Doing Well By Doing Good With Darrin Williams, CEO Southern Bancorp

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Darrin Williams , CEO of Southern Bancorp, may have been a little surprised when a world-class business school professor came knocking at his door. Indeed Brian Moynihan, Bank of America’s CEO, and Darrin appeared side by side on “ Mad Money ” on CNBC touting their new partnership.

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Disrupting Finance

Harvard Business

Citigroup leading analyst Ronit Ghose, Lemonade Insurance founder and CEO Daniel Schreiber, and OakNorth Bank founder and CEO Rishi Khosla discuss the new possibilities that AI offers the finance industry. Disruptive innovation Technology Managing organizations AudioThose who manage to use this emerging technology to reduce friction for customers will win.


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Are CEOs Really Necessary Anymore?

Strategy Driven

Which brings us back to those folks in the corporate driver’s seat — the CEO. Doesn’t much of a CEO’s job consist of being on the receiving end of ever-increasing floods of data that can now be gleaned in real time from inputs around the globe? CEO’s Role- Wisdom and Innovation.

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Entrepreneur, CEO or Both? | N2Growth Blog

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Posted on January 21st, 2011 by admin in Leadership , Miscellaneous , Operations & Strategy By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth Entrepreneur, CEO or Both? CEO…that title sounds good doesn’t it? What does a CEO really do anyway? In today’s post I’ll assess what it takes to be an effective CEO and you can decide for yourself if you have what it takes to get the job done.

Leveraging Down for CEOs | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

Think of any top performing CEO and you’ll find that to the one, they possess an uncanny ability to focus on highest and best use activities. While most executives that have reached the C-suite level understand the importance of scaling via delegation, far too many CEOs struggle with the effective implementation of the concept. To this day I’m amazed at how many CEOs still own tasks, roles, projects, and responsibilities that should be delegated to others.

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Should CEOs Have Term Limits? | N2Growth Blog

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Posted on July 7th, 2010 by admin in Leadership , Operations & Strategy , Rants By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth I have read some interesting articles and blog posts of late on the subject of CEO term limits, and felt this topic worthy of discussion. You should know from the outset that I fundamentally disagree with the concept of CEO term limits, and quite frankly I cannot really come up with a valid reason for supporting such a regressive concept.

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Ideas Don't Equal Innovation | N2Growth Blog

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As a result of our conversation, I decided to dust-off an old post, give it a few updates, and pass along my thoughts, which can be best summarized as “ Ideas Don’t Equal Innovation. Those of you familiar with my work are probably wondering if it is really me authoring this text…if you’re baffled at how a champion of innovation can simultaneously be an idea-basher, I urge you to read on, and I promise the congruity will become apparent.

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Are CEOs Overhyped and Overpaid?

Harvard Business

How much do CEOs actually matter? For example, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk enjoy cult-like status and are widely regarded as modern tycoons of innovation. Although such sentiments may not apply to most CEOs, even the anonymous CEO still benefits from the impulse: Most CEOs worldwide earn between 50 and 100 times more than the average worker. The CEO-to-worker pay ratio in America is even bigger, at 350:1.

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The CEO of Children’s National Health System on Leadership, Innovation, and Delivering Specialized Care

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Kurt Newman became a pediatric surgeon because he was attracted to the innovative culture and the extraordinary variety of problems doctors encounter at children’s hospitals, as well as the dramatic recoveries children can make. He went on to become the president and CEO of Children’s National Health System in Washington, DC and recently published a memoir, Healing Children: A Surgeon’s Stories from the Frontiers of Pediatric Medicine.

Research: CEOs with Diverse Networks Create Higher Firm Value

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For example, firms with better-connected CEOs can obtain cheaper financing , and firms with well-connected board directors see better performance. We wanted to explore whether the diversity of CEOs’ networks might affect their firms. Our study , published in the Journal of Corporate Finance, found that CEOs with strong connections to people of different demographic backgrounds and skill sets create higher firm value. Bernhard Lang/Getty Images.

The Right Way to Spend Your Innovation Budget

Harvard Business

Innovation is famously difficult — many projects end up losing money, frustrating employees, and going nowhere. And yet corporations and governments spend billions of dollars annually pursuing innovation. This huge spending would generate more value for businesses and societies if the innovation success rate were just a little higher. Innovation projects often fail because the resources are spent on the wrong kind of innovation.

