10 Things I Learned from a Training Program That I Still Use Today

Great Leadership By Dan

Having spent most of my career in corporate training, I’ve attended more training programs than the average bear. However, there were a few that taught me things that I’ve used throughout my career and still use today. How to do a root cause analysis and a structured process for making decisions. Situational leadership (how to adjust your approach based on the developmental needs of your employees). leadership programs training training programs

6 Ways to Screen Job Candidates for Strategic Thinking

Harvard Business

In a 2013 Management Research Group survey , when executives were asked to select the leadership behaviors that were most critical to their organization’s future success, 97% of the time they chose being strategic. What are the steps that you have taken during your career to become a more strategic thinker? Every organization needs strategic thinkers.

Can GM Make it Safe for Employees to Speak Up?

Harvard Business Review

First, Maryann Keller, a former auto analyst, notes that, historically, GM hasn’t invested in root-cause analysis. The original response from GM was not to look for the root cause because that wasn’t part of the company’s thought process. ” Second, Keller says that for years it was considered bad for your career if information filtered up to the highest ranks.