How to Turn Traveling the World into a Career

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Take a few weeks to think about your reasons for traveling – do you want to experience more of the world? Now that you’ve thought about it carefully and got the right vaccinations , make sure to plan at least a little bit ahead, even if the lack of schedule is precisely why you want to travel.

Be Different! The Key to Business and Career Success

Skip Prichard

The Key to Business and Career Success. It’s a provider that a customer or client favors in the purchase of a product or service versus its competition. As CEO of PQ Corporation, I experienced a minor OSHA recordable accident while traveling on business. Be You.

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45 Career Advice Experts Offer Career Success Secrets

Miles Anthony Smith

45 Career Advice Experts Share Their Blueprint for Career Success (Plus Leaderboard)​ Does your career seem to be a struggle at times? Recently, I wondered what other career advice experts would add to the conversation about what’s vital for career growth.

Five rules for executive product leadership

Lead on Purpose

The original idea for starting Lead on Purpose was a recognition that product managers have the need to lead (inspire, motivate, guide) people who do not report them. The leadership role of the product team (PM, PO, PMM, UX) is critical to the success of any organization. Much has been written about where product management should report. The most common departments for product management reporting are marketing, engineering/development and directly to the CEO.

How to Use Your Travel Time Productively

Harvard Business Review

I’m not alone: the Global Business Travel Association predicts that business travel spending will hit an all-time high of $1.25 Even if it’s a travel day, it’s still a work day. Business Travel. Managing yourself Productivity Time management Article

'Tis the Season for (Product) Camping

Lead on Purpose

It’s also a time to step back and take a fresh look at the direction your career is headed. Are you taking advantage of the many Product Camps or “Un-Conferences” offered this year? Mike; “What are Product Camps and why should I attend?”

Hire People with Common Sense and Good Critical Judgement

Great Leadership By Dan

The Key to Business and Career Success , I spoke about the importance of hiring people with common sense and good critical judgment because at some point, you want them to violate policy when it is in the company’s best interest to do so. The Key to Business and Career Success.”

Be A Time Management God.

Rich Gee Group

Ensure you add buffer time (prep work, travel time, etc.) Learn what your productivity kryptonite is. They’re a giant productivity boost for me — they allow me to focus on getting important things done and they discourage wacky interlopers.

If 2019 Was The Best Year Of Your Life, What Would Have To Happen?

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Travel to exotic lands? I will be SVP of Operations and increase my salary by 15%" or "I will launch a new line of products and increase my client base by 20%". His goals included reducing global warming through sustainable energy production and consumption, reducing the "risk of human extinction" by "making life multiplanetary" by setting up a human colony on Mars. Take a moment and imagine it's December 31, 2019.

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Byron Wien’s 20 Lessons Learned

Michael Lee Stallard

The Ten Surprises, which I started doing in 1986, has been a defining product. Do the numbers crunching in the early phase of your career. Travel extensively. Attempt to meet local interesting people where you travel and keep in contact with them throughout your life. Short-cuts can be construed as sloppiness, a career killer. While working at Morgan Stanley in New York City, I met and discovered the writings of several thoughtful market analysts.

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You’re Not Charging Enough For Your Services.

Rich Gee Group

Audio Production: $8,550. On-Site Production: $98,580. Oh by the way, the price doesn’t include any changes/additions, overtime, hosting, travel expenses, or technology.

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How to Launch a Successful Portfolio Career

Harvard Business Review

As the head of a leadership assessment, development, and coaching firm, I spend a lot of time with successful executives talking about their work lives — and in the past few years, many of those conversations have centered on an increasingly popular, and increasingly idealized, imagined next step: the so-called “portfolio career.” Is it flexibility and less travel? If you want to peg your portfolio career to board service, get on at least a few boards now.

Write a Resumé that Travels Across Countries and Cultures

Harvard Business Review

But although it is true that all markets have certain nuances, the central purpose of your resume — to "sell" you and your skills to the role in question — does not change as it travels across cultures. For example, you may have commenced as a Production Manager, then been awarded with full control of quality assurance for the firm after six months. Career planning

Why I Love Starbucks.

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A new product or service is introduced. I’m regularly on the road to travel, meet new people, network, and bump into friends and colleagues. Their products are consistent from store to store, so I always get my Venti Zen Green Tea (with only one teabag) for $2.07 (a deal).

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If 2017 Was The Best Year Of Your Life, What Would Have To Happen?

