How To Stay Marketable And Keep Your Job

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With the current crisis we are in, so much seems to be rapidly changing, with new information daily causing anxiety. When so much seems to be out of your control, what can you do to stay marketable and maintain your job? Now more than ever, there is a strong need to remain relevant and innovative within your career. Now, she turns her sights to the current pandemic and the fear of job loss that so many are facing right now.

Uncover Your Professional Value Proposition to Improve Your Job and Career Success

Management Excellence

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How to Propel Your Career in 10 Minutes

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post by Dr. Dawn Graham : Spring cleaning, New Year’s resolutions, summer vacations, back to school—these days, everything has a season. But what about career management? There’s a well-publicized notion that professionals spend more time planning a vacation than planning for their careers. That’s an unfortunate truth for many of us, even though a successful career is much more important to our happiness—a research-backed fact.

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New Year, New Career: Learn How to Find New Career Opportunities in 2020

HR Digest

January is a popular time for people to quit their jobs and explore new career opportunities. Our experts share insights on how to find a career that makes you happy. If you’re already dreading trudging back to a job that leaves you feeling unmotivated, rather than raring to go, then it could be time to move on to greener pastures. Getting a job when everybody else wants to take the leap seems difficult, but it’s possible.

How To Regain Your Groove in the Job Market

Women on Business

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How to Easily Spot Leadership Qualities in Others

Lead from Within

Something I’m often asked is how you can spot someone with leadership potential. These leadership traits are all fairly easy to spot, even from a distance. And they do it quietly and unobtrusively, in a manner that doesn’t suggest that they’re marketing themselves.

Uncover Your Professional Value Proposition to Improve Your Job and Career Success

Art Petty

Whether you’re looking for a job, asking for a promotion, or focused on reinventing your career, you need to be able to articulate and showcase your Professional Value Proposition (PVP). Here are ideas to help: The post Uncover Your Professional Value Proposition to Improve Your Job and Career Success appeared first on Management Excellence by Art Petty.

How To Create Your Future

Eric Jacobson

Flip the book over, and you have Gutsche’s updated and expanded, bestselling, Exploiting Chaos , book now called, The Innovation Handbook , featuring memorable real-world case studies and plenty of thought-provoking questions to inspire next steps for innovation.

Stop Managing Your Career

In the CEO Afterlife

Inherent in the definition of career is the opportunity to progress. More than ever, people are seeking mentors, “branding” themselves and carefully managing their careers in order to dash up that quintessential corporate ladder. So what is wrong with managing your career? My beef is not the end point; it is the means to that end. Honorable career management must be anchored in the right values. Those who did it well rose to senior positions.

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Four Meaningful Careers and How to Start Them

Strategy Driven

Considering your future in the world of work, it’s not uncommon to find yourself utterly bewildered by the sheer quantity and diversity of roles available in the job market. To ensure that you’re working towards a career that’s meaningful and wholesome, it’s best to choose wisely from an early stage in your working life in order for you to always get the most out of your working life, enjoying every day you spend in the job.

How to Attract Graduates to Your Company

Lead Change Blog

Unfortunately, the younger demographic has a highly defined set of generational workplace preferences that may make it hard for some companies to tap into their labor. If yours is one of them, here are four things you can do to start drawing in more of that promising new talent now. It may be hard to predict exactly what jobs will be in demand in the future, but it’s a safe bet that they will involve high levels of technology.

How to Turn Traveling the World into a Career

Strategy Driven

It’s a story everyone has heard and maybe even experienced a hundred times before – the hard worker desperate to escape their monotonous corporate life to pursue adventure in far off lands. Each of us has at least a seed of wanderlust waiting to grow and tempt us away from routine and stability. How do you expect to support yourself and perhaps your family while you give in to your dreams of chasing the horizon?

How To Build Your Online Presence – Women Love To Connect!

