Powerful Quotes From The Book, Just Listen

Eric Jacobson

Thomas Merton Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning. Henry Ford To succeed in your career, it''s less important what you know or even who you know than who truly knows you and how they know you. Just Liste n is the book to read to learn the strategies to make you more compelling, and break down the walls that keep you from getting through to the people you need to buy into your ideas and goals.

Life is Luck — Here’s How to Plan a Career Around It

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Chance plays a much greater role in our careers than we might wish or even realize. But the downside — the thought of our careers as the playthings of fate — is almost unbearable. If you imagine a game of “career roulette,” you end up a starving artist 99 times for every time you end up a rockstar. In other words, we want to minimize the risk associated with high uncertainty in our careers. Mitigating the risks of uncertainty in your career.

The Comparing Trap

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Compared with my colleague, I had accomplished so little over such a long career; my two measly books were more like an embarrassment, given his output. Robert Merton was 46 when he won the award. Merton had the office on the other side of my office. Bob Merton was as gracious and supportive as the colleague I mentioned earlier.

Should You Gamble on Your Company's Leadership?

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The sociologist Robert Merton dubbed this "The Matthew Effect," where the rich (in every sense of the word, from money to status to fame) get richer just because advantages beget more advantages. But earlier in his career he made mistake after mistake, and these missteps discredited him so thoroughly his prescient warnings against Hitler were ignored during the 1930s. Harvard Business School's mission is to "educate leaders who make a difference in the world."

Three Times You Have to Speak Up

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I was thinking about that story by Thomas Merton during a recent board meeting. Early on in our careers, we might speak up without concern or context. It was said of Abbot Agatho that for three years he carried a stone in his mouth until he learned to be silent. The CEO and CFO were marching through their 112-slide presentation. Recent market updates, a technical deconstruction of various trends, then product frameworks — all in quick succession.

What an Economist Brings to a Business Strategy

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Ask them if they apply much else from else from economics in their actual business careers, and you’re likely to hear “not much.”. Even more directly, the growth in financial options can be traced largely to the ease of valuing them, which is due to the Nobel-prize winning work of Fischer Black (the MIT economist and later Goldman Sachs partner who died before he certainly would have shared in the award), Myron Scholes (formerly of Stanford) and MIT’s Robert Merton.

The Irish Banking Crisis: A Parable

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In slightly more formal terms, Id suggest that they were able to take on, at least in tiny part, five of Robert Merton and Zvi Bodies six standard functions of a financial system: settling payments, providing information, setting incentives, pooling resources, and transferring resources.