Leadership Is a Contact Sport

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My career as an executive coach began many years ago with a phone call from the CEO of a Fortune 100 company. I had just given a leadership clinic to the CEO’s human resources department.

7 Ways Leadership is Like Sports

Modern Servant Leader

Anyone can practice leadership or sports, but not everyone will succeed. Not everyone has the same capacity for sports or leadership. ” Here are 7 ways that leadership and sports are alike: 1. Sports and leadership are no exception. Selfishness can end your career.

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5 Ways to Build Career Resiliency

Let's Grow Leaders

Even good people may find that the knife in their back sports their own fingerprints. It’s not […] The post 5 Ways to Build Career Resiliency appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders. Bad things happen to good people. Karma doesn’t always show up in time.

Being A Great Leader: How Do You Balance Career Success and Happiness?

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Too late to record a movie in my mind of their sports games, music lessons, too late to reassure them they are beautiful and talented and can be anything they want to. Uncategorized Career Happiness Leadership Work Life Balance By Grant Wattie. President, N2Growth Australia. Being great, living an extraordinary life starts with waking up. Most people don’t even know they are asleep.

The Magical Career Fairy Will Help You


Because you are doing such great work, she’ll soon tap you with her enchanted wand and sprinkle you with sparkly fairy dust and you’ll get that key project, significant promotion, raise, bonus or new career that you’ve been waiting for. I’m sorry to report, however, that the magical career fairy is a figment of your imagination. She doesn’t exist, and career rewards for your great work don’t just appear. Stop waiting for the career fairy.

Don Yaeger on “Great Teams”: Part 1 of an interview by Bob Morris

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Don Yaeger is a nationally acclaimed inspirational speaker, longtime Associate Editor of Sports Illustrated and author of 25 books, nine of which have become New York Times best sellers. He began his career at the San Antonio (TX) Light and also worked at the Dallas Morning News and the Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville before going… Read More Don Yaeger on “Great Teams”: Part 1 of an interview by Bob Morris.

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The 81st Masters

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Career Current Affairs Games Health Leadership Memes Self-Awareness Skills Sports Television Tips What is Women ACL Audrey Hepburn Augusta National Bobby Jones Buddha Golf Channel major championship Masters satellite dish TexasMasters co-founder Bobby Jones offered a warning: "No putt is short enough to be despised," he once said. By the time Sergio Garcia arrived at Augusta last week he was largely a forgotten figure.

Are your Leaders Leading or Doing?

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These people have grown in their careers based on their technical expertise in their role and leaders feel that makes them qualified to lead a team of people, but does it? . While sports analogies can be over-used, it’s truly helpful to think of a coach of a sports team. Books Business Coaching Career Leadership Skills Women Work life coaching COO lead leadership mobile reference guide performing promote sports team team of people

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The 5 Mistakes That Nearly Killed My Career (And Can Save Yours)

Terry Starbucker

” That was the bomb that nearly killed my career. The cable company had just been sold, so the idea of not only escaping the resulting uncertainty, AND also landing safely in a dream position (pro football was my favorite sport), was just too good to pass up.

How Joe Torre Gained the Trust of His Players

Michael Lee Stallard

His approach grew out of personal experiences with the frustration that came during disappointing times in his career as a ballplayer. “I Joe Torre, Hall of Fame former manager of the New York Yankees, really knew how to build trust, commitment and loyalty with his players.

Is Business a Combination of Sport and War?


The notion of business as a combination of sport and war was attributed to Emile Herzog (1885-1967), a French author who used the pen name, Andre Maurois. I’m going to admit at the outset that I was a strong proponent of Herzog’s concept for most of my career.

9 Things You Must Forget from Your School

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In life, the marketplace tracks your value addition – not once but throughout your career. Your student life is mainly a solo sport with teams coming in for additional support. The moment you enter the marketplace, you realize that you are playing a team sport.

