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While much has been written about corporate vision, mission, process, leadership, strategy, branding and a variety of other business practices, it is the engineering of these practices to be disruptive that maximizes opportunities. Has your business embraced social media?

Fueling Business Process Management with the Automation Engine that Can!

Strategy Driven

Organizations deploy automation technologies as the primary resource in their Business Process Management. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) meant businesses had to succumb to the high-cost, untimely, and unskilled labor in order to remain in operations.

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The Best Digital Business Models Put Evolution Before Revolution

Harvard Business Review

What, another clarion call urging executives to fundamentally rethink their business models through digital technology? The business media have had no shortage of these. And only 15% said digital was helping them to create new business models.

Hybrid Business Models Look Ugly, but They Work

Harvard Business Review

In a recent article , we defined hybrids as combinations of competing elements or technical generations; for example, the Toyota Prius combines elements of internal combustion engines and electric cars. How online marketplaces are changing the face of business.

What the Media Industry Can Teach Us About Digital Business Models

Harvard Business Review

Google and its disruptive advertising model leads the pack with a $370 billion market capitalization, but consider also companies like Facebook ($225 billion), LinkedIn ($25 billion), Twitter ($24 billion), TripAdvisor ($11 billion), and Yelp ($3 billion). Growing Digital Business.

A Better Way to Think About Your Business Model

Harvard Business Review

The business model canvas — as opposed to the traditional, intricate business plan — helps organizations conduct structured, tangible, and strategic conversations around new businesses or existing ones.

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Case Study: Should You Adjust Your Business Model for a Major Customer?

Harvard Business Review

Editor’s Note: This fictionalized case study will appear in a forthcoming issue of Harvard Business Review, along with commentary from experts and readers. The year before, prompted by all this, Lumiscape’s leadership had decided to pivot from a sales model to a subscription model.


Alibaba: The First Real Test for Amazon’s Business Model

Harvard Business Review

Generating over $80 billion in sales in 2013, Amazon’s business model, with its ability to capture growth through disruption of retail stores, has proven to be very successful. However, the ultimate test for a business model comes not from being the disruptor but from how resilient it is to disruption itself. Alibaba is not only a very successful disruptive company in China but also brings to the table a completely different business model than Amazon’s.

The Collective Forces Against Google’s Dominance

Rajesh Setty

Key Observations About the Revenue Engine for Google. it is no secret that the revenue engine for google is advertising. The Problem With the Key Driver of Revenues: Intent Expression Engine. Quota is a human-powered Q&A engine focused on trivial to deep questions.

Business Model Architecture | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

While most C-level execs have a general idea of what I’m referring to, it is also quite clear that most can’t even begin to define it, much less articulate the specific constructs of a sound business model. are also not business models.

The Internet-Connected Engine Will Change Trucking

Harvard Business Review

You’re driving down the road and the “check engine” light appears on your dashboard. But if you decide to keep driving, you risk something far worse happening to your engine – and your livelihood. In 2013, the company released a service called Virtual Technician to help existing drivers while also enabling new business models and revenue streams. DTNA’s engines continuously record performance data and send it to their Detroit Diesel Customer Support Center (CSC).


Two thought-provoking perspectives on the “crisis of capitalism”

First Friday Book Synopsis

transformational innovation in product and process technologies to minimize resource use the “short-termism” of so much modern business lies at the heart of many of today’s problems The challenge for business is to meet global needs in a sustainable fashion The remedies for capitalism Two thought-provoking perspectives on "the crisis of capitalism" UnileverHere are brief excerpts from two articles featured by McKinsey & Company.

Personalized Recommendation Engines Are Coming to Health Care

Harvard Business Review

How Digital Business Models Are Changing. In the past decade, consumers have shifted from worrying about sharing personal financial information when shopping on the internet to embracing online retailers’ recommendations for them.

