Influencing Creativity and Innovation


So what is your role in influencing creativity and innovation in others? We know it isn’t enough to simply add creativity to a list of values your organization espouses or to bring in consultants who get staff keyed up about innovating.

The 5 Smartest Strategies to Build Influence in the Workplace

Career Advancement

“Leadership is intentional influence.” Client Brianna asks: People often talk about the importance of influencing internal and external stakeholders. What makes a successful influencer, in your eyes? Career Advancement Influence Leadership Leadership Skills Q&A with Joel

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Ideas Plus Influence

Terry Starbucker

Home About Me About This Blog Starbucker’s Amazon Store Ramblings From a Glass Half Full Ideas Plus Influence by Starbucker on December 2, 2010 (This is Part 1 in a two-part blog series which I’ve worked on with a colleague, Denise Lee Yohn. We’ve each taken on the topic of influence in leadership and are exchanging blog posts. I need to ensure the organization embraces the great idea — and that takes influence.

3 Surprising Ways to Influence Your Employees


He is the author of seven books, including Getting Ahead: Three Steps to Take Your Career to the Next Level. ” How can you influence downward to your employees, staff and the people you supervise? JOEL A. GARFINKLE is recognized as one of the top 50 coaches in the U.S.,

43 Best Leadership Books to Skyrocket Your Career

Miles Anthony Smith

Do Leadership Books Really Help Advance Your Life and Career? Even if you manage to find what appears to be solid leadership advice, does it actually help you advance your career and become a better leader? Career Leadership

The Big Picture of Business- Flip Sides, Second Acts and Successful Careers

Strategy Driven

It used to be said that people have three careers in them. Bacharach started his music writing career by taking 'work for hire,' tailoring songs to particular performers. Some of the most creative professionals work behind the scenes and then later get accorded star status.

January 2018 Leadership Development Carnival

Lead Change Blog

Inspiration/Creativity. Dana Theus of InPower Coaching submitted 4 Tips for Changing Careers. Joel Garfinkle of the Career Advancement Blog submitted The 5 Most Effective Tactics for Building Cross-Functional Teams. Welcome to the January Leadership Development Carnival!

Promote Yourself to the Job of your Dreams

Career Advancement

By automating repetitive tasks, companies can free up their employees to spend more time on higher-level, creative responsibilities. She’s since been promoted to her dream job, a leadership position that lets her focus on projects that grow the company and positively influence its direction.

Personal Branding at Work

Career Advancement

For example, if one of your desired brand attributes is “creative,” look for opportunities to showcase your creativity at work. Then grow your personal brand by pitching an inventive new project or consistently offering your creativity in group efforts.

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The Elements of Transformational Leadership

Skip Prichard

Initially coined by James Downton in 1973 following his research into charismatic leadership, it was influenced largely by Bernard Bass, and his instrumental book Leadership and Performance Beyond Expectations (1985). Idealized influence.

Optimistic People

Career Advancement

They make creative leaps toward other possible futures, taking calculated risks, and they’re not afraid to move beyond their comfort zone. Optimists tend to advance further in their careers than pessimists, according to Elsevier. “Optimism is the foundation of courage.”. Nicholas M.

Do You Have What it Takes to be a Mature Leader?

Lead Change Blog

Does this influence the effectiveness and maturity of your leadership? Some start out ambitious in their careers wanting to advance to higher and higher levels. Smith offers this structure (Source: Center for Creative Leadership ).

Standing out at Work

Career Advancement

You need a plan for catching the eye of those with influence in your organization, or they’ll never notice you. Consider your career goals—where do you want to go next? Bring creative ideas that speak to the qualities you want to be known for.

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The Leadership Legacy Of A Childhood Hero

Tanveer Naseer

Indeed, people from all walks of life have been joining in the choruses of expressing gratitude for the influence his work – and in particular his portrayal of the legendary character Mr. Spock – has had on their lives.

The Role Leaders Play In Discovering Your Organization’s Hidden Talent

Tanveer Naseer

It’s their careers too” Given the amount of attention and good publicity Jeremy Lin is creating for his team, it’s not surprising that many organizations are eager to find ways to discover their own as-yet undiscovered “stars” who might propel their organization forward. Disclaimer: My blog is a part of an online influencer network for Business on Main.

