Chip Shots – Gift Ideas!

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All my folks have access to the corporate account for paying for these resources. Will Lukang would give a gift of coaching or mentoring depending on where they are in their career. It is dedicated time each month to focus on what is working for them and what is not and how their career aspirations are being realized or challenged.

To Find Meaning in Your Work, Change How You Think About It

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Corporate accountants can connect themselves mentally to the larger work of their organizations and take pride and purpose in the customers they help. Career planning Managing yourself Productivity Digital ArticleSam Austin/Unsplash. A wonderful New York Times article from 2007 recounted the 20 th annual “Operator’s Challenge” — aka the “Sludge Olympics” — a competition for New York sewage treatment workers.


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7 Compensation Strategies for Cash-Strapped Startups

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By paying these expenses out of your corporate account (or even out of pre-tax earnings if you’re in the U.S.) Pitch a prospective hire on the opportunities they’ll have to grow and advance in their career at your company. Successful professionals have invested in their career and want to continue to do so. A lofty title doesn’t dent your wallet, but it’ll make a big difference for that employee when they think about next steps in their career.

The Importance of Being Purposeful | You're Not the Boss of Me

You're Not the Boss of Me

Exploring Shared Leadership → March 23, 2010 · 5:37 pm ↓ Jump to Comments The Importance of Being Purposeful When I first came to Vancouver to take up my new role as a Human Resources Consultant with a major bank, my boss and I agreed that I should go on a road trip and meet with as many corporate banking employees as possible. On one occasion, I was to talk with a number of Corporate Account Managers.