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How To Stay Marketable And Keep Your Job

Lead Change Blog

With the current crisis we are in, so much seems to be rapidly changing, with new information daily causing anxiety. When so much seems to be out of your control, what can you do to stay marketable and maintain your job?

How to Compete Like the World’s Most Innovative Leaders

Skip Prichard

Innovation Capital. A great idea may not be enough to build a great business. And one of the most overlooked reasons for entrepreneurial failure is innovation capital. He offers a unique perspective on innovation and winning in the marketplace. to 6 p.m.,

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How To Start Next Now

Joseph Lalonde

In just 24 years, he’s landed on’s Top-25 CEOs list, won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, and led the company to a Top-10 Best Employer on Here’s what he has to say on how to Start Next Now. How To Start Next Now.

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45 Career Advice Experts Offer Career Success Secrets

Miles Anthony Smith

45 Career Advice Experts Share Their Blueprint for Career Success (Plus Leaderboard)​ Does your career seem to be a struggle at times? Why is the world appear to be so topsy-turvy? ​ Click "READ MORE" to learn from the career advice of the experts.

How to Prepare for Trade Shows and Conventions

Strategy Driven

These mass gatherings are an opportunity for businesses to promote their extensive list of products, usually with a focus on the latest releases. You won’t be able to manage a busy schedule that could include meetings and presentations as well as hosting your exhibit booth on your own.

Seek, Seed, and Scale Innovation

Coaching Tip

Leaders today responsible for revenue growth and competing effectively know that real innovation requires moving beyond known business models, towards customer insight-driven opportunities for value and growth that sustain businesses and brands. It is packed with tactics that work: Part I, Seeking starts with what it means to discover insights into problems, define the brand's purpose, and find and define compelling concepts.

Create The Future And The Innovation Handbook

Eric Jacobson

Flip the book over, and you have Gutsche’s updated and expanded, bestselling, Exploiting Chaos , book now called, The Innovation Handbook , featuring memorable real-world case studies and plenty of thought-provoking questions to inspire next steps for innovation.

How To Create Lasting Influence | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

Understanding how to leverage the influence factor can make a defining difference in your ability to drive change, build cohesive teams, and to successfully implement strategic vision. As a leader your “Influence Quotient” is the IQ you need to pay attention to.

Career Development: Climb That Ladder in 8 Steps

Strategy Driven

It used to be that there were certain industries you could rely upon to be easy to break into. You need to be the best at what you do to get the job you want. Not only that, you need to stay ahead of innovative ways of working.

Ideas Don't Equal Innovation | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

As a result of our conversation, I decided to dust-off an old post, give it a few updates, and pass along my thoughts, which can be best summarized as “ Ideas Don’t Equal Innovation. “ It is my hope to help dispel the myth that ideas are inherently good things.

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Education? Innovation? Do - Learn - Do - Learn

Mills Scofield

Aron Solomon introduced me to Victor Saad and that was all it took. From patients to students. Their influence was so great that I wanted my career path to follow their footsteps. Risk: From students to self-made education. How would I do that?

How to Slay Goliath


My business career is characterized with many David versus Goliath encounters. And yet, our little band of rebels was able to outmaneuver that might with two potent weapons that cost absolutely nothing. Here’s the point: When you know you will never be the low-cost producer nor will you ever have the resources to outspend the big cat, you find other ways to skin it – okay, that’s a bit of an overstatement. You be obsessed with innovation.

How to Build a Brand | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

Avoid controversy, maintain a high likeability factor, consistently and proactively engage your customers, be a business of character that engenders trust and confidence with your target market(s), produce a quality product or service at a competitive price point, and provide great customer service.

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Women Ignoring a Growing Job Market

Women on Business

For a seemingly multitude of reasons women have failed to gain a foothold in the growing industries of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, or more commonly known as STEM jobs. Even though there are more women in higher education than ever before and 60% of bachelor degrees are going to women, only 20% of computer science degrees are going to women. Analysts have blamed the media in part for this and there is some credence to this.