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Travel to exotic lands? “I will be SVP of Operations and increase my salary by 15%” or “I will launch a new line of products and increase my client base by 20%” Maybe “I will learn the piano and take my family to Hawaii.”

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The Surprising Way to Protect Yourself from Burnout

Michael Lee Stallard

Her boss is pressuring her to significantly boost the productivity of the team she manages. Like many people, Amy traveled down the slippery slope of burnout that led to addiction. Career AdviceAmy has been under increasing stress.

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Executives’ Biggest Productivity Challenges, Solved

Harvard Business Review

Robert Pozen knows a little something about thriving at the top — he’s the former chairman of MFS Investment Management, a senior lecturer at Harvard Business School, and the author of the book Extreme Productivity. So how do you handle the demands of international business travel?

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Managing Risk in Career Decisions

Harvard Business Review

You'll be required to move halfway across the country, and there'll be more business travel. These risks are prevalent in any career decision, especially those that affect your financial security and personal life. He left his secure and well-paying job and lived off savings to found a food company whose good-tasting but low-calorie organic products would improve diets. Career planning Decision making Job search

Stand Out From The Crowd With The Right Communication Skills.

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Listening helps build a relationship, and lets people know I’m not there just to push a product at them. In my industry, there are a lot of product names, technical terms and acronyms. I’ve traveled extensively, and it’s made me realize just how quickly New Yorkers speak!

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5 Ways Success is Holding You Back

Let's Grow Leaders

It was inspiring to get to know Nido Quebein, President of High Point University, along with his concept of Productive Failures and Unproductive Success. The trail is well-traveled and well-marked. So much is written about learning from failure, but much less of failing from success.

You’re Not Charging Enough For Your Services.

Rich Gee Group

Audio Production: $8,550. On-Site Production: $98,580. Oh by the way, the price doesn’t include any changes/additions, overtime, hosting, travel expenses, or technology. Blog Business Coaching C-Level Career Coaching Tip Uncategorized Ways & Tips Charge Clients Fees Manager Pricing Promotion Raise Services Work The other day, I came across a contract when I worked at <confidential> from a famous consultancy called <confidential> in NYC.

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Why Motivating People Doesn’t Work

Lead Change Blog

On this 2-year anniversary of Susan’s book, listen in as she builds upon the latest scientific research on the nature of human motivation, and lays out a tested model and course of action to help leaders increase productivity and engagement, as well as purpose and fulfillment.

How To Network Like A Pro.

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Here are some key techniques that I used to make the night a fruitful and productive one: 1. With traffic, wrong turns and accidents, you never know what will impact your travel. Last night, I was invited to attend a gala event at the prominent investment firm in NYC.

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Evaluating Income in Your Career Strategy

Harvard Business Review

The purpose of career strategy is to generate greater and greater income. While work is a financial necessity for almost everyone, the role of money in career decisions is complicated. Despite appealing new products, the company couldn't find customers. The lowest paid job had the best chance to accomplish a lot and advance, along with the least business travel. When thinking about your career, take these three principles: 1.

Lessons from a Career, Interrupted

Harvard Business Review

It's not news to anyone who's looked for a job recently that the days of a monolithic career spent at one company or in one well-defined field are over. Many of us have had to — willingly or out of necessity — rethink our career paths. In her HBR article, "Disrupt Yourself," Whitney Johnson discussed how Clayton Christensen's theories of disruptive innovation can be applied to changing one's career path in a competitive job market.

5 Simple Ways Good Leaders Become Great

Lead from Within

In Good to Great, Jim Collins writes, “Those who build great companies understand that the ultimate throttle on growth for any great company is not markets, or technology, or competition, or products. It takes a little more courage to put yourself out in front where no else is, taking the road less traveled, challenging the way things are. Lead From Within Business Career Greatness Inc.

Are You Extreme When It Comes to Responsibility?

Your Voice of Encouragement

The first personal development book I ever read - almost 30 years ago - was Scott Pecks The Road Less Traveled. The Road Less Traveled introduced me to the terms " neurotic " and " character disorder " as they relate to responsibility. Posted by Meredith Bell at 4:30 PM Labels: Character Disorder , Leadership , Neurotic , Scott Peck , Self-Image , The Road Less Traveled 2comments: Christine Kane said.

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Two Words to Help You Gut Check Your Career

Harvard Business Review

I love my career in competitive strategy, research, and teaching. I love my career; it’s just not what I’d expected, partly because I hadn’t known or chosen what to expect. I wonder what makes people market products that they know cause addiction and death.

