Creating a Successful Fleet Operation Means Investing in Employees

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Coconino County has enhanced its Public Works fleet operations by focusing on employee development and establishing new business practices. In addition to 18 employees operating three shops in two locations, the Division also manages two fueling sites and a Parts and Inventory Room.

Finding Executive Education Courses that Provide Networking Opportunities

Great Leadership By Dan

By Richard Moy Reprinted with permission If you are searching for an executive-education course that will foster networking opportunities in addition to the actionable knowledge you are seeking to build, ask yourself these three questions as you sort through all your options. Typical executive education courses operate on some combination of lectures, exercises, and an interactive group-based learning environment. executive education networking

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The Big Picture of Business- Professional Education Necessary for Company Success

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Professional education is an important ingredient in corporate development. Outside of 'think tanks' for company executive committees, full-scope education does not occur. Organizations of all sizes must have the Think Tank.which delineates future operations, including education and training. From this point forward, education is an ongoing process beyond that of formal schooling. 4) Education. (5) Basic Education.

Who Knew There Were So Many Financially-Rewarding Nursing Careers?

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Anesthetists must understand how to prepare and administer sedatives in a variety of settings, including operating theatres. It is essential to get it right to protect the patient and ensure the operation is a success.

Hybrid Jobs Call for Hybrid Education

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The right type of education for nurturing this kind of “systems thinking” capacity needs to be both broad and deep; expertise in a single domain won’t suffice. “A design engineer has to understand how a part operates,” she notes, “but also how it fits into the design of its module, and then how the module fits into an engine, and how the engine fits into an airplane.” Education Career planning Digital Article

How to Move Up The Career Ladder in the Medical Field

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However, for those who do pursue a career in one of the various specialisms of medicine can rest safe in the knowledge that they are helping others and contributing to making the world a better place. Your career could allow you to stay close to home or branch out further afield. The large majority of individuals in these careers will also have plenty of room to progress, with plenty of opportunities to progress up the career ladder into more specialised roles.

Traditional male-dominated careers still find few takers in women

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But there are still some occupations that are typically male-dominated, not due to any resistance but because of traditional bias, or just the hardships involved or the sheer human power needed to operate. Sports and associated careers.

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Death Wish

Joseph Lalonde

His partner died as they were pushing him on a stretcher to the operating room. He remembered she was working hard to advance her career and took an interest in what was happening in her continuing education. A Reel Leadership Article I’ve often wondered what I would do if I was ever put into a situation like Bryan Mills from Taken or, now, Dr. Paul Kersey (Bruce Willis) in the new Death Wish movie.

The Renaissance We Need in Business Education

Harvard Business Review

Having taught at five business schools over several decades and served as Dean of two, I have come to a conclusion: The educational institutions where our future business leaders are being trained must be recalibrated and transformed dramatically. Business education today is anachronistic in both how it is conducted and what its content focuses on. As originally conceived, they were institutions of practical education. We must educate a new generation of renaissance leaders.

10 High-Paying Jobs You Can Get Without a College Degree

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Career Guide: Jobs That Don’t Require a Degree. If you love technology and developing computer programs, this is the career for you. Software developers can work in many different fields, including finance, education, information technology, health care, construction, and more.

The Renaissance We Need in Business Education

Harvard Business Review

Having taught at five business schools and served as Dean of two, I have come to hold one opinion very strongly: The educational institutions where our future business leaders are being trained must be transformed, and transformed dramatically. Business education today is anachronistic – it has in no way caught up with what today’s communications technologies make possible in terms of individualized instruction and virtual learning.

Is Your Heart the Boss of You? | Aspire-CS


September 20th, 2010 | Author: Mary Jo Asmus Every now and then, I have the pleasure of seeing how my education and early career as a bench biologist can have some connection with the work I am now doing. Even seasoned leaders (and those who operate more from the head) seem to have difficulty with that one. Mary Jo Asmus A former executive in a Fortune 100 company, I own and operate a leadership solutions firm called Aspire Collaborative Services.

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Freelancers – Why Coworking Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution

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Before the recent tremendous growth of coworking , freelancers and independent workers mainly operated out of their homes. Some focus on specific industries or interest areas such as high-tech, education technology or nonprofits. Career Inspiration Coworking Freelance Home office Hot Desking Independent Worker Imagine for a minute that you’re a freelancer (it’s not hard for those of us who live it every day).

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The Big Picture of Business – Entrepreneurs’ Guideposts to Real Business Success

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Make an equitable blend of ambition and desire: Fine-tuning one’s career is an admirable and necessary process. Every organization must educate outside publics about what they do and how they do it. This premise also holds true for each corporate operating unit and department. The whole of the business and each sub-set must always educate corporate opinion makers on how it functions and the skill with which the company operates.

