Would a Balanced Feminine-Masculine Leadership Style Produce Superior Results?

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Guest post from Muna Jawhary: One of the main reasons why women don’t thrive in business as much as men is because work organisations still rely on masculine standards, including in leadership. The leadership style that goes with this rigid way of organising work is command and control. So could a more balanced feminine-masculine leadership style enhance women’s chances of success? But how does a balanced feminine-masculine leadership style look like?

What Does Your Email Reveal About Your Leadership Style?

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“I don’t know that there’s necessarily a correlation between leadership style and their email writing. This conversation happened early in my career, and frankly, I feared that I might disappoint him in not being able to draw conclusions. My mission: To describe their leadership style and general attitudes about their work as reflected in their emails. 4 Ways Your Leadership Style Is on Display in Your Email.

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The Right Foundation for Your Career Advancement Strategy

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However, Bob’s career advancement strategy had not panned out as he had hoped. This was due, at least in part, to the underperformance of members of his leadership team. Lacking the foundational development of one’s character, career progress may be halting, hollow (e.g.,

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6 Tips for New Managers

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How management chooses to treat its people impacts everything—for better or for worse.”. Client Julie says: I’ve just accepted a job as manager of my department. I want to successfully navigate this new leadership role. Coach Joel answers: Becoming a manager probably marks a dramatic shift from your previous role. New managers might be tempted to dive into the daily grind before fully educating themselves on organizational vision, mission, and strategy.

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The 4 Leadership Styles, and How to Identify Yours

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Which means that all of us, no matter where we are in our career, have to wrestle with the big questions of leadership: What is our personal definition of success? But I’ve been able to identify four styles that capture their different approaches to the whys and hows of leadership, and I’ve come up with a set of 16 questions to help you figure out which style suits you best. What are those four styles of leadership?

Talent Identification and Management

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“Talent management deserves as much focus as financial capital management in corporations.” ~ Jack Welch One of the best ways to strengthen your company as a whole is to devote attention to developing your employee talent. Talent identification and management begin with The Four P’s. Practice engaging leadership Truly great leaders possess characteristics that encourage and inspire their staff.

Be Different! The Key to Business and Career Success

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The Key to Business and Career Success. It takes effective leadership with the right tone at the top and leaders who will nurture the right culture to build the organization needed to become the preferred provider to your markets. These leaders never micro-manage. In a blog published February 19, 2017 by former Uber engineer Susan Fowler, she outlined how her sexual harassment complaint to the Uber human resources department against her team manager was ignored.

More than One Way to Skin the Cat – Leadership Style Part III.

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You’re Not the Boss of Me Skip to content Home About Me About This Blog ← Leadership Style Part II – Command & Control A Leader? And therein lies the rub, as they say…first because we all have a pre-dominant leadership style which also becomes our default style when we are stressed or excited or both; and second because we don’t always know when to use what style.

Spot Opportunities to Coach

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Stay the course with this strategy to help your people excel and take your leadership to that next level. As you manage your team, incorporate coaching as one of your primary leadership styles. Develop Leadership Skills: A Mobile Reference Guide. Books Business Coaching Career Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Communication Leadership Memes Personal Coaching Self-Awareness Skills Tips Work life coaching leadership styles leadership tips

How to “Manage” A Blue Lobster

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Perhaps this was not the best initial career move. He never yelled at me again (though he did keep yelling at the rest of the team), and became one of three manager-mentors that shaped my career at Bell Labs and AT&T — and taught me to manage others and myself.

Leadership Style Part II – Command & Control | You're Not the Boss.

You're Not the Boss of Me

You’re Not the Boss of Me Skip to content Home About Me About This Blog ← Leadership Style – Part I More than One Way to Skin the Cat – Leadership Style Part III → February 6, 2009 · 5:00 am ↓ Jump to Comments Leadership Style Part II – Command & Control There are quite a few styles of leadership but the Command and Control style is the one we love to hate so I’m giving it some particular attention.