Innovation Requires a Bias Towards Action


There is often a huge lag between when we first see a new idea and when we really find out what it is good for – this is when we are working through business model innovation. Innovation business model innovation innovation kastelle

To Go Digital, Leaders Have to Change Some Core Beliefs

Harvard Business Review

Today, the list of disruptive new entrants is expanding and the primary differentiator is clear: they bring new mental models to existing industries and create new business models that customers and investors love. Changing mental model is the important first step.

Interview with Sramana Mitra on 1M/1M Program

Rajesh Setty

a distributed, democratic model of capitalism. We want every entrepreneur to have access to our curriculum and incubation services, and give them an opportunity to build their businesses, irrespective of the scale of their entrepreneurial aspirations. here is what Taariq says about 1M/1M: “With Sramana, we sprinted from vague product concept to a customer-driven business with real, reference customers in just six months. 1M/1M Program has a bold mission.

The Twin Engines of All Great Companies

Harvard Business Review

They try to do it more cheaply, but with the same operating model, and experience inexorably declining returns. Tomorrow's always a day away: The business in the developed world promises more resources to its counterparts in faster growing markets, but doesn't deliver. Let's define terms: Engine 1 is the current core business, supplying 80% of profits. Typically, it takes 6 to 8 years to build new adjacencies and have them contribute materially to the business.

Alphabet Isn’t a Typical Conglomerate

Harvard Business Review

In the years ahead, Alphabet could dramatically influence business models in many industries. Digital companies in the e-commerce era could knit together their business models using standard modules from hardware, software, and cloud companies. HBR STAFF.

Don’t Be Tyrannized by Old Metrics

Harvard Business Review

Many business leaders are fond of the spurious Peter Drucker quote that “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.” The resulting higher asset utilization should mean more service and replacement parts requirements, traditionally higher margin businesses than selling the original vehicle. ” Over the past year, I’ve discussed with Tavares and many other business leaders how core metrics impact behavior and performance over the near and long terms.

What Netflix and Starbucks Know About Cash Flow

Harvard Business Review

business ended 2014 with 39.1 And consumers could be confident that Netflix, with its recommendations engine, could reliably meet that demand. Making Money with Digital Business Models. Improving cash flow is extraordinarily healthy for any business.

Personalized Technology Will Upend the Doctor-Patient Relationship

Harvard Business Review

As with the original Gold Rush of the 1840s, we believe two principal business models will emerge: Goldminers , who dig deep in one major area, and Bartenders , who offer customized and convenient options to address routine needs. Growing Digital Business.

The Strategic Value of APIs

Harvard Business Review

The API is the core engine driving this strategy. There are two main business benefits to offering an API: APIs can attract blockbuster complements. Then TweekDeck, a third-party developer, built a better user interface on top of the Twitter engine.

Microsoft’s Bid to Make Outlook More than Email

Harvard Business Review

Similarly, Google started with a search engine and then introduced search advertising to connect advertisers to users. Outlook may be able to reinvent its business model as well. Business models Internet Mobile Article

How to Pull Your Company Out of a Tailspin

Harvard Business Review

Free fall is a crisis of obsolescence and decline that can happen at any point in a company’s life cycle, but most often it affects maturing incumbents whose business model has come under competitive attack from insurgents or is no longer viable in a changing market. Of those who do, about half have to fundamentally redefine at least a part of their core business in order to save themselves. Business models Strategy Leadership Digital Article

Unilever’s Big Strategic Bet on the Dollar Shave Club

Harvard Business Review

The scrappy startup, launched in 2012, offered a blades-by-subscription service for as little as $3 a month and quickly grew to a team of 45 engineers and 3.2 And it’s a telling tale about whether the consumer products industry can get a digital business model right.

How to Create an Exponential Mindset

Harvard Business Review

Digital business models are a bit of a misnomer. Just ask Sony about Minidisc players and Netflix about their DVD business. In the last century, industrial business models were defined by their use of machines to create increasing returns to scale.

You Don’t Need to Be a Silicon Valley Startup to Have a Network-Based Strategy

Harvard Business Review

Our research shows that companies with platform- and network-based business models are exponentially better at creating value. Building a successful platform business is hard enough when you have an original idea, ample capital, no core business to cannibalize, and a team of top talent. You might think that you have to turn yourself into a Silicon Valley startup and reinvent your business model.