Build a Career Worth Having

Harvard Business Review

Certainly factors like the sluggish economic recovery and stuck wages play a role, but I think the real answer is even more straightforward: It''s not clear how one designs a satisfying career in today''s professional culture, especially if lasting fulfillment (as opposed to salary maximization) is the goal. See your career as a series of stepping stones, not a linear trajectory. There''s an implicit view that careers are still linear. Career planning Managing yourself

The Innovation Mismatch: "Smart Capital" and Education Innovation

Harvard Business Review

Editor's note: This post is part of a three-week series examining educational innovation and technology, published in partnership with the Advanced Leadership Initiative at Harvard University. One of the most poignant summaries of the market for innovative technology solutions in education is that it is forever in its infancy. That statement was true 30 years ago, when the Apple II was introduced into schools and I first started working in education technology, and it is true today.

Mentoring and Lifelong Learning

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I have had many excellent ones in my long career and have in turn mentored hundreds of others. The mentor becomes a role model, offering insights about their own life-career. The mentor stands for mentees throughout their careers and celebrates their successes. ” Approach your career as a body of work. It’s a career, not just a series of jobs. Consumers are under-educated and don’t know the substance of a pioneer.

Craft a Sustainable Career

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Imagine crafting a sustainable career for yourself. For a taste of what is usually associated with the word career, check out the Urban Dictionary''s definition , which characterizes a career as "an affliction whose symptoms are loss of life & liberty, general purpose misery, and resentment towards those who are unaffected" and "a euphemism for ''professional labor camp.''". Economic stagnation and unequal access to opportunity keep a sustainable career out of reach of many.

I Don't Know

Mills Scofield

” A Brown education is being challenged to discern exactly what you don’t know. I was in awe of the power of the Brown community operating not just beyond these gates, but half-way around the world. How will we alleviate income inequality and improve education? A California native, she will move to New York to work for McKinsey & Company and plans to pursue a career in public service. Mike Cohea / Brown University.

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Educate Everyone About Second-Generation Gender Bias

Harvard Business Review

In one manufacturing company, a task force learned that leaders tended to hire and promote people, mainly men, whose backgrounds and careers resembled their own. In another case, participants in a leadership development program noticed that men seemed to be given more strategic roles, whereas women were assigned more operational ones, signaling that they had lower potential.

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How to Deal With Negative Publicity

Eric Jacobson

As longtime Republican political operative Bill Greener aptly put it, quoting others: “Never argue with someone who buys ink by the barrel.” He also has worked with e-commerce clients and with a number of trade associations and in education and the arts.

Meaningful Work: A Love Letter | Aspire-CS


Here are my thoughts to them as they begin their life at work they love: To my daughters Dear Briana and Kelly, I am so proud of you as you end your formal education and begin on an education of another kind; one that will last the rest of your life. Yet I made good money which allowed you to get an education and for us to live well, so I’m grateful. I will keep these lessons in mind as I embark on my career, which hopefully will be soon as my job hunt continues.

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Employee Growth: How to Better Support Team Member Development

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You’ll want to watch the interview, particularly if you, or someone you care about, feel called to take on a new challenge, or are particularly stuck or stagnating in your career. AND then, I became a large team operations leader. Exploring the S Curve of Employee Growth.

Using Video Games As A Teaching Aid

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Education is becoming more and more difficult in many ways. Source educational games. It is a good idea to incorporate these into the educational structure. It is fair to say that learning to use the computer is one of the most important educations in the modern day.

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Entry-level human resources jobs for new graduates

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To find the best HR career , we present you with the top-level jobs that you can do if you have a human resources degree. Choose your HR career from the list of outstanding opportunities. HR Operations Coordinator.

Responsive Leadership: Needed Now More Than Ever

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The idea that leaders are trustworthy, honest, and can be relied on to operate in the best interest of the public, the employee, the student, the parishioner, or even the shareholder has been shattered. All leaders face adversity at some point in their careers.

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Mills Scofield

” A Brown education is being challenged to discern exactly what you don’t know. I was in awe of the power of the Brown community operating not just beyond these gates, but half-way around the world. How will we alleviate income inequality and improve education? A California native, she will move to New York to work for McKinsey & Company and plans to pursue a career in public service. Culture Education Innovation Leadership

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90 Ways to Quickly Improve Your Business Leadership

Lead from Within

Lead, guide, and educate your team members to produce maximum results. Leading others to do great things is part of setting goals, expanding your company, and running a successful operation. Lead From Within Business Career Inc. Over the next 90 days, you can build not only your business but also your personal leadership beyond what you may have thought possible. Let this be the year you become the leader you want to be–in your business and in life. Know yourself.

More Universities Need to Teach Sales

Harvard Business

Compared to professions like engineering or business disciplines like Finance or Operations, the concept of a dedicated salesperson is relatively recent. ” As Walter Friedman documents in Birth of a Salesman , sales wasn’t seen as a function that required specialized training or education until well into the 20 th century. So a school could legitimately prepare a student for a business career while omitting training in sales. paul garbett FOR HBR.

