Gray Versus Green: Who Makes the Better Start-Up CEO?

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This, of course, starts with the CEO, and young companies have a broad set of founders and CEOs with different backgrounds, competencies, and demographics at the helm. Rather than argue for older or younger CEOs, we look at the tradeoff from a neurological point of view.

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Product Manager as CEO

Lead on Purpose

Many product managers have begun their tenure with an up-and-coming company by hearing the phrase, “We want you to be the CEO of the product.” While many have argued the validity of this statement, it is something that every product … Continue reading → Product Management Uncategorized #prodmgmt capital CEO resources success

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The CEO Test

Eric Jacobson

The book is, The CEO Test , written by Adam Bryant and Kevin Sharer. You’ll learn what truly matters to be a successful leader and you’ll discover a clear roadmap for succeeding in these seven critical challenges – the CEO test : Can you develop a simple plan for your strategy?

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What this CEO Learned from Having Covid-19

Skip Prichard

When I first became a manager, I didn’t consider sharing personal stories. Skip Prichard is the CEO of OCLC, Inc. OCLC is an information technology organization providing management systems, discovery, cataloging, resource sharing and digital services to global libraries of all types.

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CEOs Leading with Conviction


After months of managing through an unprecedented crisis, our communities and companies were rocked by another tragic, but this time, all too familiar event. We’re seeing a variety of ways that CEOs and other company leaders are speaking out.

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3 Skills That Set Successful CEOs Apart

Lead Change Blog

There are three competencies that are necessary to have if a CEO is to be successful. A CEO clearly needs to be good at the many competencies that all good leaders need, but these three aren’t quite as critical for leaders at other levels. A CEO who masters these skills drives the success of their organization, commands a significant salary, and sometimes becomes legendary. It explains why the average tenure for a Fortune 500 CEO is only about four and a half years.

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The Five Attributes of Successful Startup CEOs

CEO Insider

Even though every person is different, and every manager has a unique management style, when looking at many of the successful startup CEOs, one finds interesting similarities. CEO Insider

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The Next Generation of CEOs: 10 CEO Ready Leaders

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Lots of executives aspire to become a CEO, but few actually possess the leadership chops to pull it off. As someone who earns their living as a leadership advisor to Fortune 500 CEOs, I always keep a sharp eye peeled for up and coming leaders. The 10 leaders profiled below represent different industries, different disciplines, and even a few different countries, but they all share one thing in common – they’re all CEO ready.

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Are CEOs Really Necessary Anymore?

Strategy Driven

Which brings us back to those folks in the corporate driver’s seat — the CEO. Doesn’t much of a CEO’s job consist of being on the receiving end of ever-increasing floods of data that can now be gleaned in real time from inputs around the globe? CEO’s Role- Wisdom and Innovation.

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CEO Spotlight: Anil Chaturvedi

CEO Insider

He has worked as a Branch Manager at the State Bank of India, a Manager at S.B.I. Capital Markets Ltd, Bombay, a Business Development Manager at the State Bank of India, New […]. CEO Insider

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CEO Spotlight: Joel Rose, CEO of Teach to One

CEO Insider

Joel Rose is the co-founder and CEO of New Classrooms, a non-profit venture that helps schools redesign classrooms and curricula in order to customize teaching and learning. Related posts: CEO Spotlight: Darien Dash, CEO of The Movement Management Advisors. CEO Insider

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When it comes to strategic decision-making, how much do CEOs really matter?

CEO Insider

In fact, this issue has been hotly debated in management and finance circles for decades now. While plenty of anecdotal evidence suggests that CEOs can make or break a firm – remember how every time Steve Jobs sneezed, Apple shares took […].

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This Is What CEO’s Really Want From Their Coach

Lead from Within

It might come as a shock, but two thirds of CEOs don’t receive any form of outside counseling on their leadership skills. Here are the top areas CEOs would like to address with a leadership coach. The post This Is What CEO’s Really Want From Their Coach appeared first on Lolly Daskal.

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Five Questions Every CEO Should Ask

Great Leadership By Dan

Read John’s guest post Five Questions Every CEO Should Ask over at Leadership and Management. accountability alignment CEOs goals John ManningAccording to John Manning , “there are Five Vital Questions you can ask to get razor-sharp clarity around your organization’s productivity.

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How to Be an Effective CEO.

Rich Gee Group

It’s quite simple - unfortunately, there are many critics, books, and know-it-all’s out there trying to ‘complexify’ (my word) the basic responsibilities of a CEO or C-Level executive. This is the most important skill – everyone goes to work, but it’s how you manage their expectations, keep them focused, and acknowledge them for their efforts that win the game. It’s call management by holding back information.

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How to Prevent CEO Disease

Coaching Tip

CEO Disease" is a term used to describe the isolation that envelops a leader when subordinates become reluctant to disclose bad news or worst-case scenarios that might trigger a shoot-the-messenger response. However, that is beginning to change as c-level executives seek a cure for "CEO Disease" by participating in interactive conversations through their personal blogs. . They humanize the Web and keep CEOs in touch with what’s going on out in the world. .

