Why We Must Find Our Distinctive Strengths

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When I participate in a webinar, I am especially excited when the host provides opportunities for me to truly interact with him or her and with the other participants. It is a different path, one whose outcome still remains to be seen.

What to Do If Your Career Is Stalled and You Don’t Know Why

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Having delivered seven years of breakthrough performance and nearing retirement, she was eager to select and prepare her successor. Tom often hogs the spotlight in meetings unaware of how that alienates his peers. And…well…I don’t know how to put this, but he has noticeable body odor that’s a real turnoff.” Often these pandas live on for years, seemingly innocent, but ultimately gnaw at the career trajectory of otherwise talented leaders.

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How to Prepare for a Crisis You Couldn’t Possibly Predict

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On the morning of May 18, 2012, at precisely 11:05, Nasdaq planned to execute the first trade in in Facebook’s hotly anticipated initial public offering. The opening trade was an auction of sorts—buyers and sellers entered orders, and Nasdaq calculated a price that would cause as many shares as possible to change hands. Despite the check’s warning that something was amiss, managers decided to push forward anyway. Learn to stop. How do they do it?

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Making Setbacks Work For You

Tim Milburn

How can you tap into the power of a setback — and make it work for you? In Ambition: How We Manage Success and Failure Throughout Our Lives , Gilbert Brim observes that “sometimes we don’t know we are losing until the very end.” Setbacks can happen to anyone.

A History of the Job Listing and How It Just Died [Infographic]

Kevin Eikenberry

The largest generation of people in the workforce today (millennials) has come to value different things; you can’t convey how thoughtful a team is, how inspiring a workplace is, or what a company actually stands for in a job listing alone.

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Become Your Own Best Gatekeeper

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I spend my life trying to get past gatekeepers. As a consultant, I've been trained to sniff out underlings who can only say no (and aren't authorized to say yes), and strategically work to evade them. A message that random is easy to ignore.

Why Executives Should Talk About Racial Bias at Work

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As the CFO of a well-funded IPO-bound company, Dan had many years of experience and he had the results to show that he had outworked and out-delivered many of his internal and external counterparts. ” He never saw white students do this to other white students.

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The Five-Step Failure Checklist

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For HBR's April issue on failure, I penned a piece on the experience of going through a failed IPO. You may have chosen to frame it some other way ("experience," "lessons learned," etc.), First, welcome to the club. Second, for a book we're writing on the DNA of entrepreneurship, my co-authors Richard Harrington, Tsun-yan Hsieh, and I have developed a checklist on how to reflect on failure. Failure has much to do with internal expectations.

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Hire a Great Chinese Engineer by Impressing His Girlfriend's Mom

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After all, China produces 600,000 engineering graduates each year, and as a former Google product manager I thought knew how to attract them. Joining a startup company early is an exciting opportunity and potential path to glory for them.

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The Best Companies Invest Aggressively in These 3 Areas

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When it comes to investments, here’s a general truth: the larger a company gets, the smaller it thinks. If you want your business to grow sustainably at scale, you need to figure out how to make big investments that will best differentiate you in your core.

What to Do When Your Boss Says No

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The company started as a single store, but about a decade later it was a national chain on the heels of filing an IPO. ” He told me he regularly said no — to more staff, to bigger marketing budgets, to additional equipment. Most of us don’t like to be told no. It’s a sign that our projects aren’t valued and our careers are stalling out. Without extra headcount, we’ll need to limit the scope of a project.

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Here's What the Internet Is Up To

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Consider slide 5, which highlights just how much advertising opportunity there is on mobile devices ( if only we could figure out how to do that ). But Bloomberg Businessweek''s Sheelah Kolhatkar delves into the male view of the issue by profiling a group of high-level men who meet as part of a program called "Deloitte Dads," who are trying to navigate work and family (often while their wives are doing the exact same thing). BONUS BITS: How Things Work (or Don''t).

Grieving for a Colleague: Deep, Silent, and Solitary

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I walked fast to my cube that morning, excited to see news of our latest deal, and get on to the next. No one was crying, but they wanted to. The news had just hit that Danny Lewin — the co-founder of Akamai Technologies, its charismatic CTO, a former commando in the Israeli Special Forces, and MIT mathematics genius who led the company from a math class to an IPO and a market cap of $30 billion — had suddenly died. You have to get on with it.

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Case Study: How Hard Should You Push Diversity?

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It had appeared in a special online supplement of Businessweek on the subject of diversity, and it concerned the company's efforts to increase female and minority representation in management. But of course, when it comes to the executive committee, we both know he's right.".

Business Should Focus on Sociality, Not Social "Media"

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Just 20 percent of brands are seen to have a notable positive impact on people's lives. You know and I know that today's megging wearers are tomorrow's fashion victims; that mantyhose are a weapon of mass grodiness that needs a non-proliferation treaty ASAP; and further, that slapping on either is a crime against humanity that deserves to be prosecuted at the Hague with no parole for good behavior. Which is akin to the state of play of "social media".