Creating a Successful Fleet Operation Means Investing in Employees

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Coconino County has enhanced its Public Works fleet operations by focusing on employee development and establishing new business practices. In addition to 18 employees operating three shops in two locations, the Division also manages two fueling sites and a Parts and Inventory Room.

How to Evaluate Whether You Made an Effective Career Decision

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Tom made a major career decision 3 months ago: he decided to leave his position as chief information officer at a large manufacturing firm to become an entrepreneur and start a company to provide software that helps manufacturers improve the quality of their manufacturing process. Tom also realized that he only had enough cash to make some good hires, create and start pitching a prototype, and cover his operating expenses for six months.

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What is Your Company’s Human Operating System?

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I like to call this collection of systems the organization’s “ Human Operating System.” ” Your firm’s Human Operating System is, of course, informed by your vision , enabled by your strategic plans and is translated into company culture. Here are the key parts of every Human Operating System: 1. Also included in these systems are training, career path design, job classifications and skills prerequisites. Strategy Jim Kerr

Nine Ways You Can Further Your Career

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Career development is not the responsibility of your manager. These 9 career-boosting steps you can take today and in the coming months will boost your career. You should ask the following questions after every meeting: What were your most successful strategies?

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Good Leaders Understand Strategy

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Strategy is no longer a once-a-year process that creates a five-year plan to be placed in a three-ring binder and put on the shelf. The process of building strategies often becomes permanently mired in the endless requirements of daily business operations. As a result, strategy is often pushed aside because it requires too much time and resources to create an effective one -- and businesses suffer as a result. In " BUSINESS STRATEGY " author Patrick J.

Be Different! The Key to Business and Career Success

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The Key to Business and Career Success. Effective leaders know how to achieve operational excellence, and they embrace continuous improvement. It’s a source of mutual support on developing strategies to deal with toxic individuals. Be You.

Finding Strategy Jobs in London

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As you may know, a career in strategy or strategic planning implies you helping a corporation design their road to profitability and growth while overcoming competition and constant change. It is worth noting that corporate strategists have a long-term career ahead of them, as they can easily become Senior Directors, independent consultants, or even CEOs of London-based companies. You can start your career in strategy at! Finding Strategy Jobs.

5 Keys For Developing An Employee Engagement Strategy

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A recent global workforce study by Towers Watson suggests that although traditional employee engagement strategies help foster high performance, companies must now also consider how to sustain higher levels of employee engagement over time to avoid a diminishing impact. In my experience, the most effective long-term engagement strategies build a foundation on which front-line managers feel empowered to create an environment that promotes employee enrichment.

The Big Picture of Business – Communications Reflect Your Strategy

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The Business Tree : Growth Strategies and Tactics for Surviving and Thriving. The wise employee has the building of knowledge a part of their career path… sharing with others what we most recently and most effectively learn. Hank’s latest book functions as a ‘PDR of business,’ a view of Big Picture strategies, methodologies and recommendations. You just finished reading The Big Picture of Business - Communications Reflect Your Strategy !

Thought-full Thursday: Your Winning Strategy


So take five, enjoy the inspirational quotes and reflect on the questions that follow. “A Winning Strategy is a lifelong, unconscious formula for achieving success. You did not design this Winning Strategy, it designed you. Mary Jo Asmus A former executive in a Fortune 100 company, I own and operate a leadership solutions firm called Aspire Collaborative Services.

Building an effective campus recruitment strategy

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Campus recruitment strategy may vary among different employers, but the ultimate goal remains the same. Yes, schools, in most cases, provide their students with independent advice through a careers advisory service. Inasmuch as the employers are seeking for top talents , the candidates are looking forward to joining an organization that would lead them to their desired careers. Here are some tips for building an effective campus recruitment strategy.

Freelance Career Taking Off? Three Strategies You’ll Definitely Need

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That said, it can also pose significant challenges if you find yourself unable to cope with the uptick in demand, as well as the increasing complexity that comes with becoming a larger operation.