Women on Business

As a female entrepreneur, you can network and market yourself online, women love to connect! You can connect with other entrepreneurs, set up individual meetings on Skype, do conference calls online, and you can create opportunities for your audience to meet you in person if you wish. How exactly do you do this, using the tools that the internet provides? Once you have a following, or are attracting clients, continue to connect with them.

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Using Gratitude To Elevate Your Marketing – Podcast #46

Rich Gee Group

Learn how to build gratitude into your business every day. Rich & BJ show you how to be authentic, keep it short (but powerful) and teach your team to do it too! Make it easy to do, quick, and effective. Think ahead about your events that you are having and how can you express your thanks and appreciation. Tip #4 – Teach your team to do it too. Show them how gratitude makes the customers feel and how it makes them feel.

How To Reignite Our Inspiration At Work

Tanveer Naseer

Let’s face it, all of us want to be inspired at work. In addition to writing a weekly column for Inc. Over the course of the episode, Scott and I discuss a number of ideas and insights from various studies that demonstrate how we can be inspired at work and thrive, including: The one question we should be asking ourselves to truly be inspired at work. How to reframe your fear of failure so that it no longer prevents you from embracing change.

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One Common Interviewing Mistake That Will Cost You the Job

Let's Grow Leaders

You KNOW how passionate I am about training– it’s my life! Wanting to appear flexible and interested in learning the business he said, “sure.” ” A similar problem plagued Joe, a Director level succession planning candidate who came to me for coaching. He had applied for several VP jobs: VP of Care, VP of Sales, VP of Marketing and always made the last round, but never got the job. 4 Ways to Let Your Passion For the Position Shine Through.

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How to Bounce Back from Adversity

Nathan Magnuson

How can we climb our way our of it? That’s why it’s takes so much courage to make tough decisions when the outcomes aren’t clear. When I learned that Dale Carnegie had written a bestselling book called How to Quit Worrying and Start Living , I was a bit incredulous. It takes intelligence, creativity and a winning spirit to profit from your losses. There are countless personal and business stories where the mistake led to the breakthrough.

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4 Ways to Leverage Social Media to Enhance Your Career

Let's Grow Leaders

Obviously you need to be smart about how you use social media. A good example of using LinkedIn to develop online leadership is the profile of Keith Springer , president and founder of Springer Financial Advisors. Springer publishes tips on stocks, what is currently going on in the market and his personal reasons for the ways he invests. This not only keeps his co-workers up to date, but also offers advice for others in his niche.

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How to Start Up Your Own Business

Strategy Driven

You have decided to start up your own business, and your heart beats faster and a trickle of sweat creases your forehead. Maybe you should put the brakes on for a minute, though, and begin to think of things like business growth strategies for your masterplan.

How to Attract the Best Talent by Using SEO

Lead Change Blog

However, you might have assumed that it isn’t relevant to you as a recruiter. But the truth is that SEO is critical for the success of any modern business—and that includes recruiting and HR marketing firms. The primary purpose of SEO is to increase your website visibility in search engines such as Google. So, do you want to know how to attract the best talent to your business using SEO? Read on to find out.

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How to Do PR for Your Personal Brand

Women on Business

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Developing Leadership Skills Early in your Career

Lead on Purpose

One thing that many young professionals don’t understand about the job market is that leadership plays a huge role in getting hired. If you’re worried about finding the right job early in your career, focus on leadership. Here’s how: 1. They tend to do the same after college. When I see a laundry list of student or professional organizations on an applicant’s resume, this demonstrates to me that you aren’t very committed.

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How To Charge More For Your Services.

Rich Gee Group

In my last post, You’re Not Charging Enough For Your Services , I gave a great, real example how other companies have the chutzpah to charge 50 times the price for a service because they can (and do it). They were charging almost $400K to build a website that could easily be built for $8-10K. who requested a number of techniques to help them raise their pricing. Increase your fees for every new client — I recommend this strategy frequently to my clients.

