Top Careers for HR Professionals to Pursue

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Are you seeking career growth in human resources? Here we have listed top careers for HR professionals to help you carve a niche in the industry you desire. If you want to follow a career in human resources, there are many options open to you. Careers for HR Professionals .

Prepare Your Workforce for the Automation Age

Harvard Business

Harnessing the power of machine learning and other technologies. As companies introduce software bots and digital self-service, and as they transform assembly lines, they must bring along their key employees, leaders, and customers as they redefine jobs, career paths, workforce management, and social contracts. Freeways full of driverless cars and beer trucks are still far off, because of technological and regulatory limitations.


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How to Succeed in Business by Bundling – and Unbundling

Harvard Business Review

Yes, digital technology enables a lot of unbundling. I had worked for several businesses during my career by that time that had become conglomerates, some fairly large, and then had divested themselves of various businesses. Andreessen: I think a lot of it is based on the underlying technology change. The way I think about it is — at least in the world that I work in, sort of tech and Internet media — bundles emerge as a consequence of the current technology.

Learn from Your Analytics Failures

Harvard Business Review

The value emphasis shifted from preventive maintenance to efficiency management with key customers. Nate Silver on Finding a Mentor, Teaching Yourself Statistics, and Not Settling in Your Career. Decision making Failure Information & technology By far, the safest prediction about the business future of predictive analytics is that more thought and effort will go into prediction than analytics. That’s bad news and worse management.

Why the VA Couldn’t Keep Up with IT

Harvard Business Review

It doesn’t take long for technologies to outgrow their usefulness. For the last three years of his career, he was responsible for the $6 billion portion of the Air Force budget dedicated to IT, where his main responsibilities ranged from Air Force cyber activity to IT upgrades to career field management. Give us a sense of the challenge of keeping up with technology as a military CIO. Information & technology IT management

CIO 12

Artificial Intelligence Is Almost Ready for Business

Harvard Business Review

AI, expert systems, and business intelligence have been with us for decades, but this time the reality almost matches the rhetoric, driven by the exponential growth in technology capabilities (e.g., And now on top of that explosion, we can also analyze “unstructured” data, such as text and video, to pick up information on customer sentiment. Companies have been using analytics to mine insights within this newly available data to drive efficiency and effectiveness.

EVA 12

Struggling at the (Computer) Games of Life

Harvard Business Review

And Halfteck claims that every little pause and click a player makes conveys some kind of information. I clearly wasn’t outstanding at anything, but I was pretty good at “task efficiency” and worst at “social intelligence.”. When I asked Halfteck to elaborate, he emailed back that task efficiency actually “predicts your competency in reasoning logically, thinking critically, processing novel information quickly, and solving problems.”

Hedge 12

Four Things the Private Sector Must Demand on Cyber Security

Harvard Business Review

Economists point to problems of collective action and misaligned liability rules that actually reduce the incentives for firms to invest sufficiently and efficiently in protecting the network. A reasonable career move would be to specialize in "lower level" attacks like, well, corporate espionage and intellectual property theft. Government Information & technology Risk management

The Rise of the Digital CMO

Harvard Business Review

Digital experiences and engagement draw consumers closer to a brand and more efficiently drive conversions and transactions, both online and off. They look for opportunities to create digital experiences and revenue streams enabled by the nexus of forces , which is Gartner''s description of the convergence and mutual reinforcement of social, mobile, cloud and rich information. Last year, Gartner predicted that by 2017, the CMO''s technology budget will exceed the CIO''s.

CIO 12

17 High-Paying Jobs for Women

HR Digest

Computer and information systems managers. Also known as information technology managers, such professionals devise, coordinate, implement, and analyze computer-related projects. They advise management on various ways to improve efficiency.

But My Business Is Different… | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

In today’s post I’ll share why most businesses have far more in common than most executives and entrepreneurs care to admit… Marketing, Branding, Leadership, Sales, PR, Advertising, Business Development, Operations, Administration, Finance, Accounting, Information Technology, Human Resources, Innovation and the list goes on…These functional areas are representative of things that all businesses must pay attention to.

Blog 241

The Rise of the COO

Harvard Business Review

COOs are relatively common in service industries such as financial services, energy, information technology and telecommunications, but in manufacturing sectors — such as automotive, chemical, and pharmaceutical companies — they are relatively rare. In several industries, such as consumer goods, financial services, industrial products, and logistics, COOs usually had backgrounds in either managing operations or information technology departments.

COO 17

How Senior Executives Stay Passionate About Their Work

Harvard Business

Senior executives struggle with burnout just like everyone else, and technology has made this issue more prevalent than ever. Jim Fowler and Jeff Smith talked about peripheral vision in relation to the chief information officer role (Fowler is currently CIO at General Electric, and Smith was formerly CIO at IBM). By doing so, they can more readily adapt not just to technology trends but also to organizational and societal trends.

