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Josh Seiden is a designer who has spent most of his career working on the design of complex software applications and integrating design into the product development process. How to scale ideas.

Five Things You Should Stop Doing in 2012

Harvard Business Review

Earlier this summer, I was still fretting about how to pull off two weeks unplugged.) The distance, though, helped me hone in on what's actually important to my professional career — and which make-work activities merely provide the illusion of progress. Inspired by HBR blogger Peter Bregman's idea of creating a "to ignore" list , here are the activities I'm going to stop cold turkey in 2012 — and perhaps you should, too.

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Build Your Reputation the Rachael Ray Way

Harvard Business Review

It's often hard to deduce how someone becomes known as a leader in their field. One minute, you've never heard of Eric Ries , and the next he's on the cover of Inc. But occasionally, there is a glimpse into the process of how someone can emerge, quickly and powerfully, into the public consciousness. In fact, it would probably be harmful for you to be under the searing klieg lights too early in your professional trajectory.

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