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How to Be an Engaging Leader in a World of Robotics, AI, and Digitization

Leading Blog

It’s leading us to increased depersonalization and disengagement with our employees. How do I keep the digital demands of today from overwhelming my business? I want to keep my best people engaged, remain competitive, and stay on the growth path! We are challenged to attract, engage, and retain top-tier millennial talent – the fastest growing segment in our workforce. How can we be an engaging leader in a world of robotics, AI, and digitization?

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How to Retain your Star Employees

Great Leadership By Dan

In today’s low unemployment, employee-driven job market, employee retention is more important than ever! It’s hard to find great employees – heck, it’s hard to find warm bodies - so is makes sense to do everything you can to hang on to the ones you have. The obvious costs are hiring and training costs, but there is also lost opportunity, morale, reputation, customer relationships, and other intangibles that are harder to measure.

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How to Hire the Right Leadership Team for Your Startup

Lead Change Blog

Are you planning to start up a business with limited resources but wanting to hire the best people? Are you currently budgeting the overall cost of setting up your dream business but not wanting to compromise to hire the right team? Here are tips on how to hire a team with leadership in your startup. A number of startups fail to progress successfully. The culprit is usually due to the lack of research in hiring leadership positions.

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How To Start Next Now

Joseph Lalonde

In just 24 years, he’s landed on’s Top-25 CEOs list, won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, and led the company to a Top-10 Best Employer on The life and career advice he doles out in Start Next Now is the sage wisdom he shares with employees, interns, and his own college-age children. Here’s what he has to say on how to Start Next Now. How To Start Next Now. We fear we have too much to lose.

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How To Network Like A Pro.

Rich Gee Group

Last night, I was invited to attend a gala event at the prominent investment firm in NYC. There were 500-600 people there to meet, greet, and listen to great speakers talk about the market. . Here are some key techniques that I used to make the night a fruitful and productive one: 1. Don’t Go To Ask For Leads, Go There To Help People Get Leads. You have to change your perspective 180° and go to HELP people and not ask for help.

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45 Career Advice Experts Offer Career Success Secrets

Miles Anthony Smith

45 Career Advice Experts Share Their Blueprint for Career Success (Plus Leaderboard)​ Does your career seem to be a struggle at times? Why is the world appear to be so topsy-turvy? It’s why I wrote my book Why Career Advice Sucks™ … to share the stories of my own career success and failures and help you grow your career more quickly. ​ Click "READ MORE" to learn from the career advice of the experts.

How To Lose Your Fear.

Rich Gee Group

home about rich our team news our fans services executive coach business coach speaking inspire media knowledge books affiliates contact Rich Gee Group 203.500.2421 How To Lose Your Fear. Once in awhile, I bump into something that is so simple, yet effective, I just need to talk about it. Players challenge themselves to make an offer or request of another person every day for thirty days straight. It can give you the skills to make yourself rich.

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How to write an Internship Certificate Sample

HR Digest

Internship certificates are issued to interns who complete training at a company or an institution. There are various internship certificates for different roles; some are issued for online courses where students don’t need to pay any amount. Internship period (from and to).

How to Start Planning for Your Succession

Lead from Within

Business leaders always ask me, when is a good time to start planning their succession, and I usually answer the day you become the leader. And many of them are shocked, but the truth is, succession planning takes time and development; and if you want to grow leaders you have to groom and grow them, it doesn’t happen overnight. So if you are wondering how to start planning for your succession, this is how. Seek new talent to fill the void.

Industries That Provide Stable Careers

Strategy Driven

It’s important to find a job that feels like the right fit. Any job is going to be challenging and exhausting, at times, but that doesn’t mean you should go for a role that you hate. The key is to focus on your preferences as well as your academic ability or experience. But you probably want to pursue a career path in an industry that can provide a stable long-term job. It’s a career that can earn you a substantial income. Marketing. Marketing.

