Metrics: Are They Mapped With Your Business Objectives?


Home Go to Guest Posts Disclaimer Metrics: Are They Mapped With Your Business Objectives? You can measure almost anything in your business, but if those metrics don’t serve a real business objectives, they are just numbers with no real meaning.

Determining Your Top 5 Priorities for 2014

Michael Lee Stallard

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Five Tips to Facilitate Strategic Onboarding

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an article written by George Bradt for the “Talent Management Perspectives&# series featured online by Talent Management magazine (March 2011). Bob's blog entries "Talent Management Perspectives" series Talent Management magazine Chief Learning Officer magazine check onboarding track record clarify purpose and priorities Coca-Cola Five Tips to Facilitate Strategic Onboarding George Bradt J.D.

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How Communication Strategies Can Really Engage Employees

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an article written by Marcia Xenitelis for Talent Management magazine. To check out all the resources and sign up for a free subscription to the TM and Chief Learning Officer magazines published by MedfiaTec, please click here. * * * The frequency at which the word “engagement&# appears in any discussion about employee [.].

11 Proven Ways to Turn Your Culture into a Culture of Innovation

the business, and ultimately contribute to the organization’s innovation. Will my manager resent me? words, actively encourage employees from all parts of the business to lean. can ask questions about anything – the business, new product offerings, and so on.

The flaw with managing ideas

Bernd Geropp

Many companies have therefore instituted a systematic idea management process. A department specifically developed for idea management collects and evaluates the ideas. The objective is to motivate employees, and for them to be more creative and to contribute their idea to the company.

Rethinking The “Ideal” Employee

Lead Change Blog

My employer suggested putting home telephone numbers on our business cards. But let’s assume for a minute that a company has articulated measurable business objectives—not the pie-in-the-sky fluff that many organizations pass off as a “vision.”

Tips For Running A More Efficient Business

Strategy Driven

The less time and energy you waste on a daily basis, the more smoothly your business will run and the more you’ll get done. Run a more efficient business when you pay attention to a few aspects in particular and are proactive about making changes to how you’re currently functioning.

A Toolkit for Leading Change

Great Leadership By Dan

My favorite: Managing Transitions, Making the Most of Change , by William Bridges. And so is involvement and managing your own reaction ! It’s a matter of strategic priority- figuring out which changes are best aligned to achieve your critical business objectives, and the rest all take a back seat. change communication leading change managing change I recently asked readers to submit their burning leadership development questions.

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Complimentary Resource – Workforce Analytics

Strategy Driven

Aberdeen Group surveyed nearly 450 organizations in order to determine Best-in-Class practices in human capital management (HCM). StrategyDriven has partnered with to offer you complimentary one-year subscriptions and/or free trials to dozens of leading business publications.

The Big Picture of Business – Business Success Checklist

Strategy Driven

When you own and operate a business you need to have certain procedures for an efficient and seamless function. Sometimes the difficulty of managing your time makes for a haphazard operation. One of the ways in which you can optimize your business activities would be the focus and attention to detail that a checklist can stimulate. Here is my own business success checklist that will help you optimize your activities for a more efficient and purpose oriented endeavor.

Gamification to Increase Employee Motivation and Engagement

Rapid BI

Is gamification just the latest management fad? As organizations have become more focused on business objectives, gamification has increased because it can help the workplace become more engaging and productive. Management access authenticity Employee Engagement game mechanics gamification LMS management fad motivation neuroscience power productivity SAPS model statusCan you really use gamification to increase employee motivation and engagement?

The Big Picture of Business – Doing Your Best Work on Deadlines: Mobilizing the Energy for Best Business Success

Strategy Driven

The Business Tree : Growth Strategies and Tactics for Surviving and Thriving. The Business Tree™ has 7 major parts… 5 primary branches, a trunk (6) and the base (7): The business you’re in. Running the business. Business development.

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Culture by Design: The Essentials

N2Growth Blog

This is established by identifying the support infrastructure needed to keep the culture transformation plan synchronized with the organization’s other strategic elements, including business objectives, goals and market strategies.

What are the Best Collaboration Options for Modern Businesses?

Strategy Driven

As businesses increasingly move their operations to digital platforms, and in particular to cloud space, even the most traditional staples of running an organization are being improved by embracing technology. Try Dropbox for Business. Which tools does your business use?