Your Style of Leadership

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Despite their best efforts, women still face obstacles pursuing a career and being a mother. . Unconscious to the many limitations placed on their choices, women still believe that they face a stark choice of either their careers or a happy home. The most prevalent style of leadership amongst men is an autocratic or directive one of command and control. We need to make sure that our career goals coincide with our personal goals.

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5 Ways to Manage Your Multigenerational Workforce

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Managing a multigenerational workforce can be quite the task for business leaders. Finding a balance between these generations in the workplace can be a daunting challenge for some managers. By being a dynamic leader, and leveraging the strengths of each of these generations, effective managers can turn what seems like an obstacle into a competitive advantage. Not every employee is responsive to the same type of leadership style. Human Resource Management

Leadership And Management Lessons From The Christmas Train

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A Christmas Reel Leadership Article “The Christmas Train” is a Hallmark Movies and Mysteries production based on David Baldacci’s book. The multiple themes are best summarized by a repeated line: “ There’s something about a train. ” Delightfully, when viewed from the perspective of leadership and management, there are some good insights. Too many leaders and managers elevate their role into a marquee starring role.

Top 16 Books for Human Resource and Talent Management Executives

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Every HR, OD professional, and management consultant should at the very least be aware of their existence, if not well-versed in their ideas and theories. It is hands-down the most popular leadership book of all time. He demonstrates that the ability to build trust is THE key leadership competency of the new global economy. First, Break All the Rules: What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently (1999). The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable (2002).

Guest Post: The Trouble with Leadership By The Numbers

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Today's guest post is from Scott Spreier, head of the Leadership and Talent practice (Federal Sector) at Hay Group, a global consultancy. Their finding, as reported by The New York Times, was that what employees valued most in their managers was not technical expertise but “even-keeled bosses who made time for one-on-one meetings, who helped people puzzle through problems by asking questions, not dictating answers, and who took an interest in employees’ lives and careers.”

Successful Leadership ~ The Story of a Man

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In his business career, the man did not rise to the top of the executive ladder. His bosses praised his leadership in community activities; his ability to galvanize his local workforce; and his good humour and cheerful disposition. His colleagues spoke about lifelong friendship; told stories of the fun they had together and how they all managed to work hard in spite of their youthful exuberance. Like: Successful Leadership is not formulaic.

Don’t Let Your Inner Fears Limit Your Career

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The majority of management literature is focused on helping leaders conquer their fears. We’ll explain the process and how one leader used it to turn around her career. The experience of Suzanne (not her real name, but indeed a real person), a highly successful strategy consultant we met 10 years into her career, illustrates both the costs of unacknowledged fear, and the benefits of reconciling it. Ten years on, her career has taken off.

3 Critical Skills of Effective Leaders.

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And the cruel joke is that most leaders had the chops to make their way up the ladder and succeed — now the skills that got them there (getting things done) have no place in leadership. This is where most C- and VP level executives fail – you need to lead with greater impact by applying emotional intelligence to manage your team. For optimal delegation, seek out Michael Abrashoff’s: It’s Your Ship: Management Techniques from the Best Damn Ship in the Navy.

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4 Ways to Promote Productivity

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defined leadership as “the process of influencing people to direct their efforts towards the achievement of group goals.” Below are some of the aspects that demonstrate how good leadership can promote productivity in the organization: Goals. The employees look up to the leadership of the organization to set goals for them and stir them towards achieving them. Moreover, the kind of leadership also affects the interpretation of the message you are sending.

Top Down Leadership Does Work, If You’re Stuck in the Industrial Age

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Power and control, positional authority — we’re all familiar with autocratic leadership styles as these approaches have been around for centuries. And top-down, hierarchical leadership styles can still be effective for managing an organization, especially those that mass-produce specific products. When the expectations of top-down leadership become unrealistic, the workplace turns into a pressure cooker, and employees no longer feel safe to speak up.

Gray Versus Green: Who Makes the Better Start-Up CEO?