How to Slay Goliath


My business career is characterized with many David versus Goliath encounters. And yet, our little band of rebels was able to outmaneuver that might with two potent weapons that cost absolutely nothing. Here’s the point: When you know you will never be the low-cost producer nor will you ever have the resources to outspend the big cat, you find other ways to skin it – okay, that’s a bit of an overstatement. You be obsessed with innovation.

How to Make Your Management Process More Agile

Strategy Driven

In contrast to startups, which often experiment until they gain their footing in the market, established businesses are notoriously slow to change. That’s how you maintain your competitive edge. Competition to find and recruit new talent.

How to Answer the Question ‘What Was Your Last Salary?’

HR Digest

Whether you want to stay up-to-date on HR news, read in-depth HR articles, or find new ideas on strategy, innovation, and leadership, The HR Digest Magazine is here to suit your needs and help you stay more informed. The market rate is what other companies are paying.

How to Establish Thought Leadership? Interview With Dr. Liz Alexander


Thought leadership is important for building careers and for building organizations. It is the most important tool we have as professionals to build our personal brand and establish credibility. How does one build thought leadership in his/her area of work?

Power: Why Some People Have it and Others Don't

Kevin Eikenberry

You may want it, wish you had it or wonder how to get it. The book’s stories range from politics to business to education to virtually every other walk of life. Would you like to have more of that? Do You Really Need a Meeting to Make a Decision?

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Break the Innovation Chokehold: How to Stop Ruling Like a (Not-So-Benevolent) Dictator and Start Encouraging Big Ideas

Strategy Driven

The Benevolent Dictator : Empower Your Employees, Build Your Business, and Outwit the Competition by Michael Feuer What does it require to take a concept rapidly and effectively from mind to market? Innovation. Then, ask the questions that will lead to solutions.

How to Revitalise Your Business When You’ve Hit a Slump

Strategy Driven

Even the most dynamic and driven entrepreneurs and professionals can find themselves falling into something of a professional slump at some point in their career. Many businesses end up bringing in consultants in order to inject new ideas into their company.

Marketing Success | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

Those of you familiar with this blog know that I’m generally a strong marketing advocate. That said, my typical pro-marketing position assumes that certain key fundamentals are in place to insure that the lunatics don’t somehow become in charge of the asylum.

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How To Grow Your Business In A Competitive Industry

Strategy Driven

The business world is one which is highly competitive, which means that a company must always be looking for ways to grown order to stay ahead of the competition. One of the most obvious ways to grow a business is to expand into new areas. How to guides.

Brand Exposure

N2Growth Blog

Have you figured out how to apply the laws of scarcity to brand management? Whether you’re assessing the strength of a personal or corporate brand, finding the appropriate level of brand exposure is key to sustainable growth in brand equity. As I stated above, having an underexposed brand, or what I like to refer to as having a brand in stealth mode, means that you really don’t have much of a brand.

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How to Craft an Agile Marketing Campaign

Harvard Business Review

Meticulously designed marketing campaigns are a relic. As research on disruption and market transitions suggests, you’re better off these days if you can quickly identify and adapt to changes in your environment. The same rule applies to scope.

The Power of an Enemy

In the CEO Afterlife

Maurois was alluding to the notion that those engaged in war, hate the enemy. For most of my career, I operated within intensely competitive arenas where fractions of market share points were worth millions of dollars. Nimbleness will get your ideas to the future first.

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Self As Coach, Self As Leader

Lead Change Blog

How can you become a more effective leader? As a coach or leader, it is integral to understand your internal landscape in order to strengthen and extend your capacities. In order to do great work as coaches, we need to be in tune with our internal landscape at all times.

Desert Island Challenge

Survive Your Promotion

The good news is that the island is big enough to have a source of fresh water, and plenty of raw materials for building everything you and your new friends need to survive. You all know the basics of what you need to do to survive – you need: Water.

The Anguish of Complexity: A Reflection

In the CEO Afterlife

Some remain etched in our minds no matter how many decades come and go. Thirty-five years ago at a ceremony in Vancouver, BC, I accepted AMA’s Marketer-of-the-Year Award on behalf of Nabob Foods. Tough Sacrifice is the Secret to Success. Times. Places.