Strategies for Certified Public Accountants to Grow Their Business

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See strategies for Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) to grow their business. This is a great opportunity to improve your skills and increase your knowledge on topics that will help you advance in your career and grow your business. Be open to advertising your business on social media and bringing in more clients through a digital media strategy. Even though you may be a small operation, be sure to give each customer your undivided attention that they deserve.

The Benefits of a Chief Transformation Officer for Growth

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is the Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer at Hyperoptic, a fiber-to-the-building Internet service provider based in London. Step 3: Strategy alignment. Step 4: Operations alignment. Business Innovation Executive Search Transformational Strategy C-suite

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The Big Picture of Business – Cut the Weeds: Focus on Priorities and Strategy, Avoid the Time Zappers

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What types of ‘wild goose chases’ have you pursued in your networking career? Hank’s latest book functions as a ‘PDR of business,’ a view of Big Picture strategies, methodologies and recommendations. You just finished reading The Big Picture of Business - Cut the Weeds: Focus on Priorities and Strategy, Avoid the Time Zappers ! One of the by-products of being high-profile is that you get hangers-on.

How to Beat Mid-Career Malaise

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” These questions are especially agonizing for mid-career professionals who may be searching for fulfillment while juggling demands at home and intense financial pressures to earn. How should you address a mid-career crisis? Mid-career malaise runs deep. Even people who have achieved a great deal of career success aren’t immune to these feelings, says Whitney Johnson, an executive coach and the author several books including Build an A-Team.

It’s Not Impossible – It Just Hasn’t Been Done Yet

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By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth. How many times in your career have you witnessed someone say, “that’s impossible – it simply can’t be done.” Innovation Leadership Operations & Strategy Success Innovation and leadership Leadership and Impossibility Leading Change leading innovation leading new projects Leading something new leading the impossible

Advice: Manage Well by Leading Better

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Management is your day job; leadership is your career. One could say the same forMicrosoft when Bill Gates viewed himself as the visionary and Steve Ballmer was the operator. More recently Larry Page has shifted his role from co-creator at Google to CEO displacing Eric Schmidt in day-to-day operations. While it falls to the leader to think ahead and in doing so she will advance her career, too much focus on personal gain is not productive. Bye-bye career!

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The CIO Paradox: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

The CIO Paradox: Battling the Contradictions of IT Leadership Martha Heller bibliomotion (2013) The CIO “for all seasons” Rather than one paradox, as this book’s title suggests, Martha Heller rigorously and eloquently examines several separate but related paradoxes: Cost versus Innovation, Operations versus Strategy, Futurist versus Archivist, IT and Business Paradox, Accountability versus Ownership, Recruiting, […].

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Is Your Company Actually Set Up to Support Your Strategy?

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For every company wrestling with evolutions in its strategy, success depends as much on matching the operating model to those evolutions as it does on the soundness of the strategy itself. Whether a company has reinvented itself, sought growth through expansion, or turned to partnerships or M&A, gaps between what it says it does for customers and what it delivers are usually the result of an operating model that isn’t set up to deliver the strategy.


What to Do If There’s No Clear Career Path for You at Your Company

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These days, the culprit preventing many professionals from identifying a clear career path at their company is simply that one no longer exists. As Cathy Benko and Molly Anderson predicted in their 2010 book, we’ve gone from a corporate ladder to a Corporate Lattice , in which professionals’ career progress may only sometimes be linear — and often, may instead appear diagonal or horizontal. Career planning Professional transitions Digital Article

Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch & Dinner!

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Drucker believed organizational culture is the most powerful force in ensuring organization success and his phrase, “culture eats strategy for breakfast” is now used globally to demonstrate the power of organizational culture. Our curiosity about culture and strategy led to a few questions. What is the relationship between corporate culture and strategy? What is the importance of strategy versus the importance of culture in driving success in an organization?

