Adolescent Rites of Passage - Something of Monumental Importance Has Been Lost

Building Personal Strength

Louise Carus Mahdi, et al (1996); and From Boys to Men: Spiritual Rites of Passage in an Indulgent Age , by Bret Stephenson (2006). I''ve been reading about traditional and modern rites of passage.

To Stay Relevant, Your Company and Employees Must Keep Learning

Harvard Business Review

This past year, I have spoken with a number of career centers in universities. It’s about learning to continuously learn over the course of your whole career. The most common question I get from them is, “How do we best prepare our students for the ‘real world’?”

How to Conduct an Effective Job Interview

Harvard Business Review

Career websites like Glassdoor have “taken the mystique and mystery” out of interviews, says John Sullivan, an HR expert, professor of management at San Francisco State University, and author of 1000 Ways to Recruit Top Talent. Chris Smith and Chris Stephenson.