10 Dumb Rules That Make Your Best People Quit

Lead from Within

Ask yourself how productive you’d be in your personal life if you had to get someone else to approve all your purchases and decisions. Work travel isn’t easy–leaving your life behind and living out of a hotel room in a place where you may not know even a soul can be true drudgery. Lead From Within Business Career Dumb Employees Inc.

Preview Thursday: Help Them Grow, or Watch Them Go

Lead Change Blog

Your employees’ ability to take satisfying and productive steps toward career goals is directly proportionate to their self-awareness. You can enable career-advancing self-awareness by helping employees take stock of where they’ve been, what they’ve done, and who they are.

The Aim Should be the Best Life – Not Work v. Life Balance

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The desire for a life embedded in other cultures and for travel drove decisions about work. One project he did take on, along with George Box, was creating the Center of Quality and Productivity Improvement at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

How to Take a Productive Yet Refreshing Vacation

Harvard Business Review

Some people will bristle at the seemingly oxymoronic notion of a “productive vacation.” That’s not to say I don’t take lengthy, enjoyable vacations; I previously wrote for HBR about my month-long, unplugged sojourn traveling in India.

It’s Time to View Leadership as a Profession

Great Leadership By Dan

three decades I have spent about 20 percent of my time traveling. He is responsible for launching DDI’s new products and services, leading DDI’s Center for Applied Behavioral Research (CABER) and its major research projects and developing and executing DDI’s global marketing strategy.

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Spicy in Philadelphia: Meet Melinda Emerson

Women on Business

Melinda began in local television as a producer and at the early age of 26 and spread her entrepreneurial wings to start her own video production company. When I travel I take him with me whenever I can and I’m lucky to have a mom who is a great help.

Three Strategies to Encourage Good Mental Health in the Workplace

Leading Blog

By creating and implementing effective mental health programs within their organization, companies can experience greater staff member well-being, boost productivity and contribute to transforming our country’s corporate culture regarding mental health.

Management Excellence Recap for the Week Ending August 4, 2012

Management Excellence

An extended weekend and then some productive business travel reduced the writing and posting time to a dull roar. Career Leadership Professional Growth Professional DevelopmentNonetheless, these two posts reflect my current reading.from Drucker to neuroscience. Your thoughts and ideas are always appreciated her.

Leading For Good

Great Leadership By Dan

After a time, he found himself traveling back and forth between Japan and New York in the employ of Goldman Sachs. Yet at one point, we had a very big business because we had all these products specialists and regional people wanting to work on our deals.” careers CEOs Christoph Lueneburger Mark Tercek sustainability

Preview Thursday: Win the Heart

Lead Change Blog

If we can harness the untapped potential buried deep within the hearts of our people, we can turn engagement from a liability into real, sustainable competitive advantage and usher in gains in productivity unseen since the industrial revolution!

59 of the Best Quotes for Entrepreneurial Success

Lead from Within

Being an entrepreneur means you are willing to take the less traveled path, embrace ambiguity, and take on challenges, but it’s not an easy path, even if you feel you are all ready, geared up, and excited. Great companies are built on great products. If you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late. Lead From Within Business Career entrepreneurs Inc. Entrepreneurs are initiators, challengers, and drivers.

10 BIG Development Goals for Leaders for 2012

Great Leadership By Dan

A complete career change. Career-wise, this is the granddaddy of development moves. While not as high risk or high developmental impact as a career change, switching to a new company, or even division within a big company, offers the opportunity to apply what you know in an entirely new context. It could involve new people, markets, customers, products, tools, and processes, all of which are opportunities to learn and develop.

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Find Your Ideal Job and Build Your Dream Business

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The presumption is that one has to sacrifice entrepreneurial dreams in order to be successful at a specific career choice. Examples may include selling products online, starting a consulting business, or purchasing a semi-absentee franchise opportunity.

Craft a Remarkable Personal Brand Statement! 29 Steps & Examples

Miles Anthony Smith

Matt Sweetwood, branding expert, defines personal branding as: " Personal branding is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands -- the ongoing process of establishing a prescribed image or impression in the mind of others about an individual."

Leading with Trust

Great Leadership By Dan

Employers underestimate the importance of personal and career development on employee retention, vastly overestimating the importance of salary and benefits. Our studies show that when companies invest in colleague development, it increases engagement and productivity.