To Lead a Digital Transformation, CEOs Must Prioritize

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Given the pace at which digital innovation is disrupting industries globally, it’s not surprising that most CEOs feel pressure to find and deploy the right technology as fast as their budgets will allow. Only the CEO has the power to provide this kind of direction across the entire enterprise. Marketing, commercial and finance have to work together to develop new pricing models. Leadership Technology Innovation Digital Article

Stop Saying Big Companies Can’t Innovate

Harvard Business

Some business pundits today believe innovation ignites better in startups than in large, established corporations. In fact, a lot of big companies have proven they are better positioned than emergent firms to create and execute innovation, however on-fire a startup may be. Corporations like these have the assets, resources, and capabilities necessary to fuel innovation. GE is another firm that has committed its size and deep pockets to innovation.

How Banks Should Finance the Social Sector

Harvard Business Review

If financing is offered by a bank, the terms are often too onerous. As a result, charities and social enterprises do not have the cushion of external financing to manage their various capital requirements. This model is an innovative way for donors to achieve greater impact. Bank CEOs are under increasing scrutiny to demonstrate the "good side" of banking. Innovation in social finance should be an integral part of that story.

A Quiet Revolution in Clean-Energy Finance

Harvard Business Review

Solyndra's example has been particularly stark: it raised over $1 billion in equity finance in addition to receiving a $535 million loan guarantee from the Department of Energy, all prior to a cancelled IPO and the recent FBI investigation upon its bankruptcy. While customers may be hesitant to purchase equipment from a nascent startup, GE CEO Jeff Immelt has quipped, "No utility CEO will ever get fired for working with GE." Innovation Sustainability Venture capital

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“Goodbye Mr. Jones”: The End of the Dow as an American Index

Mills Scofield

This is taken from The Intercollegiate Finance Journal (IFJ) is an undergraduate student-run journal about how current finance, economics, business and technology issues affect students'' lives. Pfizer’s CEO, for example, is British. AstraZeneca’s CEO is French and it has a domestic density rating of only 12 percent. Is the concept of national corporations and financial indices outdated? Perhaps!

The Problem with the Profit Motive in Finance

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It was an event packed with prominent people who work (or worked) in finance, but seem to come from a different, more genteel world than the bulk of modern Wall Street: Bogle, Swensen, former Fed chairman Paul Volcker, former TIAA-CREF CEO John Biggs. It drives hard work, innovation, and the success of the capitalist system. You can make a lot of money in finance doing things that are bound blow up in someone's face a few years down the road.

Is This the Hospital That Will Finally Push the Expensive U.S. Health Care System to Innovate?

Harvard Business

As we explain in Reverse Innovation in Health Care , Narayana Health’s founder, Dr. Devi Shetty, wanted to disrupt U.S. ” Narayana Health brought innovative practices honed in India to HCCI to offer first-rate care for 25-40% of U.S. Reverse Innovation in Health Care: How to Make Value-Based Delivery Work. Innovation & Entrepreneurship Book. system to innovate.” Tim Robberts/Getty Images.

High Frequency Trading and Finance’s Race to Irrelevance

Harvard Business Review

They represent the logical extension of a topic that’s captured the attention of a lot of great business minds for some time: the ongoing battle between those who view companies through the lens of building something, and those that view it through the lens of finance. Now, there are some rockstar CEOs — who oftentimes happen to be founders, such as Bezos, Steve Jobs, Reid Hastings — who have the ability to resist the pressure that the markets put on them. Economy Finance

The Power of an Enemy

In the CEO Afterlife

The companies that employed me were generally the underdogs in battles against bigger, better-financed organizations. Live a culture of innovation. Increase your lead, and while they are catching up, you are embracing the next innovation. Leadership Life Marketing Strategy Advertising Apple BlackBerry Branding Business Culture Google In the CEO Afterlife Innovation John Richard Bell Research in Motion RIMI ’m an extremely competitive person.

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Many CEOs Aren’t Breakthrough Innovators (and That’s OK)

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Innovation is widely regarded as important to long-term business performance. However, CEOs often don’t have the career background and education that would equip them to personally lead the process of new product development. We’ve found that CEOs of big pharmaceutical companies, for example, are more likely to have a background as company lawyers, salespeople, or finance managers, than one in medicine or pharmaceutical R&D.

