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Exploit IT for Strategic Benefit

Harvard Business Review

IT leaders have long embraced the idea that the role of the IT unit, and of enterprise IT systems, is to enable business. However, when we ask CIOs how their "enabling" is going, they consistently respond that sometimes it goes well; sometimes not so much. More specifically, the idea is that IT leaders should refuse to allow their companies to request systems that will not be used effectively or that aren''t integral to business success. And other CIOs nodded in agreement.

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Do You Have the IT For the Coming Digital Wave?

Harvard Business Review

With a tsunami of new digital technologies all converging simultaneously — social, mobile, cloud, analytics and embedded devices — there has been, once again, a cry for corporate IT to radically change to enable the digital transformation of businesses. Technology innovation is not slowing down or leveling off, but ramping up — and businesses will soon face a barrage of new digital possibilities. They drive innovation and speed up time to market.

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