Job hunting - the single most effective thing to do

Chartered Management Institute

There's one simple thing, that most senior executives (most people generally) don't do when they are looking for a job. They don't do it out of fear - and that fear is misguided - or, I suppose, out of shame. In today's job hunt we depend on our informal network of personal ambassadors to help unearth possibilities. And yet, most job hunters don't tell the very people who would want to be their personal ambassadors. Related Content: What's in a personal value and what are mine?

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Why Successful Leaders Focus On Giving Over Getting

Tanveer Naseer

His description of the big break in his career is not only a heartwarming and revealing look into the art of stand-up comedy, but it also shines a light on an important lesson for today’s leaders to embrace.

What would I do? An exercise in Finding-Your-Passion

Chartered Management Institute

Most of us have fallen into our career. While the proportion of vocational to non- vocational degrees fluctuates, most people still end up in a career that just happened. Fundamentally, though, most of us fall into a career without understanding why. They left school or college and looked around for a while, until eventually someone said to someone else, that Fred or Freda were looking for a job and sooner or later we started work.

TQM 54

Observing human behaviour - when we choose to intervene and when we don't

Chartered Management Institute

What are the fantasies and fears, projections, and stereotypes that influence our behaviour in situations like this? Which ones help us survive today and which are legacies from our cave-man ancestors? When does our sense of outrage provoke us to act? When does our sense of decorum prevent us? Are those people who do intervene more naive or more spiritually evolved? Related Content: Job hunting - the single most effective thing to do What's in a personal value and what are mine?

TQM 50

When Did Work Become A Bad Word?

Tanveer Naseer

In many ways, this is a natural product of both our schooling and work experiences, where we’re not guided and supported to use our genius, creativity, and talents in order to do the work we should do.

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How Our Careers Affect Our Children

Harvard Business Review

In light of the deservedly increased attention we’re now paying to mental health problems in our society, it’s worth taking a fresh look at some of our findings on how the emotional lives of children — the unseen stakeholders at work — are affected by their parents’ careers. All these aspects of parents’ careers, we found, correlate with the degree to which children display behavior problems, which are key indicators of their mental health.

What's in a personal value and what are mine?

Chartered Management Institute

In his address to Stanford Graduates in 2005, Steve Jobs said; "And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition". When we have an intuitive response to something it is often our personal values that are being touched upon. If it's a negative feeling then we are somehow anticipating that our personal values are going to be compromised.

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Introverts: 6 Ways to Maximize Your Natural Strengths

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

I am delighted to host this guest post by my colleague Jennifer Kahnweiller in celebration of the launch of her excellent new book Quiet Influence: The Introvert”s Guide to Making a Difference. Interested in learning more about what kind of influencer you are?

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I'd expected more headhunters to call

Chartered Management Institute

Don't wait for headhunters to call - if you're a senior executive looking for a job and they haven't already then it is too late. You need to drive the process - with the right approach and the right effort almost anyone (though I am personally concerned with senior executives) can land a role and do so quickly.

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3 Rules for Experts Who Want More Influence

Harvard Business Review

This declaration is often in inverse proportion to how well-known the person is; back in the early days of my consulting career, I, too, clamored to label myself an “expert,” as though that would assuage potential clients who had never heard of me. You need influence to succeed.

My business book of the week - Understanding the small business sector - by David Storey

Chartered Management Institute

The present UK government are placing a great deal of emphasis on the small business and entrepreneurial sector to deliver the economic turnaround that the country needs, and also to provide gainful employment for the millions of people who are being made redundant from both the private and public sectors.

The Art of Following Up for Executives

N2Growth Blog

Demonstrate some creativity and persistence – and for starters, consider the first thing the reader will see in their inbox: the subject line of the email. Maybe you met another member of the executive team in the lobby (who may have some bearing/informal influence on the hiring decision), and you certainly met and communicated with other team members along the way/in passing. Human Capital Executive Search Recruiting executive search Career Tips

5 Proven Ways to Be More Influential at Work

Lead from Within

But often it simply means you need to ramp up your influence. And when you bring your best, you increase your influence. Influence your boss. That means you don’t go to them only with problems, but also to brainstorm about solutions and visions and new creative ideas. Being held in high estimation by your boss is one of the best kinds of influence. Influence meetings. But meetings can be a great opportunity to grow your influence.

5 Big Mistakes Managers Make When Developing Their People

Let's Grow Leaders

Almost every manager goes there at some point in their career, and many get stuck in it’s delusional abyss. The egos get in the way, and conflict sucks the life out of all productivity, and prohibits real creative breakthroughs that involve integrated thinking.