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While there are arguments to both sides of the early career versus experienced CEOs, when considering the less fully developed prefrontal cortexes of younger CEOs, we assert the following trait comparison. We recommend thinking carefully about leadership assessment.

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Women's Leadership Can Shatter Stereotypes

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How can they manage gender expectations and still successfully climb the corporate ladder? The characteristics of traditional leadership is male, not female, stereotypes. Women must demonstrate leadership in a way that bridges the expectations we have of them as women and the expectations we have of leaders. Generally, women build that bridge by demonstrating a democratic and interpersonally oriented leadership style. .

Leaders don’t create more followers. They create more leaders.

Brigette Hyacinth

Instead of pulling others up, many managers choose to push people down. The corporate world is littered with managers but lack leaders. Over the course of may career, I only had one manager who was a leader. He made such an impact and influenced my leadership style.

It is not your title that makes you a leader. It is your impact and influence.

Brigette Hyacinth

The corporate world is littered with “mere” managers but lacks leaders. Over the course of my career, I only had one manager who was a leader ( Joseph). He made such an impact and influenced my leadership style. If leadership is not authentic, then what is it?

Graceful Leadership 101 (Free PDF)


Others become managers after getting a management degree from a b-school that never taught them the fundamentals of dealing with people. Leadership is a privilege , a huge responsibility and a glorious opportunity to add value – to business, to team members and customers. In my view, many competent and well-intentioned managers today can elevate their team performance only if they become a little more graceful. Use this as a part of “new manager induction”.

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Korn Ferry (NYSE:KFY), a single source of leadership and talent consulting services, is highlighting research that finds while women rate higher in overall competencies for senior leadership positions, they lack key career experiences that tend to give men an edge up on promotions at the most senior levels of organizations. . Evelyn Orr, senior director of the Korn Ferry Institute and editor of Korn Ferry’s research on women in leadership.

Mastering your Inner Game of Leadership

Great Leadership By Dan

They provide a unique window on the impact overly controlling, self-centered leadership styles can have on others: “Regarding the letter you sent, the heart of your servant is ill, when my lord said: Don’t you know how to read a letter? Great leadership is timeless.

Open Source Leadership

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The way in which people work, interact, and transact has drastically changed, but we're still following the same dated leadership model from the industrial age an unrecognizable time when knowledge was scarce, talent seemingly limited and privacy still possible. In this era, the way to lead is with an open-source leadership style, argues Rajeev Peshawaria, author of OPEN SOURCE LEADERSHIP. At a time when democratic and all-inclusive leadership is all the rage. "In

You Are What You Say You Are….

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Leadership is an elusive quality and few people ever really get it, but as the figurehead of a company you are supposed to know what it means to be a leader and a motivator even if it wasn’t taught to you. In my industry I see a lot of individuals who were really good at their chosen profession and that skill got them thrust into the management arena. Leadership is an elusive quality but interestingly enough the people who want it usually aren’t leaders.

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Everything You Need to Know About Great Leadership

Lead from Within

Effective leadership can be thought of as a set of qualities and skills. But there are certain traits that lie at the core of leadership–the qualities that all great leaders share. Developing the elements that make up leadership is a lifelong process. Start with these fundamentals and, as you grow into your personal leadership style, add others that fit. Here are 16 traits and skills that are central to great leadership: 1. Clarity of purpose.

What Your Boss Really Wants From You

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The resulting insights will help you explain his work style, behaviors and motives. He’s not going to change or adapt to your style; you need to adjust to his. The first part, “Study Your Boss,” features ten questions that will help readers figure out their boss’s leadership style, goals, work relationships, and other factors that drive his or her behavior. careers coaching managing up Steve Arneson

Former Fortune 500 CEO Tells his Story

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It is a story about a controversial leadership style of insisting that employees be treated as assets rather than costs, which contradicts today's conventional corporate mindset. Of course, there's a risk in taking care of your people, but being creative and taking risks is what inspired management is all about!". Books Business Coaching Career Don Hastings Executive Officer human beings mass exodus readingDonald F.