The 9 (or 99?) Ps of Leadership

Great Leadership By Dan

A little Internet research will turn up “the 7 Ps of Marketing,” “the 7 Cs of Success,” “the 4 Ls of Retirement Planning,” and so on. To anyone who thinks these lists are a bit corny, consider that Jack Welch swore by his 3 Es: energy, energize, and edge.

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First Look: Leadership Books for March 2020

Leading Blog

Here's a look at some of the best leadership books to be released in March 2020. The Catalyst : How to Change Anyone's Mind by Jonah Berger. Everyone has something they want to change. Start-ups want to change industries and nonprofits want to change the world.

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How to Launch a Product Like a Rock Star

Strategy Driven

A market that wants a great product (Product-Market Fit). A great distribution plan to sell it. A well formulated Go-To-Market Strategy. In a perfect launch, all of these components are vital to a successful launch. These are exceptions, to be sure.

They’re Taking You For A Ride.

Rich Gee Group

Today I’m going to rant. ” A large part of the digital marketing universe is leading on growing businesses with crazy incremental upsells that make me want to scream when I look at them. Here are the three things you need to know how to run a successful business: 1.

Disrupt Yourself: Play To Your Distinctive Strengths

Lead Change Blog

Personal Disruption (n.): The act of using a practice employed by companies — wherein a product deemed inferior by the market leader (Amazon v. Yellow Cab) eventually upends the industry — and applying it to yourself and your career.

3 Ways to Break Out of a Zero-Sum Game of Growth with Your Competitors

Leading Blog

How true disruptors use innovation, including digital, to grow the market and create new business models. Or else, you took on the hard work of growing the entire market. We can learn about how the program created an entirely new segment of preschool “edutainment.”

Don’t Talk Yourself Out of Trying a Second Career

Harvard Business Review

But some of these doors aren’t really locked; the challenge for us is to recognize which ones still have a key within reach. As our lives and marketplaces change all too rapidly, past career decisions can become obsolete or even dangerous to our wellbeing.

3 Important Lessons Leaders Can Learn From Success

Tanveer Naseer

If there’s one attribute organizations and leaders everywhere share in common, it’s the pursuit to achieve success in their collective efforts. Granted, there is quite a large variance in terms of how each organization chooses to define what success would look like for them.

Strategies to Attract Superpower Marketing Talent

Harvard Business Review

The challenge of attracting and retaining talent is particularly acute for marketers. In this new world, the best marketers exhibit five superpowers – each of which requires new types of talent. How can you attract and retain the talent that can give you these superpowers?

Credit comes later

Lead on Purpose

Innovative engineers are recognized for their inventions. Product managers have to be looking months or years into the future. By the time the fruits of their labor are apparent to others in the company (e.g. Product managers should not take offense to this reality.

The Stage Where Most Innovation Projects Fail

Harvard Business Review

When a CEO announces a major initiative to foster innovation, mark your calendar. In most cases we’ve studied at Innovation Leader, an online resource for people responsible for innovation and R&D, there’s a surplus of good ideas for new products, services and business models. Often, there is early data that shows customers are willing to buy. The problems arise when projects need to be transferred to the business units for a large-scale launch.

The Marketing of a President

Harvard Business Review

After Tuesday night's bar fight of a presidential debate , I have a few questions for the major American political parties: How referable are your candidates for president? How inspiring are their ideas? How much do they move their followers? Barack Obama Marketing Politics

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10 Principles For Developing Strategic Leaders

Tanveer Naseer

Most companies have leaders with the strong operational skills needed to maintain the status quo. But they are facing a critical deficit: They lack people with the know-how, experience, and confidence required to tackle “wicked problems.” The first step is to find them.

Taking a Step Back Doesn’t Always Move You Forward

In the CEO Afterlife

Maybe there’s a problem that needs immediate attention, or perhaps the group is contemplating the best way to pursue a new opportunity. The conversation and the progress comes to a halt. It was so easy to marvel at the intellect of those suggesting the “big picture” perspective.