CIO 49

GDP Is a Wildly Flawed Measure for the Digital Age

Harvard Business

Many workers have found, well into their careers, that their physical skills for making and transporting “things” are less relevant and valuable than the once were. New workers embarking on their careers are finding that their education is incomplete in many areas essential to our technology-driven lives today. Education and access may also need to evolve, to ensure that the benefits of technological innovation aren’t limited to an elite. HBR STAFF.

GDP 44

Fighting Chronic Disease Starts with Better Pediatric Care

Harvard Business

As a large team cares for patients, clear and efficient pathways for communication and workflows are necessary to ensure the patient experience is as seamless and organized as possible. This means that all the providers a patient sees — from birth into adulthood, in and outside of the hospital, from state to state, and at school, and in the doctor’s or therapist’s office — must communicate and share information simply and efficiently.

Success with the Internet of Things Requires More Than Chasing the Cool Factor

Harvard Business

Sponsored by DXC Technology. This approach lets organizations aggregate best-of-breed technologies to develop cost-effective solutions that advance their goals. With data analytics provided by Microsoft Azure and an informational infrastructure developed collaboratively by Industrial Scientific and Cisco, operators now have a dashboard to remotely monitor the people, equipment, and air quality in the mine in real time. They Focus on the Business Challenge, Not the Technology.

ROI 30

The Unnoticed Analyst: Can analytics succeed while going unnoticed.

Strategy Driven

StrategyDriven effective executives, efficient employees Home About The StrategyDriven Organization Our Company Our Contributors Karen K. Each issue is packed with thought-provoking content and insight into the business issues that affect all companies competing in today’s technology-driven marketplace with recent contributions by best-selling author and researcher Tom Davenport; social media guru Chris Brogan; and Myron Scholes, world renowned economist and Nobel Prize winner.

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The Critical Skills for Leading Major Change in America’s Health System

Harvard Business

For these leaders — and young people aspiring to careers as health care managers — one very practical question emerges: What are the critical skills for leading major change in our health system? The first concerns the challenge of creating the meaningful use program for the HITECH Act when I served as national coordinator of health information technology from 2009 to 2011, at the beginning of the Obama administration. At a time of profound volatility in the U.S.

The One Type of Leader Who Can Turn Around a Failing School

Harvard Business

They often arrive with a reputation for being able to turn around a school quickly, as they’ve done this many times before in their career. Soldiers like efficiency and order. By background they are normally Information Technology or Chemistry teachers (95% in our study), who have often moved out of the classroom to manage support staff early in their career. So they looked around for a different career and discovered teaching.

GDP 47

Put HR Skills on Your Performance Improvement Team

Harvard Business Review

My team would have people with deep functional knowledge and skills (strategy, sales, marketing, finance, and information technology) to align surrounding processes. Coco has a unique background because he's not a career HR professional; he started in operations at GE , where he was trained as a Six Sigma Black Belt process improvement expert. If you picked a dream team to improve the way your organization does business, who would be on it? I know who would be on my team.

It's Time for Tenure to Lose Tenure

Harvard Business Review

Taylor, chair of Columbia University's Department of Religion and author of a book critical of tenure , estimates that a college ties up between $10 million and $12 million of its endowment to support a single tenured professor for a 35-year career. Academic teaching techniques remain calcified, despite a technological revolution in the last 20 years that enables professors to impart their knowledge in more effective and efficient ways.

Five Questions Every Leader Should Ask About Organizational Design

Harvard Business Review

Dave didn’t advocate any particular design model, just one the leader knows how to employ and one flexible enough to be applied to the range of organizational situations a leader faces in the course of a career. Although that kind of redesign is still required periodically, leaders today are more typically confronted with the challenge of how to find cost efficiencies in certain parts of their organization to invest in other parts of the organization that drive growth.

How Technology Has Affected Wages for the Last 200 Years

Harvard Business Review

Today’s great paradox is that we feel the impact of technology everywhere – in our cars, our phones, the supermarket, the doctor’s office – but not in our paychecks. We work differently, communicate with each other differently, create differently, and entertain ourselves differently, all thanks to new technology. Over the last two hundred years, technological advancements have been responsible for a ten-fold increase in wages.

The CIO in Crisis: What You Told Us

Harvard Business Review

CIOs need to understand business better, but the C-suite should understand technology''s potential better. While the CIO needs to understand the business to add value, equally true is that senior leadership and the board of directors don''t understand how to incorporate technology in their strategy, and some don''t even see the need to do so. Once this was done, the executive leadership and CIO focused on implementing technologies that improve the company''s competitive advantage.".

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