuss the similarities between being lost in business and lost in the wilderness, how to recover, and much more. What’s Brand Vs. Wild all about? Brand Vs. Wild, in a nutshell, is how do companies navigate this overwhelming new economy we’re dealing with today.

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The Most Efficient Ways That You Can Prepare Your Business for the Worst-Case Scenarios

Strategy Driven

There are a lot of different methods that can ensure a business remains successful.

Leadership Efficiency Error


What are the costs of “efficiency”? Mission vs. Efficiency. Leadership Efficiency can be costly to the sustainability of an organization. Efficiency is addictive. As coaches at CO2 Partners, we often see organizations, divisions, groups, departments, and teams fall in love with totally efficient, systematic approaches. They all watch the dashboard of indicators to monitor the efficiency of the business.

The 4 Rules of Efficient Commercial Interior Design

Strategy Driven

So much more has to be taken into consideration and owners need to understand what truly constitutes good and efficient commercial interior before they get started. You want to be able to keep the design current without changing basic parameters like your brand’s color palette, for instance.

How To Efficiently Protect Employees In A Warehouse

Strategy Driven

Warehouses are characterized by much work that includes packaging, sorting, branding, and even storage. Here are some of the ways to efficiently protect employees in a warehouse.

Learning & Development’s Role in Operational Efficiencies in 2022

HR Digest

Here we bring you a few learning and development trends for 2022 to help companies introduce impactful and efficient training programs. Companies are very aware of their brand image as employers. Such partnerships can provide endorsement for the brand.

How To Easily Get More Eyes On Your Brand

Strategy Driven

It’s also right to learn about how to market efficiently. Marketing & Sales Brand Awareness business management Search Engine Marketing seo strategydrivenBusiness is all about creating a product and/or service, and keeping customers engaged with it/them.

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Put Employer Branding at the Core of Your Strategy

HR Digest

Employer branding is an essential strategy for any organization—be it market perception or attracting the right talents to the organization. What is employer branding? . brand can be the deciding factor in whether top talent chooses?

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6 Tips to Choose an Influencer for Your Brand

Strategy Driven

When it comes to gaining new customers, word of mouth is one of the most efficient, yet ignored, marketing strategies used by businesses. Over 60% of customers search for reviews online before making a purchase, and 90% will believe a brand recommendation from someone they trust.

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5 Critical Components of a Brand New Business in 2022

Strategy Driven

Through interwoven and efficient networked messaging methods, a single post can reach millions of people for free. As we head into 2022 and yet more economic uncertainty, you might be considered more than optimistic about starting a new business.

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3 Ways Executive Women Leaders Can Amplify Their Voice and Build A Powerful Brand

CEO Insider

You handle those roles efficiently and without expecting a parade celebrating all the work you do. The post 3 Ways Executive Women Leaders Can Amplify Their Voice and Build A Powerful Brand appeared first on CEOWORLD magazine. Being a woman means taking on a lot of different roles.

Startup Marketing: Three Ways to Efficiently Market Your Start-Up Company

Strategy Driven

It’s all about producing a brand that many people will talk about in the future. At its core, newsletters are among the cheapest ways to develop your brand with your target audience. Many companies in the United States spend a decent chunk of their funds on marketing.

What are the costs of “efficiency”?


Mission vs. Efficiency. Efficiency is addictive. As coaches at CO2 Partners, we often see organizations, divisions, groups, departments, and teams fall in love with totally efficient, systematic approaches. They all watch the dashboard of indicators to monitor the efficiency of the business. When you strive for efficiency and numbers and growth, you can lose your sense of purpose. Efficiency can lead you in the other direction.

Employer Branding and Talent Attraction in a Post-COVID World

HR Digest

Employer Branding can be termed as the identity of a business or enterprise. A strong employer brand is necessary if you want top-of-the-drawer talent and repeat customers. Much like other branding, creating a strong employer brand is all about creating a presence in the marketplace.

