Evaluating Your Strengths

Survive Your Promotion

Here is the SWOT framework with questions for each section. SWOT Analysis Template Strengths Weaknesses What do you do better than anyone else? What limitations do you have that put your career at risk? Survive Your Promotion!

SWOT 204

You Won’t Improve if You Don’t Focus

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This quote comes to mind whenever I think of my personal and professional improvement over the lifespan of my career. Self-Assessment through SWOT Analysis. Things do not improve quickly, and therefore it is important to manage your expectations. Career Development

SWOT 308

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Top 10 Reason Why You’re Not Getting A Job.

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As a business and career coach, I run into so many different people every day. Analyze your attributes against your competition – Do a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis on YOU. You have to get out of the HR/Recruiter trap and move up the ladder and meet/engage/schmooze the hiring managers. I attend conferences and events, I run workshops and webinars, and I host team masterminds for all types of professionals. And guess what?

SWOT 207

StrategyDriven Professional Podcast Episode 2 – Standing Out Among Professional Peers, part 2 of 3

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StrategyDriven Professional Podcasts focus on the tools and techniques business professionals can use to accelerate their careers and personal goals achievement. Wendy’s book, Management Experience Acquired , can be purchased by clicking here.


Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Is Wrong!


Recruiters are going to be pounding the phones and selling the virtue of working for the company that developed Marissa Mayer (and her stellar career) rather than working for a second-rate, also-ran that lost its luster years ago. Leading Others Managing Change

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Employee empowerment and motivation are board level (strategic) issues

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Individual empowerment includes “being valued” but also explores potential through training, fulfilling ambitions through career advancement, expressing and testing innovative ideas and achieving success and financial security. This is why issues like individual empowerment and employee motivation must find their way during strategy development and formulation at the board level as later ‘adjustments’ by middle and line management during the execution phase fall more under ‘fire-fighting’.


The Advisor’s Corner – ‘Strategic Action’ is better than just a Plan

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In this step you may need to conduct a SWOT analysis and an Environmental Scan look at both the internal and external factors you should be considering. Strategic Planning The Advisor''s Corner advisor''s corner business leadership business management Roxi Hewertson strategydriven

The 5 Skills That Innovative Leaders Have in Common

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Every CEO should be cultivating these behaviors to maximize innovative thinking: The most innovative leaders: Manage Risk. Innovative leaders scored 25% higher than their non-innovative counterparts on managing risk. To develop better risk management behaviors, CEOs need to: List a minimum of eight ideas for new initiatives. Identify early career employees who consistently consider the customer perspective when making decisions.


Bullying Is a Confidence Game

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And whether you are a young professional seeking out a mentor, an entrepreneur looking for a co-founder, or mid-level employee in search of a superb senior manager, you are vulnerable to the manipulations of workplace bullies. Even if we haven't confided in a bully, they have intuitively, if not explicitly conducted a SWOT analysis. A career without trust and without collaborators would be dreary indeed. Conflict Managing yourself MoralePicture a playground.