Marketing Yourself Through Social Media

Women on Business

Social Media is becoming a mandatory part of every day life and an essential part of career success in this day and age. Brands that had been having trouble or are just looking for an additional push in sales are seeing resounding success due to their digital media campaigns like Old Spice, Google, Chrome, and Starbucks. First you will need to decide what your personal brand is and what you hope to achieve out of your digital media campaign.

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Where Are All The Great Careers? Hiding Right Here.

Rich Gee Group

We all know the common and famous careers out there. Did you know there are many great career paths that are ‘hidden’ from the normal news mainstream? Careers we probably know exist if we really thought about it, but we tend to forget them when we look at the entire career picture. The average salary for a welding engineer is $48K to $101K. All the military benefits and living by the ocean or water your entire career with very few exceptions.

Career 177

Be Different! The Key to Business and Career Success

Skip Prichard

Individuals and businesses want to stand out , to be different, to attract others by being better in some unique ways. The Key to Business and Career Success. There is one universal principle that determines the degree of success of all businesses: Be the preferred provider to your markets. A preferred provider has a significant competitive advantage over all other providers, because it is the “go-to” provider in the marketplace. Be You.

5 Ways Success is Holding You Back

Let's Grow Leaders

This weekend, I had the extraordinary opportunity to speak and attend the National Speakers Association’s Business Accelerator Lab. It was inspiring to get to know Nido Quebein, President of High Point University, along with his concept of Productive Failures and Unproductive Success. “Success doesn’t come to you; you must go to it. If you want to walk it, you can.” You Don’t Take the Time to Understand It.

How to Remain Relevant [in Today's Job Market] When You’re Over 40

First Friday Book Synopsis

To check out an abundance of valuable resources and obtain a free subscription to one or more of the BNET newsletters, please click here. * * * Your earning potential pretty much tops out at age 40. Here is an article written by Penelope Trunk for BNET, The CBS Interactive Business Network.

How To Succeed As A Young Professional

Eric Jacobson

Good books I like to share. Really good books I like to share with lots of people. Written by a humble, wise, insightful millennial, Magnuson provides a timely resource to help young professionals excel in the workplace and beyond. is a must-read for young professionals early in their career, for recent college graduates, and for workplace leaders respectfully guiding and coaching the young professionals within their organizations.

How To Eliminate Guilt About Not Doing Everything.

Rich Gee Group

We’re attracted to them. Like moths to a flame. We want to get our Shiny Object and place it into our ‘Shiny Object Repository’ The Shiny Object can take many forms: A new position. The ones who allow us to procrastinate. It’s hard to discern Good Shiny Objects from Bad Shiny Objects. The best way to do it is to have a plan, a direction, and a close deadline. How do you acknowledge them? We all like Shiny Objects.

How to Prepare for Trade Shows and Conventions

Strategy Driven

These mass gatherings are an opportunity for businesses to promote their extensive list of products, usually with a focus on the latest releases. They also provide a chance for industry professionals to mingle and lay the groundwork for potential future collaborations with other companies as well as personal career progression. You won’t be able to manage a busy schedule that could include meetings and presentations as well as hosting your exhibit booth on your own.

How To Charge More For Your Services — Part Two.

Rich Gee Group

In my last post, You’re Not Charging Enough For Your Services , I gave an actual example how other companies have the chutzpah to charge 50 times the price for a service because they can (and do it). They were charging almost $400K to build a website that could easily be built for $8-10K. who requested a number of techniques to help them raise their pricing. Increase your fees for every new client — I recommend this strategy frequently to my clients.

How To Say No.

Rich Gee Group

home about rich our team news our fans services executive coach business coach speaking inspire media knowledge books affiliates contact Rich Gee Group 203.500.2421 How To Say No. It’s one of the hardest things to do in business. If you’re an executive, you never say no to your boss and you’re afraid to say no to your peers. “Susan, I have to say, this is an incredible idea. Are you up to running it?

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