Gender Bias

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If you ask male executives if they've mentored women during their careers, most would say they have not done so, but there aren't yet enough women executives to mentor other women. Career success is really all about having choices and making choices in your current work environment and throughout your career. You also know that the natural outcome of a male-dominated business is that it has the tendency to be conducted like a team sport.

Change Your Career Without Having to Start All Over Again

Harvard Business Review

Many experienced professionals would like to make a career transition. But as I discovered in researching my book Reinventing You , there are ways you can shift jobs or even careers without giving up your professional status. Career Transitions.

Opportunity – Which Flag Are You Flying?

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Living 13 miles away from Loudon, New Hampshire, places me next door to New England’s largest sporting venue, the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Self Leadership Management Motor Sports supervision

Why Do People Fail to Adopt Better Management Methods?

Curious Cat

He was a career 51% free throw shooter. And I believe most teams heavily rely on data (even though some personal seem reluctant to admit it – they feel sports are not data driven but expertise and skill driven).

Identifying the Skills That Can Help You Change Careers

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A lot of talented people grapple with the disruption of having to switch jobs or careers and figuring out how their current profession’s skills can be applied in a fulfilling new way. Consult with people who have already transitioned from your industry to a different career.

Dealing with Conflict | N2Growth Blog

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Leadership is a full-contact sport, and if you cannot address conflict in a healthy, productive fashion then you should not be in a leadership role.

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The Natural Winning Athlete

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In "The Sports Gene" by author David Epstein, there are countless examples of all the ways that the greatest athletes are different from the rest of us. What we are watching when we watch elite sports, then, is a contest among wildly disparate groups of people, who approach the starting line with an uneven set of genetic endowments and natural advantages. But when it comes to drugs, Major League Baseball--like most sports--draws the line.

The Key to Choosing the Right Career

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Choosing a career path (or changing one) is, for most of us, a confusing and anxiety-riddled experience. We all want to choose a career that will make us happy, but how can we know what that will be? Well, you can begin by choosing a career that fits well with your skills and values.

Three Questions to Advance Your Career

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To maximize your career progress, you need answers to three questions that focus on upward mobility — the answers to which are elusive in the vast majority of organizations. The technique I recommend is — with your boss’s knowledge — to schedule career discussions over a period of several months with as many mentors and senior people as possible who know your work. This is the first post in a blog series on using mentorship to advance your career.

Lessons for Managers from Wisconsin and Duke Basketball

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They also have a responsibility to develop their basketball skill, in order for those players to contribute to their team and for many at elite programs for their future careers. Just because players are not going to make the NBA does not mean they have no future career in basketball.

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5 Ways Social Media Can Accelerate Your Old School Sales Strategy

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An old school teacher would tell you to scan a customer’s office to look for points of connection: children’s pics, sport paraphernalia, diplomas. Want to talk sports? Career & Learning Communication how social media is the new old school old school social media sellin

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Two People To Keep Your Eye On At Work.

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In sports, be wary of the player who swings for the fences or the one who waits to be walked. Blog Business Coaching C-Level Career Coaching Tip Ways & Tips Change Conservative Fanatical Lazy LiberalI’ve always said, keep your eyes on people who live at the ends of any spectrum. In politics, be wary of the extreme conservative or liberal. In school, stand back and watch the student who [.].

Unusual Career Paths Update


After being expelled from Eton College for running a sports book and selling pornography, he attended the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art, where he met his first wife, Barbara Douglas. He appeared in a few London stage productions and films before joining the coastal forces of the Royal Navy in 1941. He was commissioned as a lieutenant and would ultimately receive the Atlantic Star. More details in The New York Times

3 Lessons from the Life and Leadership of Coach Wooden

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who played his entire college career with Wooden, would later write, “Coach Wooden had a profound influence on me as an athlete, but even greater influence on me as a human being. character human value leadership Basketball Civil Rights Coach Wooden connection culture E Pluribus Partners employee engagement Human Value Inspirational john wooden michael lee stallard Sports Leadership As seen on SmartBlog on Leadership.