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What’s Your Time Worth? Why Pricing Matters

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By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth. Are you shooting yourself in the foot with your pricing strategy? Do you have a pricing strategy, or do you set your prices by some ethereal or arbitrary method? Even though I believe issues surrounding pricing decisions are root level drivers to a successful business strategy, I never cease to be amazed at how many corporations and professionals seem to pull their pricing out of thin air.

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The Big Picture of Business- Evergreen Business Strategies. Digest of Take-Aways From 36 Articles.

Strategy Driven

Mentoring, creating and leading have become the primary emphasis for your career. No entity can operate without affecting or being affected by its communities. The mentor becomes a role model, offering insights about their own life-career. Hank's latest book functions as a 'PDR of business,' a view of Big Picture strategies, methodologies and recommendations. You just finished reading The Big Picture of Business- Evergreen Business Strategies.

Gray Versus Green: Who Makes the Better Start-Up CEO?

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While there are arguments to both sides of the early career versus experienced CEOs, when considering the less fully developed prefrontal cortexes of younger CEOs, we assert the following trait comparison. This article was co-authored by Laura Musgrave , Kevin Bijas, and Jeffrey Cohn.

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If You Offer Mid-Career Internships, Flaunt It

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These are people returning to the workforce after a career break for child care, elder care, or other personal reasons by taking an internship like you might have had out of college or graduate school. Professional mid-career internships operate on the same principle as any other internship: they provide employees the opportunity to be evaluated on an actual work sample instead of a series of interviews by an employer that might want to hire them.

Getting There Early

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The big operations review was scheduled for 8am in our headquarters building across the street. I’ve used this technique more than once in my career to casually “bump into” an exec I needed to talk to on the way in to the building. A bit of strategic early can make a big difference in your career and your personal success. Career & Learning Energy & Engagement 7 ways to a more successful 2015 career success strategies early bird getting there early

How Employees Shaped Strategy at the New York Public Library

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These diverse groups of volunteer employees work across organizational boundaries and outside of their regular operational duties. In the crucible of these conversations, the library’s strategy was transformed from an impersonal statement into a living, internalized guide. ’ It helped me think about the NYPL system and where my career could go here.” Strategy execution Experimentation Digital Article

The Key to Change is a People Focus

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Prussian Field Marshal Graf Helmut Von Molke the Elder , famously said that no plan of operations extends with any certainty beyond the first contact with the main hostile force. Some time into my career, I came across a concept that helped me to understand—and then counteract—this lemming-like behaviour. Leadership change strategy change leadership Change Management managing people organizational performance“Nothing endures but change.” ” — Heraclitus.

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Career Bankers Alone Can’t Solve the Financial Industry’s Problems

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Most think banks are part of an elite establishment that’s lost sight of the broader mission to serve customers and would prefer they operate more like nonprofits. Most of the leading financial institutions are still led by career bankers — in some cases the same people who led these institutions through the crisis. It no longer makes sense for banks to be run and operated exclusively by career bankers.

Craft a Sustainable Career

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Imagine crafting a sustainable career for yourself. For a taste of what is usually associated with the word career, check out the Urban Dictionary''s definition , which characterizes a career as "an affliction whose symptoms are loss of life & liberty, general purpose misery, and resentment towards those who are unaffected" and "a euphemism for ''professional labor camp.''". Economic stagnation and unequal access to opportunity keep a sustainable career out of reach of many.

Culture eats strategy for lunch… and it will eat leaders too.

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← Captain Owen Honors: no honour in this career debacle Fast Friday with Virgil, Roman Epic Poet → Culture eats strategy for lunch… and it will eat leaders too Posted on January 12, 2011 by LeaderTalker | 1 Comment I first read the saying “culture eats strategy for lunch” when I stumbled upon Curt Coffman’s website (he’s the oft forgotten co-author of one of my favourite books First Break All the Rules with the more visible Marcus Buckingham ).

