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Servant Leadership Observer ? November 2010

Modern Servant Leader

Perhaps you can return back to the sites homepage and see if you can find what you are looking for. If You Seek Prestige, Please Don’t Try To Lead… Servant Leadership Profile: Lionel Logue. How to Handle a Seagull Manager. Who Is Accountable for Your Career?

How Social Entrepreneurs Can Have the Most Impact

Harvard Business Review

Looking at a recent release of data from The Great Social Enterprise Census , only a fifth are larger than $2 million in budget, just 8% employ more than a 100 people, and 60% were founded in the past 8 years, when the movement really began to gain momentum. You can find the answer to the timing question nestled among the facts that David Bornstein lays out in the preface to his book, How to Change the World. Social enterprise in the U.S.

Entrepreneurs: You're More Important Than Your Business Plan

Harvard Business Review

And we are often happy to review these start-up plans — which include the typical elements such as a product description, competitive analysis, estimate of market size, and projected financials. Can this person attract money, people, and other resources to their cause?