Managing People from 5 Generations

Harvard Business Review

Organizational careers don’t look the way they did before,” says Peter Cappelli, professor of management at the Wharton School and coauthor of Managing the Older Worker. “It’s It’s more common to see someone younger managing someone older.” There is no evidence that 35-year-old managers today are any different from 35-year-old managers a generation ago.” While it may seem daunting to manage someone much older than you , try taking a cue from the military.

Businesses Don’t Fail – Leaders Do

N2Growth Blog

Why do businesses fail? If you’re willing to strip away all the excuses, explanations, rationalizations, and justifications for business failures, and be really honest in your analysis, you’ll find only one plausible reason - poor leadership.

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Leadership in Cybersecurity

N2Growth Blog

Below is a list of security initiatives that a security leader would either manage or have parallel impact upon within a business: Data security. Vendor management. Identity & Access Management (IAM). Vulnerability Management (VM). Business Continuity (BC).

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What It Was Like to Be a Manager in Ukraine

Harvard Business Review

In my former position as Managing Director of Philip Morris Ukraine where I was based from January 2012 until February 2015, I was forced to see it as a business crisis that threatened our people, operations, and bottom line. Our behavior as the management team mattered a lot.

Why People Lose Motivation — and What Managers Can Do to Help

Harvard Business Review

And, in my experience working with leaders across the globe, you can reach business objectives while improving the lives of employees. One account manager spent a week out on the street with police officers, for example, trying to understand when and where remote data could help them. Another account manager spent two days in a hospital to understand what it would really mean to become paperless. Leadership Managing people Productivity Psychology Digital Article

The Power of an Enemy

In the CEO Afterlife

The late French author Andre Maurois once said, “Business is a combination of sport and war.” In business, your competitor is the enemy. From my experience, these six characteristics encapsulate the competitive business culture. I ’m an extremely competitive person.

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Company Culture Metrics Employers Must Track In The Digital Age

HR Digest

Company culture has been intrinsically tied to the success of every business across the globe. But then, it has often been difficult to align company cultures with business objectives. Basically, everything about company culture and the measurement of its effectiveness is handled by the company’s HR manager. To come up with a unified culture, HR managers do carry out surveys regarding employee satisfaction and culture quality.

The Big Picture of Business: Putting Budgeting Into Perspective, The Bigger Picture of Strategic Planning

Strategy Driven

Frame of reference is everything in business. Different people within the same organization have contrasting views as to the Business They’re Really In. The Business Tree : Growth Strategies and Tactics for Surviving and Thriving. Running the business.

Chief Leadership Officer: Disrupting the CEO Status Quo

Lead Change Blog

Designing her business cards, she proudly, yet innocently, appoints herself with the title Chief Executive Officer. Chris doesn’t realize it but she’s just placed her fledgling business at a long-term disadvantage. Chris and Bill are at two ends of the same CEO-led management system.

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Personal Business Maturity

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Jim DuBreuil: If you Google the term, “business maturity,” you will find lots of discussions about the emergence of social networks to drive new business. Managing yourself and others when turmoil is present is difficult enough. Jim DuBreuil business maturity

Coaching Culture: The Art and Science of Success #IndiaHRChat


Tweet-Insights from the special guest Mr. Gurprriet Singh ( @JoyandLife ), Managing Consultant and Head of YSC India helped in understanding the nuances of coaching based on his experiences. Never ask managers to coach people unless managers have demonstrated capabilities to be a good coach.

Complimentary Resource – Data Quality: A Survival Guide for Marketing

Strategy Driven

Surrounding the data and storage application are people, processes, standards, and technologies used to manage that data. StrategyDriven has partnered with to offer you complimentary one-year subscriptions and/or free trials to dozens of leading business publications.

The Rainmaker Fab Five Blog Picks of the Week

Sales Wolf Blog

SHRM - Society for Human Resource Managment Indispensible for the HR Professional!  Michael recently attended the Business Growth Expo where Jack Santiago of Disney shed some light on their approach to people management and shares the key points he took away from Jack's presentation. 

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Effective Handling of Employee Personal Problems is Critical to Maintaining Workforce Efficiency

Strategy Driven

As a leader and manager, it is quite likely at some point during your career that you will encounter employees with personal problems. New managers often carry a naive belief that the personal issues of employees are irrelevant to their performance on the job and something that can be ignored.