3 Mistakes in U.S. Health Care That Emerging Economies Can’t Afford to Repeat

Harvard Business Review

But replicating the facility- and labor-intensive American model — which is more costly than that of any other nation yet produces subpar results — will set these emerging economies on the same course of endless cost escalation that has plagued the United States. model. In Thailand, for example, 28% of health care facilities are privately owned, and there are no fewer than eight publicly traded hospital companies doing business in the country.

You Don’t Have to Be a Software Company to Think Like One

Harvard Business Review

Every business is, willingly or unwillingly, a competitor on a software playing field, no matter which sector it’s in. They support profitable growth: a business can deliver margins that increase with scale as it adds each new user to the platform at modest incremental cost.

The Internet of “Stuff Your Mom Won’t Do for You Anymore”

Harvard Business Review

Their business model is a beautiful thing: platforms (also known as two- or multi-sided markets) are asset-light and make money by sitting between different parties, controlling the market and taking a piece of every transaction. How Digital Business Models Are Changing.

Recognizing the Role of Emotional Labor in the On-Demand Economy

Harvard Business Review

” It might have pointed to the perks (gum, water, chargers) that the driver offered you and thanked you politely for your business. But what else can on-demand economy businesses do to combat “emotional dissonance” — and why should they bother?

What Makes Some Silicon Valley Companies So Successful

Harvard Business Review

Yet while that kind of leadership is crucial, it’s the ability to tap the collective minds of the organization that drives the business. Any business needs to make money eventually, but the power of rapid scaling is a huge competitive advantage that those in the Valley understand keenly.

How Atrius Health Is Making the Shift from Volume to Value

Harvard Business Review

The original approach was dubbed “care-model improvement.” Instead of incrementally improving processes, the goal became replacing them and creating whole new care models. A team of engineers, designers, operations specialists, and clinicians was assembled and led by an experienced, well-respected physician “chief engineer” whose vision for the future of care was disruptive. Care-model innovation is very resource intensive.

Case Study: Should This Startup Take VC Money or Try to Turn a Profit?

Harvard Business Review

He looked down and busied himself with his bike. But it was also potentially a business model weakness — it was the impossible problem that had prompted the contentious discussion at the office and then driven VV and Reza onto their bikes.

Why Top Management Should Listen to Activist Investors

Harvard Business Review

Activists’ interventions are often described, favorably or not depending on your point of view, as slashing and burning, taking out cost, and engaging in financial engineering. You have clearly thought about these strategic questions before, but constraints on your business and short-term issues may have stood in the way of the answers – or at least at looking at the questions as an outsider might, and possibly arriving at different conclusions about the business.

Light the Fire and Clear the Path

Mills Scofield

Computer science and engineering students caught the spark, developing tools to track and repair equipment so it could be up and running to save and heal lives. MED tried to grow into other emerging markets, but no viable business model emerged.

How to Launch a Product Like a Rock Star

Strategy Driven

Most companies, whether start-ups or long-time players live in a world shaped by the laws of demand where low pricing can trump quality, and where targeted marketing, carefully crafted keywords, and social media engineering can build awareness, influence opinion, and generate sales.

How To Discover Your Organization’s Next Big Growth Opportunities

Tanveer Naseer

Today’s corporate leaders are under intense pressure to deliver continuous business growth. By viewing your business through this particular lens, it’s possible to spot and exploit important new opportunities for expanding the boundaries of your business that you otherwise may have missed.

Who is recruiting great talent and how? My 2 cents.

ReImagine Work

and more… As Jobjet says : “The greatest companies in the world become great because of the people behind their walls (or screens depending on your business model).


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Throwing out standard process and procedures in favor of a handful of powerful but easily remembered principles for managing strategy will soon begin to show improvements in your business results. With the best of intentions, these programs, leveraging content from recognized academic and/or business thought leaders, deliver sound but basically generic solutions. The clock is ticking, change is accelerating, and a disruptive technology or business model is just around the corner.