When You Have to Carry Out a Decision You Disagree With

Harvard Business

You might even be tempted to communicate to your peers and supervisees that you’re not convinced this is the right way to go. This is what I did early in my academic career when I received peer review comments on a paper I’d submitted for publication. Without fail, there would be at least one reviewer who hated the paper. When this first started happening, I hated those reviewers and assumed they hadn’t read my paper carefully.

Is Employee Engagement Just a Reflection of Personality?

Harvard Business

In this impressive study which synthesized data from 114 independent surveys of employees, comprising almost 45,000 participants from a wide range of countries — and mostly published academic studies, which met the standards for publication in peer-reviewed journals — the researchers set out to estimate the degree to which people differed in engagement because of their character traits. pbombaert/Getty Images.

Make Your Knowledge Workers More Productive

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Marissa Mayer, Yahoo''s CEO, ended the company''s work-from-home policy to foster a more collaborative, innovative environment. The analyst would then review each law and group them by similar characteristic. At a more micro-level, we saw a team at pharmaceutical company Roche recently experiment with a much simpler expense-claim processing system based around peer review rather than oversight, and again it was a useful way of getting rid of tedious and non-value-added activities.