Time to Sell Your Business? An ESOP May Be the Answer

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It’s easy to start out as a solo practitioner and build a company as the skills from one’s career are directly transferrable, and overhead is quite low. Over seven years the company develops a solid client base, grows to 16 employees serving 40 clients, with revenues of $2 million annually. Selling one’s company to an ESOP, an employee stock ownership plan, does just that. How does an ESOP work? Entrepreneurship business management ESOP Exit Strategy strategydriven


Treat Employees Like Business Owners

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And companies — except for the very smallest — can implement an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP), often funded through borrowing. “That’s something they can take with them as they move forward with their careers.” Talent management Motivating people Developing employees ArticleEmployee loyalty and engagement are hot topics, and for good reason. Companies want to attract and retain talented people who really dig into their work.