4 Ways to Reinvest in Your Small Business to Drive Success

Strategy Driven

Many start-up CEOs have some of the skills required to run a successful business but are missing others. For example, they may know how to innovate and fill a market need, but they don’t know how to manage people. As a small business owner, earning your first profit is a milestone.

Why CEOs Should Commit to Many Small Battles Instead of a Single Big One

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If you are the CEO of a large, established company, you should be able to enjoy the benefits of size, including the ability to learn from a broad, longstanding customer base. The younger firms seem to excel in speed, experimentation and delivering a steady stream of innovation. Innovation gets handled centrally, far from the front line. The 21st-Century CEO. • Move and innovate faster.

What 11 CEOs Have Learned About Championing Diversity

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Diversity can boost innovation and employee engagement , and companies with greater gender and racial diversity financially outperform their peers. Yet progress within organizations has been slow – there is still a lack of women and minorities in leadership positions, and certain industries like tech and finance are lacking diversity at all levels. About the Interviews I wanted to select a diverse group of CEOs from a range of companies that varied by size and industry.

Research: Index Funds Are Fueling Out-of-Whack CEO Pay Packages

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CEOs get paid handsomely. By endorsing performance-insensitive compensation packages, broadly diversified investors are indeed incentivizing CEOs for good performance. To understand this new explanation for seemingly exorbitant CEO pay, it’s important to understand a recent, fundamental shift in the ownership of U.S. On average, common ownership concentration has almost doubled in the last 20 years in the construction, manufacturing, finance, and services sectors.

Capital vs. Influence

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Savvy CEOs simply aren’t in a rush to close the deal and secure the funding if it means sacrificing knowledge, experience and influence. I recently keynoted at a leadership summit held by a venture capital firm, who in a brilliant move, brought together all their portfolio CEOs for two days of collaboration about what is, and is not working in this economy. Financing - M&A Capital vs. Influence Mike Myatt N2growth Private Equity venture capital

HP Headed to Hotel California?

Women on Business

It’s my stance that HP usually leaps before it looks and I am not sure that I am sold on Whitman as the new CEO. Has a Poor Track Record in Past CEO Selection. Former CEO Mark Hurd exercised poor judgment with a contractor, former CEO Carly Fiorina was unable to successfully forge the merger between HP and. Compaq and there is some speculation that most recent ex-CEO, Leo Apotheker, was hired sight unseen. that focuses on customers and innovation.

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Vision and Leadership | N2Growth Blog

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A CEO’s ability to perform effectively is so closely tied to their ability to form a clearly articulated vision, evangelize the vision and then to execute on their vision, that no real discussion on executive leadership should take place without an emphasis on vision. The good news is that CEOs without vision will take care of themselves in short order, as they simply won’t survive for long. However worse than the CEO with no vision, is a CEO with the wrong vision.

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Attitude Reflects Leadership

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Show me a CEO with a bad attitude and I’ll show you a poor leader. As a CEO, how can you expect to inspire, motivate, engender confidence, and to lead with a lousy attitude? CEOs with bad attitudes will not only fail to engage their workforce, but they will quickly find themselves shown the door as their attitude’s impact on performance becomes visible to the board. Why then do so many CEOs appear to have a bad attitude?

Why Businesses Fail | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

As much as you may wish it wasn’t so, as a CEO you’re really only as good as your last decision. As a person that works with CEOs and entrepreneurs on a daily basis I can tell you with great certainty that all leaders are not created equal when it comes to the competency of their decisioning skills. Nothing will test your metal as CEO more than your ability to make decisions.

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Leadership Interview – Michael Hyatt | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

As Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, the largest Christian publishing company in the world, and the seventh largest trade book publishing company in the U.S., Mike Myatt : How has social media impacted you as a CEO? How refreshing to hear from a CEO that admits human imperfections. Advice from Michael Hyatt, Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, from an interview by Mike Myatt of N2Growth ( [link] ). [.]

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Should Older CEOs Be Forced to Retire?

Harvard Business Review

Shortly thereafter he was forced to retire, due to GE’s mandatory retirement policy for CEOs turning 65. More than a third of S&P 500 firms have a mandatory retirement policy for their CEO. Yes, but with some caveats, according to a paper recently published in the Journal of Empirical Finance. ​​ The background here is that firms with older CEOs tend to perform worse than those with younger ones. Harman Wardani.