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Discover Your CEO Brand - book review

CEO Blog

I have been thinking a lot lately about my brand - specifically, my CEO brand. Some parts of my brand may not serve me as well as they once did. My brand includes things like highly creative (from a business view), high work ethic, time management guru , reader/constant learner, passionate about self development and maximizing people to be the best they can be, health guy, tech nerd, investor, social media expert etc. Your Brand is in essence your reputation.

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Forget Brand Preference – Win the Brand Relevance War

Strategy Driven

There are two ways to compete in existing markets – gaining brand preference and making competitors irrelevant. Brand Relevance. The first and most commonly used route to winning customers and sales focuses on generating brand preference among the brand choices considered by customers, on beating the competition. Most marketing strategists perceive themselves to be engaged in a brand preference battle. A brand, perhaps Cadillac, is then selected.

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Craft a Remarkable Personal Brand Statement! 29 Steps & Examples

Miles Anthony Smith

Uncover Effective, Expert Personal Brand Statement Examples​ What do Rand Fishkin, Charlie Puth, and Martha Stewart all have in common? They are all killer personal brand examples. While many equate strong personal branding only to powerful leadership, there's a lot more that goes into crafting a personal brand statement. In business, your personal brand needs to leave a lasting impression or you risk being ignored.

What’s Your Leadership Marque?

Lead Change Blog

Logos, Brands, Slogans. Our world is saturated with advertising, marketing and branding, but are you missing the big picture? The true measure of branding success is when the logo stands alone without any adornment, when the consumer base at large has a brand recognition of the logo. Ask any CEO and they will tell you brand recognition and logo familiarity are what make or break a company.

The Dos and Don’ts of Using Branded Products for Promotion

Strategy Driven

Branded products can be a great way to promote your business, and they have been used since forever. But just like anything, you can’t just expect to have a few branded pencils laying around and expect them to do the work. In this article, we’re going to give you some of the dos and don’ts of using branded products to promote your brand and business. If you’re a tech brand, then don’t give away calendars or clothing items.

What’s Your Leadership Marque?

Lead Change Blog

Logos, Brands, Slogans. Our world is saturated with advertising, marketing and branding, but are you missing the big picture? The true measure of branding success is when the logo stands alone without any adornment, when the consumer base at large has a brand recognition of the logo. Ask any CEO and they will tell you brand recognition and logo familiarity are what make or break a company.

A Guide to Preventing Your Online Business From Losing Money

Strategy Driven

Increase Operational Efficiency. Therefore, you should do all that you can to increase the operational efficiency of your business , including employing the use of metrics, technology, and particular actions that can increase employee motivation.

Lessons from the Best Global Brands 2010: Building trust and.

Strategy Driven

StrategyDriven effective executives, efficient employees Home About The StrategyDriven Organization Our Company Our Contributors Karen K. Public scandals like the BP oil spill and Goldman Sachs’ mortgage securities fraud compromised consumers’ trust in brands, and as a result, consumer loyalty was at an all-time low. And not only are brands more vulnerable to shoppers’ unpredictable whims, but tools like social media mean that consumers also have more control.

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3 Common Problems Businesses Face (And How To Deal With Them)

Strategy Driven

Resolution: If you want to succeed in business, you need to find a way to generate hype around your company, brand, or products. Problem: Poor efficiency. For example, a lack of efficiency means that tasks that should take around twenty minutes to complete could take you several hours.

Why Your Company Culture Should Match Your Brand

Harvard Business

Each of these companies has aligned and integrated its culture and brand to create a powerful engine of competitive advantage and growth. Their leaders understand that a strong, differentiated company culture contributes to a strong, differentiated brand — and that an extraordinary brand can support and advance an extraordinary culture. You achieve this by cultivating a clear, strong, and distinctive brand-led culture.

