VCs See Gold Rush in the HR Tech Scene

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Core HR software is projected to peak at a CAGR of 9.4% Core HR software is projected to peak at a CAGR of 9.4% Whether it is hiring gig workers in larger volumes or training apps for the next leadership pipeline, these tools don’t actually help organizations reinvent the workflow.


A Model for Focusing Executives on Long-term Value Creation

Harvard Business Review

Revenue and earnings grew at over 12% CAGR over the last decade — accelerating though the recession. Compensation Economy LeadershipThis blog post is part of the HBR Online Forum The CEO's Role in Fixing the System. We believe that capitalism will not survive if it continues its trend towards the redistribution of wealth and away from creation of wealth. To reverse this trend, executive compensation plans have to be designed.


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Make Your Work Resolutions Stick

Harvard Business Review

“It’s important to have focus,” says Joseph Weintraub, the founder and faculty director of the Babson Coaching for Leadership and Teamwork Program. In fact, she wrote a manuscript for a leadership book back in 2007, but lost it because of a computer malfunction. Susan has grown revenue over 100% CAGR since she took over, and the company has nearly 400 employees. Many people have resolutions on the brain during this time of year.


Case Study: Challenge the Boss or Stand Down?

Harvard Business Review

We've realized a 10% CAGR over the past five years, and corporate expects this division to continue to be a growth engine. Earl Sasser is a Baker Foundation Professor and the chair of the Program for Leadership Development at Harvard Business School. Editors' Note: This fictionalized case study will appear in a forthcoming issue of Harvard Business Review, along with commentary from experts and readers.