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As a result of our conversation, I decided to dust-off an old post, give it a few updates, and pass along my thoughts, which can be best summarized as “ Ideas Don’t Equal Innovation. Without a viral movement, ideas go extinct before innovation.

Four Innovative Initiatives to Attract and Retain Diverse Women

First Friday Book Synopsis

Visit us daily to discover issues that matter, share experiences, and plan networking, your career and your life.” Here is an article written by Tina Vasquez (Los Angeles) for The Glass Hammer, an online community designed for women executives in financial services, law and business. What makes this article especially valuable is the wealth of [.].

The Top Five Career Regrets

Harvard Business Review

What do you regret most about your career? I had just finished a guest lecture on business and innovation at Parson's School for Design , and a particularly attentive front-row audience member kicked off question time with the curliest one of the day.

Why Germany Dominates the U.S. in Innovation

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Reading the headlines, you might think that the most urgent question about national success in innovation and growth is whether the U.S. Germany does a better job on innovation in areas as diverse as sustainable energy systems, molecular biotech, lasers, and experimental software engineering.

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Getting Past a Career Setback: An Example and a Test

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Managers often think about their careers in terms of winning and losing. But what about those whose careers are sidetracked or derailed when passed over for a key assignment or big promotion? Are these “losers” out of the running for career advancement, or can they regain their footing, refocus their sights, and continue to rise? Very few managerial careers proceed upward in a straight line. The lesson here is that careers aren’t just about “winning.”

Many CEOs Aren’t Breakthrough Innovators (and That’s OK)

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Innovation is widely regarded as important to long-term business performance. However, CEOs often don’t have the career background and education that would equip them to personally lead the process of new product development. We’ve found that CEOs of big pharmaceutical companies, for example, are more likely to have a background as company lawyers, salespeople, or finance managers, than one in medicine or pharmaceutical R&D.

Case Study: Career Choices When Life Is Short

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Michael Shrock, the team’s finance expert, shook his head. “It We want to establish a prize to reward innovative ideas in this particular area.”. Most people have lots of opportunities to make important career decisions in their lives. Career planning Work life balance The leaders of MedPath didn’t typically shed tears in their weekly meetings, but this was an exception.

Turning Lemons into Lemonade: 10 Inspirational Examples of Epic Failure and Resiliency

Great Leadership By Dan

Now, of course, he’s compared with Edison as one of the greatest innovators of all time. He hit 714 home runs and struck out 1,330 times in his career. Legend has it he was turned down 302 times before he got financing for creating Disney World.

This Pharma Company Stays Innovative by Doing Two Things

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For industries that depend on innovation, sustaining it is a constant challenge. When one of us (Vivek) and his team launched Roivant Sciences in 2014 and began developing treatments for Alzheimer’s disease — they were determined to learn from the pharma industry’s innovation issues and build a more sustainable innovation engine. Roivant’s second innovation initiative was to forcefully inject an openness to fresh thinking and outside practices.

2011 ASA Deming Lecture by Roger Hoerl – Need Any Country be Poor?

Deming Institute

I’d like to focus on a few areas of Dr. Deming’s career that perhaps are under appreciated, not talked about as much as some other areas. Related: A Historical Look at Deming’s Career: Lecture by J. Hunter: an Innovator and Catalyst for Quality Improvement.

Entrepreneurship: Transforming Nothing into Something

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I failed at my first career in banking. I failed at my second career with the phone company. But you'd be surprised at how many of the skills I learned in those careers can be applied to almost any field, including cartooning.

The Power of an Enemy

In the CEO Afterlife

For most of my career, I operated within intensely competitive arenas where fractions of market share points were worth millions of dollars. The companies that employed me were generally the underdogs in battles against bigger, better-financed organizations.

Nabob and the Coffee Kerfuffle: How the 120-year-old brand managed to maintain its challenger status.

In the CEO Afterlife

Years later, it took on bigger players by introducing new innovative packaging to the market, and subsequently carving out a double-digit share when few thought it could be done. This article was written by Jennifer Horn for the June 2016 issue of Strategy Magazine.

Facing Challenges | N2Growth Blog

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Regardless of where you are in your life and your career, I can promise you one thing; you will consistently be faced with challenges and obstacles along the way.

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What Economists Know That Managers Don’t (and Vice Versa)

Harvard Business Review

Not for the highly-regarded work on competition between small numbers of firms with which his career began more than thirty years ago but for more recent work on how carefully structured regulation can improve performance relative to unbridled market forces. Economy Finance Why did Jean Tirole win the Nobel Prize in Economics?

You Can Get Some Big Things Done When It’s Not All About You

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It has done this by popularizing one of the two or three really important financial innovations of the past 50 years, the index fund. In finance, that’s a pretty hard case to make. In the early decades of his career he was a pretty conventional businessman, rising up the ranks of the mutual fund company Wellington Management and then, as its president, trying to keep it relevant during the go-go investing boom of the 1960s. Finance Leadership Motivation

How to Launch a Product Like a Rock Star

Strategy Driven

He began his career in the software industry as a corporate attorney focused on private-equity financing and technology transactions, serving as senior corporate counsel at Paciolan, Inc.