Software Asset Management: A New Defense Against Cybersecurity Threats - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM MICROSOFT

Harvard Business Review

By 2021, worldwide cybercrime damage is expected to reach $6 trillion— double what it cost businesses in 2015∗ Of course, companies cannot protect what they cannot manage. And that’s where software asset management can help. Why Software Asset Management (SAM) Matters. Comprehensive asset management is essential to an effective IT infrastructure, service, and cybersecurity management program.

Are You Motivating the Wrong Person?

You're Not the Boss of Me

You don’t need a business management degree to understand that motivation is different for every person and that the key is to make sure you are motivating the right person in the right way.

Lessons from Avon

Women on Business

She’s got experience and pedigree, but the lack of a COO is a lesson in business acumen. Business objectives should be consistent. In an international company like Avon the need for a consistent business message is so important. Different sites are going to require different tactics, but the over arcing message should be consistent with the company’s core business objectives. Don’t lose sight of your core business.

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Why your employees are not working efficiently!

Bernd Geropp

Some business owners are unhappy with the performance of their employees: “My employees often do not focus on the right things and they simply do not work efficiently!” If this is the case, usually the objectives are not clear. Why are your employees not working efficiently?

Filling Critical Organizational Roles

Coaching Tip

employers report having an ample pipeline that will cover most of their leadership and management needs, according to a global survey of more than 2,000 senior human resources executives in 14 countries by Right Management. Essential Tools of Talent Management. Only 4% of U.S.

Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) Business

Coaching Tip

In the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) business landscape expected to continue for 2015, leaders face many challenges , requiring aggressive, sustained talent management strategies to prepare them for success. This report is a breakthrough because it examines specific talent practices that drive financial performance to help organizations prepare their leaders to manage in this new business environment,” stated Rebecca Ray, Ph.D. ,

Teams and Thinking Style

Coaching Tip

Organizations are increasingly relying on the collective power of teams to meet today’s business demands, but many teams aren’t living up to their full potential. In addition, leaders, OD professionals and others can apply the data to strategically align thinking resources with business objectives and challenges. When managed well, cognitive diversity has been proven to pay off,” Herrmann-Nehdi says. “A

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Leadership Derailers vs. Weaknesses

Great Leadership By Dan

Derailers such as lack of integrity, arrogance, inability to adapt to change, and lack of focus have led to the failure of many talented managers. There are derailers unique to many organizations and management levels.

How Does Private Equity Investing Work?

Women on Business

When starting or running a business, there are many ways in which to invest in the business. There are a number of business loans that can be taken out for start-up expenses or established business to expand. If it is a non-profit company, there are thousands of grants that can be secured to fund the costs of the business. One type of funding that may not be known to many business owners is the use of private equity. Expand an established business. •

Getting Your Fingernails Dirty


There is no substitute for diving into the key details about your business. A strong executive should want and need to know the important details for his or her business, especially when it comes to hearing and absorbing bad news, determining how to address problem accounts and staff, and assessing any negative fluctuations in the business. Instead, set long-term business objectives and develop a framework for the trajectory your team needs to get there.

A Round Up of My Writing in August 2010


My Writing at QAspire Blog Excellence: Lessons From Anupam Kher The ‘Invisibles’ in Business Performance Engagement, Leadership and Power of Storytelling Metrics: Are They Mapped With Your Business Objectives? with Phil Gerbyshak Management Craft Nicholas Bate NOOP.NL

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The Big Picture of Business – Planning and Budgeting in Downsized Times

Strategy Driven

Getting the funds that you need from tight fisted management is an ongoing process. The Business Tree : Growth Strategies and Tactics for Surviving and Thriving. The Business Tree™ has 7 major parts… 5 primary branches, a trunk (6) and the base (7): The business you’re in.

The Basic Social Media Mistakes Companies Still Make

Harvard Business Review

Over 90% of medium and large businesses have used social media in their marketing for five years or longer. ” But countless businesses have done just that with social media. Later, marketers found themselves working backward to connect their social strategy to business strategy, as managers demanded greater proof of ROI. The first is to start with social media objectives. After all, how much is that like, comment, or share actually worth to your business?

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Do You Work In a “Just Make the Date” Culture?

The Idolbuster

This was more of the garden variety business as, if not quite usual, certainly not all that unusual. According to a survey by the American Management Association, 70% of respondents said that “pressure to meet unrealistic business objectives/deadlines” was one of the top three reasons for unethical conduct, which far outpaced the second most common answer, “desire to further one’s career” at 39% and “to protect one’s livelihood” at 34%. [i]