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Managing Irrational Colleagues

Lead Change Blog

A four-year study by found that 23 percent of CEOs were fired for denying reality , meaning refusing to recognize negative facts about his or her organization’s performance. The post Managing Irrational Colleagues appeared first on Lead Change. When was the last time a colleague said something so ridiculously irrational that it made your jaw drop?

Talent Management and Preparing Leaders Correctly with Piet Hein Merckens

N2Growth Blog

That is a tough statistic to try to wrap your mind around, and I was interested in Piet’s opinion on how did we get to this point and how there could be some solutions to solve this talent management gap. The report shows that CEOs are hyper-focus on execution.

The New Definition of CEO Chief

Lead Change Blog

I’ve concluded – much of what goes wrong behavioral in leading, managing, and counterproductive employee behavior, can be tied to EQ (emotional intelligemce). Read more… Author information JoAnn Corley JoAnn is the CEO & Founder of The Human Sphere, a holistic talent management consultancy. If emotional intelligence is not part of your training and development portfolio – please add it.

CEO Spotlight: Q&A With Nitin Khanna: Investor, Entrepreneur, & MergerTech CEO

CEO Insider

Innovation, creativity, philanthropy, and the entrepreneurial spirit define the life and achievements of former MergerTech CEO Nitin Khanna. Khanna sold his first company, Saber Software, for four times its market value in 2008; he now manages and invests in businesses across many industries.

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Leadership Interview: Mehdi Tazi, CEO at Beassur Marsh Shares His Perspective on Talent Gaps

N2Growth Blog

JH: In a recent international leadership survey, over 80% of CEOs answered that they do not have the talent to execute their current corporate strategy. JH: What is a core message you would give leaders to avoid becoming a part of this problem CEO’s face today?

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Secrets for Successful Start up CEOs

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A start up CEO needs a different skill set than a growth CEO or a steady state CEO. Some CEOs imagine they will raise cash or make sales but they do not do the work to make it happen. CEOs who succeed do the work. This ties to time management and is likely why I wrote my first book. I see many start up CEOs fail because they think they know it all. Many start up CEOs like the title but not the work it takes to build a company.

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Are You an Accidental Soul-Sucking CEO?

Joseph Lalonde

For the last 20 years, and all around the world, we CEOs have invested untold millions into the question: “What does it take to have an engaged workplace culture?” It Lands On the CEO’s Door Step. They have to go to the trainings, and then report up line to their managers annually to account for why that needle hasn’t budged. How to Be a Soul-Sucking CEO. In his 2018 annual letter to CEOs, Larry Fink, Chairman and CEO of global investment company, BlackRock, Inc.,

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GAMES: The Quest for Zero Percent Management

CEO Insider

With all the management tools and theories available, you’d think we’d have management down to an exact science. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Will Aetna CEO Transform Healthcare (and CEO Leadership While He’s at it)?

Michael Lee Stallard

At the 2015 World Business Forum in New York City, Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini laid out the most important vision at the conference: a vision to save healthcare. Bertolini’s dedication to the cause of reforming healthcare and actions as CEO make him a clear example of a servant leader. Although he still experiences neuropathy in his left arm, he manages the pain with yoga and acupuncture. Mark Bertolini is a CEO to watch.

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Crisis Management: The Ultimate Test of a Leader | In the CEO.

In the CEO Afterlife

In the CEO Afterlife. Crisis Management: The Ultimate Test of a Leader. The sudden, unexpected and potentially catastrophic event that threatens a business is a CEO’s greatest challenge. Everyone watched as CEO Tony Hayward made blunder after blunder while BP’s crude killed. How is it possible for three months of crisis management ineptitude to occur in an organization the size of BP with a product as environmentally toxic as oil? Main menu Home.

Are Great CEOs Always Great Leaders?

In the CEO Afterlife

In my mind, the best CEOs are usually the ones who are in a race to the future – they’re obsessed with defining the future because they can’t stomach the thought of reacting to a future created by their competitors. During his era, Steve Jobs was miles ahead of every other forward thinking CEO in that race. That established Steve Jobs as the greatest CEO of our time. leads is not a great CEO (of that company). Can a good “start-up” CEO guide a mature organization?

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What CEOs Can Learn from Alcoholics Anonymous

Michael Lee Stallard

CEOs who want to effect major change have their work cut out for them. It might not be an obvious place to look, but CEOs can learn about successfully implementing change from Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Here are three insights from AA’s approach that CEOs need to understand if they are to succeed at changing their organizations. Furthermore, CEOs need to manage expectations by letting people know change will be difficult but well worth it.

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Henry Mintzberg’s Bedtime Stories for Managers

Leading Blog

M INTZBERG’S 20th book, Bedtime Stories for Managers , is a thought-provoking page-turner. (In The theme running through most is that managers/leaders need to get out from behind their desks and see the world from the perspective of their employees and customers. To this end, he dedicates the book to “all those managers who eat the scrambled eggs to help their organization work like a cow.” Management is not eating the eggs. Management

The Three Human Capital Management Concerns Keeping U.S. CEOs Up At Night

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Bhushan Sethi: Most US CEOs say technological advances will transform their businesses within the next five years. After surveying 1,344 CEOs in 68 countries, we found that 70% of US CEOs are concerned about the skills gap. Three concerns crucial to human capital management leadership over the next few years are: 1. Five years after the financial crisis, just 32% of US CEOs say the level of trust with employees has improved.