Vision vs. Mission | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

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Questions and Team Building | N2Growth Blog

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And I can assure you that any CEO who views him/herself as an army of one will fail. Whether you like it or not, your success as a CEO will be largely tied to your team building ability. Not only do great CEOs understand how to recruit a top executive team, but they also understand how to build cohesion among team members through collaboration while addressing specific situational and contextual needs.

How to Use Uncertainty and Surprise for Breakthroughs


Could we be ignoring the most fundamental tool that anyone can use to create disruptive innovation and change? Some companies and leaders have experienced the inherent value of uncertainty and surprise, and actually use it to out-innovate the competition: Intuit’s flagship product was Quicken, the leading software program for managing home finances. But early on, CEO Scott Cook and his leadership team kept hearing that small businesses were using the product.

2020 Top CHRO List – The People Leaders To Watch

N2Growth Blog

These Human Resource leaders represent the top 25 human resources leaders shaping careers, culture, and talent at the world’s most innovative people driven companies. Second, they must become a trusted consigliere to the CEO. Amazon, its CEO, and yes, it’s CHRO are clearly giants.

Battling Entitlement, the Innovation-Killer

Harvard Business Review

In a business, entitlement inhibits innovation. And without innovation, we have sluggish economic growth. But, if from a very young age, we solve our children's problems for them, we are cutting off our supply of creative problem solvers, future innovators and entrepreneurs. It's no wonder then that the emerging markets are a seedbed of innovation. When we are satiated with stuff, we lose the imperative to innovate and disrupt. Entitlement : (n.)

The Right CEO Personality for Process Improvement

Harvard Business Review

The Conversation Blogs The Conversation The Right CEO Personality for Process Improvement 10:58 AM Tuesday November 23, 2010 by Brad Power | Comments () Email Tweet This Post to Facebook Share on LinkedIn Print I recently argued that in industries such as distribution and logistics (Amazon, FedEx, UPS), process manufacturing (Exxon), insurance (Aetna), restaurants (McDonalds), and retail banking (Bank of America, Citibank, Wells Fargo), continuous process improvement is essential.

The Top Six Innovation Ideas of 2011

Harvard Business Review

These six ideas emerged in 2010 as powerful "innovation invitations" and seem sure to intensify in power and influence. They'll increasingly be a source of, and resource for, innovation differentiation in 2011, if not for your organization, then for the firm you most dread competing against. Whether Google Demo Slam or Sprint's App Competition , digital media has become an innovation battleground for customers, clients, prospective partners, and young talent. That's right.

How Do You Rank the World’s Best CEOs?

Harvard Business Review

How do you measure a CEO’s impact? An HBR team recently addressed that question by ranking CEOs according to the increases their companies have seen in total shareholder return and market capitalization across their whole tenures. HBR’s resulting list of the 100 Global CEOs who have delivered the best financial results, published in its November 2014 issue, placed’s Jeff Bezos squarely at the top.

The Right Way to Plan an Innovation Tour

Harvard Business Review

Innovation tourism: it’s a thing. These well-intentioned professionals travel the world in pursuit of the secret sauce of innovation. Typically, tourism involves guided tours, pitch events, conferences with lots of panels, and well-planned visits to companies, universities, and government agencies tasked with increasing entrepreneurship and innovation. But an innovation tour can be valuable, as long as you know what to look for and think about. Kenneth Andersson.

2011 ASA Deming Lecture by Roger Hoerl – Need Any Country be Poor?

Deming Institute

Deming referred several times to the need to have a senior statistical leader reporting to the CEO. Hunter: an Innovator and Catalyst for Quality Improvement. respect for people video data evidence based management finance health care statistics webcasts2011 ASA Deming Lecture by Roger Hoerl, GE Global Research: The World Is Calling; Should We Answer? Roger starts by discussing some areas of Deming’s work that are not getting the focus they deserve.

Turning Lemons into Lemonade: 10 Inspirational Examples of Epic Failure and Resiliency

Great Leadership By Dan

He also had his fair share of failures, including: The Apple III computer, the Lisa, the early Macintosh computers (John Sculley, the CEO Jobs brought to Apple, pushed him out over the Mac’s initially lackluster sales), Apple TV, the NeXT-like Apple G4 Cube, and Apple’s Pages word processor to name a few. Now, of course, he’s compared with Edison as one of the greatest innovators of all time. "Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.". Confucius.