Don’t be LIN-blinded: Why you need to SIFT through your talent (Jeremy Lin Style)

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Baffled, everyone in the league, from sports commentators to fans, couldn’t stop this guy and his team from winning. On February 4, 2012, Lin had 25 points, five rebounds, and seven assists—all career-highs—in a 99–92 Knicks victory over the New Jersey Nets.

Stop Fast-Tracking Your Career

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I couldn't help but think that Carol was setting herself up for disappointment and sabotaging her own career with an unrealistic plan to scramble up the investment banking industry ladder. "If Where is the fine line between calculated job abandonment and downright career recklessness?

Using Social Media Without Jeopardizing Your Career

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The ?M? Word: A Company's Most Underrated Intangible | In the CEO.

In the CEO Afterlife

Sports teams with momentum go on inexplicable winning streaks while opponents can’t seem to string two wins together no matter how hard they try or how ‘talented’ their roster. Early in my career, I swam in four years of red ink at Jacobs Suchard ’s Canadian subsidiary.

Why Every CEO Needs a Leadership Coach

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The coach doesn't have to play the sport as well as I do. Books Business Coaching Career Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Communication Leadership Personal Coaching Self-Awareness What is Work life advice Bowery Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Eric Schmidt John Doerr personal development unintended consequences work life

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Can Phil Jackson Build “the Yankees of Basketball”?

Michael Lee Stallard

Will Jackson end his career in a blaze of glory or will the Knicks and New York City reduce him to smoldering ashes? connection culture employee engagement leadership connection Culture E Pluribus Partners michael lee stallard Organizational Management Phil Jackson Relationship Excellence Sports Examples Sports Management Team Management Phil Jackson, the New York Knicks’ new president of basketball operations, is nothing if not audacious.

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Nike's Bo Jackson 'Just Do It' Ad Inspires Me to a Great Feat of Initiative

Building Personal Strength

And then the image of Bo Jackson, the multi-sport superstar from the 1980s, flashed into my mind. His sport career was ended by an injury after only a few years. But being at the top of two professional sports is unprecedented.

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A Few Parallels Between Sports, Life and Leadership


Home Go to QAspire.com Guest Posts Disclaimer A Few Parallels Between Sports, Life and Leadership Last few months, I have been playing Table Tennis regularly. That’s what every sport teaches us!

How Safe Is Your Career Today?

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Today, work is weird, complex, and ever-changing — but you have the talent and tools to take advantage of this situation and grow your career. Past and present contacts, colleagues and friends are the lifeblood of any career (“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”).

The Wisdom of Legendary Baseball Player Satchel Paige

Building Personal Strength

Today, I''m fond of Satchel Paige as much for his wisdom as his unprecedented baseball career. Baseball Personal Strength Sports Wisdom When I was ten years old I was crazy about baseball. I played on the "Neosho Nurseries" Little League team and collected baseball cards.

Your Voice of Encouragement: Quotes about Leadership to Inspire You

Your Voice of Encouragement

skip to main | skip to sidebar Wednesday, July 7, 2010 Quotes about Leadership to Inspire You I’ve always loved great quotations, whether the words were spoken by a famous author, scientist, celebrity, sports figure or historical person.

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Leadership “Moment of Truth” for FC Barcelona’s Lionel Messi

Michael Lee Stallard

Another moment of truth in Puyol’s career came when he stopped two teammates from excessive celebrating following a goal. A few moments of truth often capture the essence of a leader’s character and define his legacy.

When It Comes to Winning, What Matters Most Is Heart

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At least five players on the team will eventually have NBA careers. Sports Duke University Basketball Personal Strength Character Strength Teams Success Performance

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Understanding Leadership

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Leadership is a team sport. Books Business Coaching Career Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Leadership Memes Self-Awareness Tips What is Work life Albert Einstein human beings leadership leadership development mind