10 Things I Learned from a Training Program That I Still Use Today

Great Leadership By Dan

Having spent most of my career in corporate training, I’ve attended more training programs than the average bear. However, there were a few that taught me things that I’ve used throughout my career and still use today. How to design and facilitate meetings. How to listen.

5 Concepts That Will Help Your Team Be More Data-Driven

Harvard Business Review

I’ve spent my career helping companies address their data and data quality opportunities. In turn, this lack of talent makes it harder for companies to leverage their data, to take full advantage of their data scientists, and to get in front of data quality issues.

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To Handle Increased Stress, Build Your Resilience

Harvard Business Review

According to the International Labour Organization, workers in developed and developing countries are facing increasing strain at work. For many of us, the initial response to stress is to look for external fixes. We turn to productivity tools or apps that promise to help us manage mounting pressures or we look for ways to alleviate our discomfort: find a different job, hire a new employee to take on an increased workload, or switch careers.

6 Ways to Screen Job Candidates for Strategic Thinking

Harvard Business Review

In a 2013 Management Research Group survey , when executives were asked to select the leadership behaviors that were most critical to their organization’s future success, 97% of the time they chose being strategic. This is because people who are able to think strategically add value in four ways. First, by being forward-looking, they help ensure that an organization is fully prepared for a difficult-to-predict future. Give Them a Real Problem to Solve.