How to Manage Biased People

Harvard Business Review

Bearing this in mind, it is imperative that strategy-setters make explicit allowance for just how cognitively fragile their employees might be – or else they risk not fully understanding why their “perfectly rational” strategies don’t work. Take the recent case of JC Penney, which hired and abruptly fired its CEO, Ron Johnson , after the major changes he instituted took the company from bad to worse.

Looking For Leadership

N2Growth Blog

Have we really degenerated to this point? News Flash – If you have to look for leadership it doesn’t exist…Today’s post is not going to sit well with many in the leadership profession, but then many of my posts seem to have that effect. There is truth in the old axiom that says “the cream rises to the top.” They are the ones people turn to when things get tough. only to fail in miserable fashion.

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To Achieve a Major Goal, First Tackle a Few Small Ones

Harvard Business Review

One of the difficulties with achieving great things is knowing how to get there. Every concert you attend involves musicians who can play well enough to be onstage. You can see the final product, but you can’t see all of the steps required to get there. A lot of discussions about how to achieve significant goals focus on grit, that combination of resilience and persistence that is required to stick with a big goal and see it to completion.

Here's What the Internet Is Up To

Harvard Business Review

Consider slide 5, which highlights just how much advertising opportunity there is on mobile devices ( if only we could figure out how to do that ). But Bloomberg Businessweek''s Sheelah Kolhatkar delves into the male view of the issue by profiling a group of high-level men who meet as part of a program called "Deloitte Dads," who are trying to navigate work and family (often while their wives are doing the exact same thing). BONUS BITS: How Things Work (or Don''t).

Pig Wings: Creating Demand in a New Category

Harvard Business Review

Bacon is so beloved it is being added to everything from vodka to ice cream. I've encountered many super consumers in my career, but few are as passionate as the phylum called "Pork Dorks.". And you often need to create it. Americans love chicken wings.