The Magical Career Fairy Will Help You


Because you are doing such great work, she’ll soon tap you with her enchanted wand and sprinkle you with sparkly fairy dust and you’ll get that key project, significant promotion, raise, bonus or new career that you’ve been waiting for. I’m sorry to report, however, that the magical career fairy is a figment of your imagination. She doesn’t exist, and career rewards for your great work don’t just appear. Stop waiting for the career fairy.

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How to Move Up The Career Ladder in the Medical Field

Strategy Driven

However, for those who do pursue a career in one of the various specialisms of medicine can rest safe in the knowledge that they are helping others and contributing to making the world a better place. Your career could allow you to stay close to home or branch out further afield.

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Leadership: A Global Perspective

N2Growth Blog

Jim Hotaling conducts a leadership development seminar in Cancun, Mexico. I led a discussion on leadership principles and mindset and let the room evolve into an open debate on what was working and what was harmful in day to day operations.

5 Reasons Why Leadership Development Should Be More Practical

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One of the most damning statistics comes from the SAVO Group, which found that after one week, the average employee will have forgotten 65 percent of the material covered in a traditional training seminar.

Problems with leadership development processes…


And, I’m excited to share with you over several brief videos the breakthroughs we’ve had in the process of dealing with those problems You know that the soft skills side of your job, the people side, the leadership side, is very important to your success and your security in your career.

What is Strategic Leadership?

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Operating without clear strategy could ultimately leave you with the potential to be doomed to failure. Education in strategic leadership, including seminars, short courses, and even Master’s in Strategic Leadership programs, will enable you to succeed in leadership contexts. Schools worldwide offer various forms of Master’s programs designed for career professionals who want to enhance their abilities. Guest post by Sarah Rawson.

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Death Wish

Joseph Lalonde

His partner died as they were pushing him on a stretcher to the operating room. He remembered she was working hard to advance her career and took an interest in what was happening in her continuing education. You don’t have to go to college or seminar to learn about leadership.

Jim Hunter – Servant Leadership Interview Series

Modern Servant Leader

He was down the road in a new career a couple years later. Years ago, when I was putting my books together and my seminars, I thought, “oh man, I can’t talk about love! I talk about it in my seminars. I’ve seen it my whole career.

Leadership Basics | N2Growth Blog

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Knowledge of leadership theories and skills may be formally gained by enrolling in leadership seminars, workshops, and conferences.

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Attitude Reflects Leadership

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People who have bad attitudes have more career turnover. After a further two years, during which I was looking for a new career start, I finally decided to work from home and be closer to my wife and beautiful eight year old daughter whom I had neglected a lot while running these businesses in the first place.

Why Dr. Deming’s Work is So Important to Me

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I was fortunate that my father had an opportunity to be a student in the famed four-day seminar, while working as an engineer at the Cadillac division of General Motors, in the late 1980s. Guest post by Mark Graban.

Diversity & Leadership | N2Growth Blog

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Have you have ever attended a workshop or seminar with a diverse group of people that goes deeply into this topic – so deeply that you actually see your own thinking and beliefs through a different lens?

Jim Hunter – Servant Leadership Interview Series

Modern Servant Leader

He was down the road in a new career a couple years later. Years ago, when I was putting my books together and my seminars, I thought, “oh man, I can’t talk about love! I talk about it in my seminars. I’ve seen it my whole career.

When Work Satisfaction Comes from Having 4 Jobs

Harvard Business Review

We call them harmonic careerists , because many of them have constructed their working lives by combining multiple jobs rather than taking on a single monolithic career. In fact, many of our harmonic careerists talked about their careers as evolving, and they were open to this change.

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The Big Picture of Business: Corporate Communications – Correctly Positioning Your Company

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This holds for corporate operating units and departments. You must always educate corporate opinion makers on how you function… and the skill with which you operate. Operating units and departments must schedule and follow a program to market their worth to their companies.

Keeping It Professional When You Work in a Family Business

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Experience in an outside firm should be a requirement before embarking on your career in the family business, says Lachenauer. You’ll also gain much-needed perspective on what you hope the arc of your career might look like. Define your role and career path.

Fixing the Leadership Gap in Southeast Asia

Harvard Business Review

Make long-term career plans, but remain open to possibilities. Most leaders we interviewed said that early in their careers they established a long-term vision of what they wanted to achieve.

Office Politics: A Skill Women Should Lean Into

Harvard Business Review

With that in mind, we put together a prescriptive model suggesting several ways women can improve their political performance, which we’ve used with success in recent coaching seminars. Politically speaking, operating in “survival mode” can leave us isolated. Look Out: Imagine your career two to three moves ahead of where you are now and keep that image in your mind. Who says women don’t like office politics? Just about everyone: My clients. My colleagues. My mother.

A Great Negotiator’s Essential Advice

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During his remarkable career, described in detail here , Koh played central roles in some of the most complex international negotiations ever held. The Program on Negotiation (PON), an active Harvard-MIT-Tufts consortium, draws lessons from the world’s best negotiators.

How to Network Across Cultures

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Again, I had seminar participants assess the appropriateness of this statement according to American cultural norms: in particular, whether the statement was: (a) Appropriately polite: When talking with someone at a networking event, especially someone senior to you in either age or professional background, it is important in the United States to be highly deferential. (b) This post is part of the HBR Insight Center, The Next Generation of Global Leaders.

Finding Yahoo's Way

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Last year I had the pleasure of presenting a seminar at Yahoo Research. Because scientists get personal (and possibly career) value from it and so you can pay them less. But it is equally the case that there are many economic ways to generate efficiently operating ad markets.