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David Van Rooy: An interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Before Walmart his most recent role was at Marriott International, where he led global HR operations […]. Uncategorized AMACOM Burger King Corporation Centers of Expertise (COE) CNN David Van Rooy: An interview by Bob Morris Florida International University (FIU) HR Asia Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) Marriott International Peter Drucker Richard Dawkins Trajectory: 7 Career Strategies to Take You from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be USA Today Walmart

The Big Picture of Business – Each Role Matters. The Value of Support Staff

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Some performers made careers as supporting players. Back characters on TV shows included restaurant and bar operators, where the stars went top relax. Learn to pace and be in the chosen career for the long-run. Hank’s latest book functions as a ‘PDR of business,’ a view of Big Picture strategies, methodologies and recommendations. Every person in the company matters to its success.

The Big Disconnect in Your Talent Strategy and How to Fix It

Harvard Business

That leaves most organizations lacking a clear total workforce perspective and no integrated strategy to engage workers at the right time, cost, and contractual arrangement. HR systems emphasize long-term relationships and high performance, with big investments in selection and development, amortized over a long career. The disconnect between HR and Procurement often means either choice is suboptimal on its own, so operating managers circumvent both HR and Procurement.

The Big Picture of Business – Entrepreneurs’ Guideposts to Real Business Success

Strategy Driven

Make an equitable blend of ambition and desire: Fine-tuning one’s career is an admirable and necessary process. This premise also holds true for each corporate operating unit and department. The whole of the business and each sub-set must always educate corporate opinion makers on how it functions and the skill with which the company operates. Do detailed action plans support each major strategy? There are many romantic notions about entrepreneurship.

First Look: Leadership Books for June 2020

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Look in the mirror and own your natural-born strengths and fix any real or perceived career-limiting deficiencies. Strategy First : How Businesses Win Big by Brad Chase. Here's a look at some of the best leadership books to be released in June 2020.

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“I Quit”: Why Employees Quit and How to Retain Them

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The most skilled and experienced employees are in constant pursuit of a good career. While sizeable pay packages and bombastic job titles do account for many resignation emails , so do reasons such as stingy benefits and changing career goals. No career growth.

The Big Picture of Business – Pave and Refine the Company Way, Corporate Culture

Strategy Driven

A career is all about devoting resources to amplifying talents and abilities, with relevancy toward a viable end result. Do successful corporations operate without a strategy-vision? Do you and your organization presently have a strategy-vision? The same analogies apply to personal lives, careers and Body of Work. Hank’s latest book functions as a ‘PDR of business,’ a view of Big Picture strategies, methodologies and recommendations.

20 Impressive Answers to “What Makes You Unique?”

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I am a reliable person who knows how to make a difference between the relevant and non-relevant tasks within the company operations. . In my overall career, I managed to make an increase in ROI in every company that I worked for.

ROI 36

The Importance Of Staying In Your Lane As A Business Owner

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It’s what you built your whole career around, so it makes sense to devote your time to closing sales. When everyone stays in their lane, a business operates far more efficiently. Entrepreneurship business management business plan business strategy strategydriven

Mentoring and Lifelong Learning

Strategy Driven

I have had many excellent ones in my long career and have in turn mentored hundreds of others. The mentor becomes a role model, offering insights about their own life-career. The mentor stands for mentees throughout their careers and celebrates their successes. ” Approach your career as a body of work. It’s a career, not just a series of jobs. Life and careers include peaks and valleys. Develop, update and maintain a career growth document.

Positioning Yourself for Career Advancement

Harvard Business Review

Given the fact that traditional career paths are extinct in most industries, managers have few guideposts for advancing to the executive level. Only a distinct minority of companies are truly adept at succession planning and career development — and even these firms tend to focus on only a few senior-level people. Worse, most managers operate under four misconceptions regarding career advancement.