What Do I Need To Do To Move UP?

Rich Gee Group

I come from a marketing background — you need creative, technical, statistical, client, financial and communication experience to make CMO. I’m not saying you need to be an expert in all areas — although you should have leveraged each one during your career.

Tips 212

Ideas Don't Equal Innovation | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

An idea is not synonymous with a competitive advantage, an idea is not necessarily a sign of creativity, an idea does not constitute innovation, and as much as some people wish it was so, an idea is certainly not a business. With your permission I will teach these concepts to my creative team.

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Be an Advocate for Yourself :: Women on Business

Women on Business

Mentoring is defined as career advice and guidance and sponsorship is advocacy. High performing women need to take control of their own career advancement. Communicate your intention to advance your career. Broaden your influence outside the company.

First Look: Leadership Books for January 2019

Leading Blog

Unlocking Creativity : How to Solve Any Problem and Make the Best Decisions Michael A. Roberto Leaders do not have to conceive innovative ideas, but rather open the path for curious and creative employees within their organization. Unlocking Creativity aids organizations in removing obstacles to the creative process and helps to form an atmosphere of imagination and innovation. Creative Construction : The DNA of Sustained Innovation.

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Positioning Yourself for Career Advancement

Harvard Business Review

Given the fact that traditional career paths are extinct in most industries, managers have few guideposts for advancing to the executive level. Only a distinct minority of companies are truly adept at succession planning and career development — and even these firms tend to focus on only a few senior-level people. Worse, most managers operate under four misconceptions regarding career advancement.

Great Leaders Leverage Great Messaging | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

Sadly, the reality is messaging is so impactful that it will often times have a greater impact on your career than your performance.

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Four Factors for the 21st Century

Lead Change Blog

Experts in the Netherlands predict that, on average, a child born today will pursue 7 professions during their working career. Creative capacities. This is why creativity is a sustainable quality. Probably the most important sustainability quality is the capacity to influence. Influence means getting things done. That’s an entirely different paradigm than in the 1950’s of pursuing one profession during a lifetime, probably for only one organization!

10 Remarkable People on Having a Career That Matters

Harvard Business Review

Every year, HBR interviews 10 people who’ve had fascinating careers. But she’s moved on to other projects, and today’s hottest designers credit her influence. My career would not have been the same had the crash not occurred.”

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To Take Charge of Your Career, Start by Building Your Tribe

Harvard Business Review

A person like Juliet (not her real name), for example, who described a stressful stretch of her career as “disgustingly exciting.” Sue Ashford, Amy Wrzesniewski, and I have collected many such stories in the past few years, for a study of knowledge and creative workers who made independence work for them. That is, stories of creative struggle, bitter loneliness, and chronic uncertainty. A self in charge of one’s work productivity or career trajectory.

5 Surprising Ways to Get People Excited About Their Jobs

Lead from Within

Trust gives us freedom, and freedom fosters creativity and innovation. As the old saying goes, the only inheritance we will leave that has eternal value is our influence. Lead From Within Business Career Inc. A recent Gallup poll shows something many of us already suspected: people are not terribly enthusiastic about their work.

The Magnetic Art of Attracting Business

Coaching Tip

There is no one-size-fits-all formula, but with creativity and focus, any business can create a powerful revenue growth engine that continuously works to build and sustain success. When Doing It All Won't Do: A self-coaching guide for career women.

eBook 138

How Companies Can Ensure Maternity Leave Doesn’t Hurt Women’s Careers

Harvard Business Review

For many women, returning to work after parental leave is a key career transition point. Yet we also heard many positive stories, from women who worked in companies where the managers recognized parental leave as no more than a brief interlude in a person’s long-term career.

Pacing for Growth

Lead Change Blog

On this 2-year anniversary of Alison’s book take some time to watch this replay of her discussion with Weaving Influence CEO, Becky Robinson. He began his Chick-fil-A career over forty years ago as an hourly team member behind the counter of a local restaurant.

How to Educate More Creative Problem-Solvers

Harvard Business Review

We must inspire students to find value in pursuing a career in science. Science instruction that mirrors the way scientists do their work also motivates students to pursue science as a career. Business leaders can influence decision makers with a clear vision for improving science teaching and learning, both in the classroom and beyond. Technological innovation accounted for almost half of U.S.