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Why Do We Spend So Much Developing Senior Leaders and So Little Training New Managers?

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During the last five years of my corporate management career, I had a great deal of leadership development. Along with many other executives, I attended talks by noted management authors, I went to (often lengthy) team-building exercises, and I participated in discussions on different leadership styles. It was OK — extremely insightful at times, moderately interesting at others, but it often kept me away from the demands of everyday management.

The Time-Consuming Activities That Stall Women’s Careers

Harvard Business Review

I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that women’s household responsibilities are taking time away from their career development. ” Specifically, certain leadership attributes involving collaboration and emotional intelligence have been found to occur more often in women than men. We started her coaching engagement with a 360 survey, in which she got high marks for her collaborative and inclusive leadership style. Flex your leadership style.

Are You Leading… or Just Managing?

Lead on Purpose

A good worker gets promoted to manager, and maybe goes through a little management training. After a solid performance, that manager will be promoted to a leadership position, under the assumption that their management skills will make them good leaders. Too many organizations operate on the idea that great managers make great leaders, and vice versa. So are you a leader or a manager? Ultimately you are the “product leader” more than the manager.

10 Bad Mistakes You Can Make as A New Boss

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If you have plans of becoming a manager or taking on any leadership position, you can help yourself tremendously by being aware of the mistakes that hurt the reputations and relationships of new bosses. Here are the ten most common that I see in my work as a leadership coach. Leadership is about investing your time and energy in getting to know those you lead and giving them what they need most. Leadership is not about flexing your personal power but empowering others.

August 2017 Leadership Development Carnival

Lead Change Blog

Welcome to the August 2017 edition of the Leadership Development Carnival! Anne Perschel of Germane Coaching and Consulting provided Emotionally Intelligent Leadership – Unexpected ROI at Apex Corporation. Anne writes, “Apex Corporation began the journey to emotionally intelligent leadership fifteen years ago. Chris Edmonds of the Purposeful Culture Group contributed Culture Leadership Charge: WOW Your Customers.

Women in Power: Leadership Differences By Gender

Women on Business

As women progressively enter leadership roles and management positions in organizations that traditionally used to be held by men, many pose questions about leadership styles and gender. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that nearly one of four chief executives and one out of twenty top-management positions in Fortune 500 corporations, are women. This statistic draws a question: what is the difference between a man and woman’s leadership style?

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Most Doctors Have Little or No Management Training, and That’s a Problem

Harvard Business

aren’t taught management skills in medical school. And they receive little on-the-job training to develop skills such as how to allocate short- and long-term resources, how to provide developmental feedback, or how to effectively handle conflict – leadership skills needed to run a vibrant business. A popular way of bringing physicians up to speed is to elevate them into management roles and team them with business executives. Addressing Leadership Deficits.

Lessons for Leaders from Decisions that Changed History

Skip Prichard

Where is leadership when we need it? “Leadership is the ability of an individual to influence others to achieve a common goal.” –Jan-Benedict After studying, researching, and writing so much on leadership, what is your definition? First, leadership is relational.

April 2017 Leadership Development Carnival

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Welcome to the April 2017 edition of the Leadership Development Carnival! ” In other words, someone who stocked the dairy section was as empowered to share positivity through leaving a note on a store-wide gratitude board as was the manager. As I read through this month’s Leadership Development Carnival entries, I felt a bit of the same. Others are mid-level, solo entrepreneurs, retired, or some at some other point in their careers.

The Demotivated Employee: What Causes Employees to Lose Their Motivation?

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It’s likely that you can relate because most of us, at some point in our careers, have had this happen to us. While this source is primarily attributable to the individual, it doesn’t mean the manager doesn’t have a role to play too. It’s important for managers to pay attention and help their employees to “get up to speed.” Conflict, if it’s managed well, can be healthy for the organization. Leadership Styles.