3 Ways to Break Out of a Zero-Sum Game of Growth with Your Competitors

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Sesame Street did not disrupt a prior market for childhood education. During his twenty-seven-year career at Procter & Gamble, he ran both operations and digital transformation for P&G’s famed global business services and IT organization in every region of the world, ending up as Vice President of Global Business services, next Generation services. How true disruptors use innovation, including digital, to grow the market and create new business models.

Inspiring Leadership: Bringing Purpose to Life

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” That’s a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) I’ve pursued most of my career! Let purpose drive your strategy and operations. After that, the board was educated on what the senior team was trying to do.


I’m Not Naive, We’re Just Cowards

Modern Servant Leader

Military and many, many more don’t operate in the “real world” As I exclaim the benefits of Servant Leadership, I see that look in your eye. I’m Well Educated. The reality is most Servant Leadership advocates are extremely well educated on the topic of leadership. The alternative of selfish focus on individual careers is all-too-well documented in failures. Dear Opponent of Servant Leadership , No, I’m not naive.

The Top 10 Stress Free Jobs: Is It Work Or Play?

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Education – Bachelor’s Degree. Education – Master’s Degree. Operations Research Analyst. Education – Bachelor’s Degree. If you want a stable career with good pay that will be in demand for years to come, look no further. Education – Associate Degree.

What If Amazon’s Next Big Innovation Was to Improve the Jobs of Its Blue-Collar Workers?

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After all, this year’s letter makes reference to a development program called Amazon Career Choice , in which the company pays 95% of the cost of tuition, fees, and books for hourly workers with more than one year of tenure. A cynic might point out that, in this, Bezos is hardly alone; after all, stark inequality, and a growing gap between the life prospects for highly educated professionals and blue-collar workers, has become the new normal in today’s economy and society.

Research: How the Best School Leaders Create Enduring Change

Harvard Business

We found the Architects sustainably transformed a school by challenging how it operated, engaging its community, and improving its teaching. ” (In the UK, “ sixth form ” is a final, sometimes optional phase of secondary education in which students prepare for college entry exams.). Education Change management Leadership Educational Institutions Digital ArticleTransforming a school is a long, hard, and often lonely task.

The Common Unique Paths to Becoming a Change Agent

Change Starts Here

Already focused on the people side of the business, they are able to transition their career from the transactional work towards the transformational. Some take the higher education route, getting advanced degrees in topics like organization development or industrial/organizational psychology. Others begin their careers working in business operations. I started my own career as an industrial engineer, focused on manufacturing process efficiency.

We Lead Through Competition

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His actions included the capture of Fort Ticonderoga in 1775, defensive and delaying tactics despite losing the Battle of Valour Island on Lake Champlain in 1776, the Battle of Ridgefield, Connecticut (after which he was promoted to major general), operations in relief of the Siege of Fort Stanwix and key actions during the pivotal Battles of Saratoga in 1777, in which he suffered leg injuries that ended his combat career for several years. All life is competitive.

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Success with the Internet of Things Requires More Than Chasing the Cool Factor

Harvard Business

With data analytics provided by Microsoft Azure and an informational infrastructure developed collaboratively by Industrial Scientific and Cisco, operators now have a dashboard to remotely monitor the people, equipment, and air quality in the mine in real time. IoT solutions tend to span information technology (IT), operational technology (OT), and core business functions. Street sweepers continued to operate as they always had, clogging the inflow holes with leaves and dirt.

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Find Your Ideal Job and Build Your Dream Business

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The presumption is that one has to sacrifice entrepreneurial dreams in order to be successful at a specific career choice. Realizing that you can gain education from both environments allows an opportunity for you to thrive as an employee and manage a successful side hustle. It means you have to be willing to invest time, money, or both in order to build your side hustle into a fledging small business operation. I S IT POSSIBLE to have your cake and eat it too?

How to Overcome Poor Presentation Skills

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If your operational management was in a technical area, you now have the ability to delegate the data gathering and analyzing tasks to others while it is your responsibility to educate the leadership of the organization and industry why, what and how action must be taken based upon what the analysis reports. Books Business Coaching Career Communication Leadership ACID test how great leaders communicate how to sell your ideas jack welch simon reynolds why people fail

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How To Maintain Business Relevance In A Changing Market

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While some products don’t have a market, others need customer education but fail to do so. A product and service improvement operation is in order if you experience low product demands and sales, increased production costs, and changes in regulations and laws.

A 5 Step Action Plan to Require of Colleges.

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Our Colleges are among the best in the world at delivering and extending (oh my) education, but not at delivering jobs ! Speaking of Harvard though, a prominent professor from there tweeted this week- “ We can’t charge Harvard fees for a University of Phoenix education.”

Leadership: A Global Perspective

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Keeping in mind that these senior executives had similar education, training, and experiences, what could they do to “move the needle” in differing themselves from competitors who had almost the same diverse group of team members?