What to Do When Your Heart Isn’t in Your Work Anymore

Harvard Business Review

What if you’re stuck in a job or a career that you once loved, but your heart isn’t in it anymore? Or maybe your own growth and development since starting your career has caused you to change your passions and priorities in life. I see and hear examples of career malaise all the time — in my work teaching and training people in companies, in discussions following my corporate talks, and in conversations with my family and friends.

Efficient vs. Effective | N2Growth Blog

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At an organizational level have you focused so much on process improvements and incremental gains that you’ve failed to recognize opportunity and innovate?

Tell Your Whole Story in an Interview

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I started out in finance but then…”. As the senior vice president of Echoing Green , a global nonprofit responsible for seeding over 500 innovative social change organizations, I’ve reviewed thousands of resumes. We become expert at explaining job transitions, major career pivots, and even our school-to-career path. Backdating your resume lets you look forward and back so you can tap into your full story to inform your career choices.

You Don’t Need a Promotion to Grow at Work

Harvard Business Review

As organizations run leaner and flatter, your ability to move up can stall much earlier in your career because, simply put, there’s no place to go. So what should you do when you reach that plateau and you’re only midway through your career?

Shut-up & Listen | N2Growth Blog

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Organizations can no longer guarantee work and careers, even if they want to.

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Drinking the Talent Kool-Aid | N2Growth Blog

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Toxic Work Environments | N2Growth Blog

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The Stakeholders You Need to Close a Big Deal

Harvard Business Review

Based on many years as a business founder, advisor, and investor, I would argue that getting the green light has as much to do with understanding human nature as it does with business fundamentals and finances. The champions I’ve known have been motivated by a host of related factors – generating personal visibility, drawing attention and resources to their domain, or being perceived as innovators. Entrepreneurship Innovation Sales

18 Most-Anticipated Big Idea Books of 2018


The Black Swan author is back, and this time he’s taking on many of our assumptions about risk, politics, finance, and personal success. The mind who brought disruptive innovation to thinking about our own careers now shows managers how to use the same learning curve to build a winning team. I love books. One of my New Year’s Resolutions this year is to read 100 books. (I I probably read around this every year but I’ve never tracked it…this year I will.)

Loyalty vs. Tenure | N2Growth Blog

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Tenure Inhibits Change and Cripples Innovation : Organizations that favor tenure also tend to be prone to majoring in the minors. All of these traits preclude the advancement of change initiatives and cripple innovation.

Venture Capitalists Get Paid Well to Lose Money

Harvard Business Review

Investors have perpetuated a compensation structure where VCs can generate significant personal income over their career, even when they make no money for their LPs. The VC industry has failed to innovate. Finance Venture capital 2013 had all the signs of being a comeback year for venture capital. Booming public equities and a recovered IPO market generated record portfolio company exits and distributions from VC funds.

Leadership Matters

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Gordon Berridge: Our readers, with mining knowledge, will be will be familiar with the name Sam Walsh and Rio Tinto, but to provide a complete sketch of your background, would you please share a brief summary of your career history? (as featured in CEO Interview: Sam Walsh.

Managing Board Relations | N2Growth Blog

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link] Rob Hiliard Mike: Priceless and savvy advice – If only I’d had this insight early on in my career as a CEO I would have been spared a lot of pain and suffering.

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Looking For Leadership

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They are the ones innovating and breaking-down barriers. Leaders and non-leaders alike need career-pathing, training and development.

8 Traits of Ineffective Leaders | N2Growth Blog

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The best leaders are focused on leading change and innovation to keep their organizations fresh, dynamic and growing. They find ways to consistently engage them and incorporate them into their innovation and planning initiatives.

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Leadership & Initiative Overload | N2Growth Blog

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This is the definition of presence, and it is only when we operate in the present that real creativity, growth and innovation occur.

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Humility and Leadership | N2Growth Blog

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Our Assumptions About Old and Young Workers Are Wrong

Harvard Business Review

We believe this is a crucial question to ask right now as working lives – shaped by technological innovations and extended by growing longevity – are undergoing profound transformations. Whilst we cannot be precise, it is clear that in order to finance retirement many people currently in their fifties will work into their seventies; whilst those in their twenties could well be working into their eighties. Generational issues Career planning Digital Article

Writing Your Résumé When Your Job Title Doesn’t Reflect Your Responsibilities

Harvard Business Review

You’re ready to make a career move, up to a higher level or into a different industry or an entirely new field. Establish functions from scratch — Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Sales, and HR. She quantified the growth she generated and included one of her innovations that generated much of that growth. Job search Career planning Business writing Digital Article


The Disconnected Leader | N2Growth Blog

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What Apple Should Do with Its Massive Piles of Money

Harvard Business Review

I know that finance professors at business schools throughout the nation teach MBAs and executives that, for the sake of economic efficiency, a company should “maximize shareholder value.” Yet these careers and the returns that they can generate are not guaranteed. In your testimony to Congress on May 21, 2013, when you explained Apple’s tax practices, you said: “You can tell the story of Apple’s success in just one word: innovation.” Social innovation.

Bonus or No Bonus? | N2Growth Blog

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No, the Best Science Students Aren’t Becoming Financiers

Harvard Business Review

A lot of people are worried about the career choices of today’s most talented science and engineering students. That said, it’s easy to see where the concerns come from: Finance was the most popular industry among MIT graduates entering the labor market, with 8.4%