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As Work Changes, Leadership Development Has to Keep Up

Harvard Business Review

Work is being disaggregated into tasks that can be dispersed inside and outside of the organization — the “uberization” of work. And as AI and robotics increasingly supplement and replace the work of humans, the expectations of leaders — truly understanding the work, how it can be executed now and in the future, and the cost, capability and risk implications of current and future work options — are increasing exponentially.

Design Your Own Profession

Harvard Business Review

A disaggregated laptop that is lighter and more versatile, since I can use the screen by itself as an e-reader and the keyboard with other devices. Technologies that connect people to knowledge, services, and one another across the globe have acted as a centrifugal force, spinning functions and authority away from the center toward millions of previously silent and disempowered individuals. Then they moved from chains of contracted suppliers to networks of peer producers.

The Best Investment You'll Ever Make

Harvard Business Review

With nervous, but mostly eager, anticipation I walked up to the C-suite floor to meet with a senior manager at Merrill Lynch. When I'd initially met him two years earlier, he'd seemed quite supportive of my career as a sell-side analyst. And now that I was Institutional Investor double-ranked, I decided to reach out to him, and confide in him my long-term dream of moving into senior management. This applies to employees as well.