The sun never sets on the English Empire, nor does it set on yours.


The American contingent had a myopic focus on careers. They had the sense that if they let up on the career front just a little bit, someone would take their spot in line. Presenteeism. companies, the Chicago Daily Herald found that “‘presenteeism’–showing up for work but performing at subpar levels because of physical or emotional health reasons–accounted for about 63 percent of wasted worker productivity, and absenteeism explains the rest.”

New Research: Flexibility Versus Face Time

Harvard Business Review

In an age when technology enables us to work in a coffee shop just as easily as a cubicle, these dramatic reversals in access to flexible work arrangements in favor of face time—especially at e-commerce companies—drew contentious debate. Contrary to popular belief, our research revealed that women and men report using most flex options to the same extent throughout their careers. We found that access to flex options impacts career aspirations. When Yahoo!