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10 Ways to Improve Service Industry Operations

Strategy Driven

Technology has improved operational efficiency by reducing workload, eliminating paperwork, streamlining services, and ultimately increasing sales. You can also encourage your fans to share your posts, photos, and menus with their friends for a wider reach and increased brand awareness.

Why You May Need Street Furniture For Your Business

Strategy Driven

By creating a welcoming space with sufficient security measures, this will lead to positive reflections on your brand which make it a place that people will want to return to. Keep efficiency to a maximum. Create a clear brand identity.

4 Biggest Challenges Small Businesses Face

Strategy Driven

Growing Brand Awareness. Brand awareness is crucial for developing a strong industry reputation, establishing trust, and generating substantial revenue. Hiring a PR specialist will increase a brand’s media coverage, which can lead to a bigger social media following and customer base.

How SMEs Can Step up Their eCommerce Game

Strategy Driven

Place Focus on Visual Branding. It doesn’t matter what industry you find yourself in or whether you sell a service or a product, all company’s need to focus on creating an effective brand. While the colors, font, and typography you choose can help your brand stick in consumers’ minds.

Simon Pont: An interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Simon Pont is a writer, commentator and brand-builder. He is the author of The Better Mousetrap: Brand Invention in a Media Democracy, and a novel, Remember to Breathe. Bob's blog entries "There is surely nothing quite so useless as doing with great efficiency what should not be done at all" Albert Einstein Alice's adventures in Wonderland Apple “Be yourself.

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Company Job Sites and Internal Branding Breakdowns #SHRM

Management Craft

Opportunity/challenge: "With more people visiting corporate careers websites for jobs information, and with recruiters emphasizing those sites as recruiting and employment branding tools, making your site easy to find, applicant-friendly and rich with information about current employees, work culture, benefits and development opportunities may be more important than ever.". But if your system turns away the very people you want to attract, it does not matter if it is more efficient.

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Technology Is Changing What a Premium Automotive Brand Looks Like

Harvard Business

Leaders in every industry are no doubt keeping a vigilant eye on such developments, yet one very important aspect of this disruption has been largely overlooked: technology fundamentally changes what makes your brand premium. The traditional drivers of brand premium are being joined (and to varying degrees supplanted) by newer, tech-enabled variables: software, interactive products, digital interactions, immersive experiences, and predictive services, to name a few.

How To Streamline Your Law Firm & Achieve Peak Performance

Strategy Driven

Utilizing software that makes case management more efficient keeps your staff smaller and costs lower. Technology and efficient internal operations also play a crucial role in marketing your law firm.

The Big Picture of Business – The Realities of Branding… Slogans that Mislead

Strategy Driven

This is not written to take swipes at responsible branding, marketing and advertising. Branding is a sub-set of marketing, which is a sub-sub-set of corporate strategy. Products and services assist the bureaucracy to do its job more efficiently but cannot claim credit for Big Picture success of a client’s entire industry. You just finished reading The Big Picture of Business - The Realities of Branding.

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How to Use Video Content to Grow Your Business

Strategy Driven

If you are not currently maximizing video usage then you are not using a valuable marketing strategy that can help to grow your business quickly and efficiently. Increase Brand Awareness. You can use video content to share the story of your brand.

Video 79

Saving Money As A Startup – Ways To Increase Your Margins

Strategy Driven

Investing in technology to improve efficiency. Increasing efficiency in business is often an effective means of saving time and money. Hiring makes financial sense for short-term projects, while buying used machinery can work out a lot cheaper than buying brand new models. Streamlining your strategy can help you pinpoint target customers, generate high-quality leads and promote your brand in the best possible light.

Why HR Needs to Be a Marketer

In the CEO Afterlife

The best brand custodians know that you never promise a smorgasbord of benefits; trying to be all things to all people is a recipe for disaster. For the sake of brevity, I’ll list just five similarities between HR and brand marketing. Within every successful brand is a core promise. Wal-Mart people can’t deliver that promise without a super-efficient operation. Marketers determine how to bring the brand promise to life. Every brand has a personality.