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Salary Negotiation Tips for Executives

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Hollywood movies and career gurus depict compensation as zero-sum, where winning for either party means getting more/giving less. What if there’s a change of manager? Managing for profitability? Look for linkages between EBITDA and your take-home pay. Human Capital Executive Search Compensation Plans executive searchIf you’re reading this article, you’re either curious or at the winning end of a long, competitive hiring process. Either way, congratulations!

6 Core Competencies of Margin Managers

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All margin managers would like to consider themselves in the top 1% of their profession. Margin managers are becoming a more integral part of their companies. And as finding good margin manager talent gets competitive, they have many opportunities to move up. If you want to take your career to the next level, you’ve got to dedicate your energy to a well-rounded approach to margin management. Direct Pricing Managers and Decisions.


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A Leadership Checklist: 10 Things To Do Right Now To Make It A.

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Over the course of my career I’ve assembled a very handy annual New Year’s “Checklist&# that helps get me focused and ready for the challenges to come in the days and months ahead, and well positioned for success. Study Up – Make sure you take the time to study the details of your business or project plan for the year ahead. Sometimes as managers we get too caught up in the big picture and forget to focus on the details.

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Which MBAs Make More: Consultants or Small-Business Owners?

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It includes other aspects such as: how much you enjoy your career, whether it provides fulfillment, how much flexibility you get and how much influence you have over what you do and when you do it. Owners of small businesses can set their own hours, make their own management decisions, and take pride in the ownership of their work. million EBITDA company for 4x paying $6 million and using 50% debt financing. Entrepreneurship Career planning Digital Article


Hiring Veterans Is Good Business. So Why Don't We Do It More Often?

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But consider this equally inscrutable language: The value is multiples of EBITDA, assuming the back-office cost synergy targets are achievable. These skills are augmented by the help of Dr. Tim Butler's CareerLeader , which helps students understand and plan for a fulfilling career, not just a one-off job. Today, Nick is working to finish his bachelor's degree in English and is helping to manage a multimillion-dollar capital campaign for IAVA.

Improve Your Ability to Learn

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On the surface, John looked like the perfect up-and-coming executive to lead BFC’s Asia expansion plans. While talented, Alex had come to be known behind closed doors by the moniker “DTM” – difficult to manage. ” Learning agility is central to the first part of the task – the ability to monitor and manage one’s own emotions. Managing yourself Developing employees