Founding a Company Doesn’t Have to be a Big Career Risk

Harvard Business Review

The financial risk of a career in entrepreneurship is the chance of spending 20 years in startups with nothing to show for it — neither money nor an impact on the world. The most important way to mitigate risk is to become excellent at either engineering, product, selling, or operations and management. In financial terms, focuses expertise is a call option on other careers, and it increases your chance of startup success, to boot. Career planning Entrepreneurship

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Britain’s Patient-Safety Crisis Holds Lessons for All

Harvard Business Review

Earlier in my career, I had the chance to visit leaders such as Jack Welch (GE), Paul O’Neill (Alcoa), and Ralph Larsen (Johnson & Johnson). They created and maintained a close connection to frontline staff — what Jim Womack , the expert in lean production and thinking, calls “going to gemba ” — Japanese for “the actual place.”. In August, Dr. Donald M.