Managing Expectations

Women on Business

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Why Every Fortune 1000 CEO “Needs a Therapist”

Lead Change Blog

The leading futurist in this field concluded his recommendations by saying, “I believe that every CEO should be assigned a therapist when they take the job.”. Seasoned CEOs, hired for their industry experience and leadership abilities, may never actually have had to pivot and innovate in the way that today’s world requires: agile, fast, and iterative. In fact, the opposite may happen: the CEO could be the roadblock to the whole transformative process.

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The Cure for CEO Disease

Coaching Tip

General Motors CEO Mary Barra acknowledged as much in testimony on Capitol Hill this week as congressional investigators sought to find out exactly when GM executives knew that faulty ignition switches in some cars were linked to fatal accidents. "I CEO disease" is a term used to describe the isolation that envelops a leader when subordinates become reluctant to disclose bad news or worst-case scenarios that might trigger a shoot-the-messenger response. The First Woman CEO at GM?

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A CEO’s Guide to Leadership Development

Great Leadership By Dan

The biggest differentiator of companies that excel in leadership development is the commitment and ownership of the CEO or top executive.” — Dan McCarthy. It’s easy for a “chicken” CEO to just pay lip service to leadership development. So when it comes to leadership development, what’s the difference between a CEO that is just “involved” and one that is really committed ? Here are 10 things that I believe would give any CEO the best return on their time invested.

7 CEO Success Tips – How To Be A Better Leader

N2Growth Blog

When similar journeys are decided on by leaders in the driver’s seat of their organizations, the challenge to accomplish such a task means that CEOs must be able to navigate their way around the VUCA minefields (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) and instruct their senior teams how to do the same. They are the 7 CEO success tips to use for your executive teams, offering a new approach to successful completion when starting out on a journey to success. By Damian D.

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See the Big Picture to Succeed as a CEO

Great Leadership By Dan

Summer Sanders CEOs must see the upcoming organizational challenges from multiple perspectives with a big picture. The visionary CEOs like Richard Branson, Warren Buffett and Lou Gerstner have an innate ability to see the big picture. Robert Katz and Conceptual Skills Robert Katz outlines three levels of management—low, middle and top level management. At each level of management, there is a need for technical skills, human skills and conceptual skills.

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CEOs Bring in Big Bucks, Even More When a CFO is Hired after Them

CEO Insider

New Research Sheds Light on Phenomenon that an Increase CEO Pay by 10% It’s common knowledge that chief executive officers (CEOs) of companies are highly paid, but new research shows a certain phenomenon can bump that yearly salary up even higher—about 10% higher. CEO Insider

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The Importance of Succession Planning and Talent Management: A CEO’s Perspective

Great Leadership By Dan

CEO’s don’t only get fired for poor performance, and you can usually see it coming, thus providing ample opportunity to consider succession choices. Failure to have a CEO succession plan is nothing short of dereliction of duty. Then look to the CEO, some of whom, fearing competition, don’t even want to deal with the notion of a succession plan. From my perspective, succession planning and its sister initiative, talent management, must both be ingrained in a corporate culture.

Finding Your Stride as a New Manager

Lead Change Blog

Management isn’t doing—it’s seeing that it gets done.” Belker, The First-Time Manager. Tons of information is accessible on the internet on mistakes that first-time managers make. Enough literature is available on developing new skills by new managers. Here are key skills that the first-time managers need: Listening skills. First-time supervisors are individual contributors promoted as managers. The boss can also coach the new manager.

How a Lean CEO Thinks and Why You Should Too

Leading Blog

The Lean CEO by Jacon Stoller gets to the thinking behind why Lean management works. It is a holistic approach to management. It is “a fundamental overhaul in the way companies manage people.” Management does not lack data. Stoller begins The Lean CEO with an exceptional survey of how we got to be so wasteful. Many Lean CEOs would not have adopted Lean practices without a crisis. Management

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For CEOs, Safe Decisions Aren’t Always Safe

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We need CEOs who want others to do better and be better. What we don’t need is more CEOs who hide in safe harbors. You can spot a struggling (and potentially failing) CEO a mile off by simply looking at the types of decisions they make. Not surprisingly, weak CEOs pander to public opinion, they manage the routine rather than the extraordinary, and they worry more about being right than achieving the right outcome. News Flash: safe decisions rarely are.

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The Worst CEOs of 2012: What did we Learn?

Great Leadership By Dan

This post first appeared 1/24/2013 on SmartBlog on Leadership : The year 2013 has begun, and with it a new year of scrutinizing CEO performance. The Bloomberg Businessweek Worst CEOs of 2012. Forbes the Worst CEO Screw-ups of 2012. Aubrey McClendon, CEO, Chesapeake Energy, made the top of the list, although it’s not ranked. Herb Greenberg’s Worst CEO of 2012 (CNBC). Valuewalk’s Worst CEOs of 2012. Motley Fool’s Worst CEO of 2012.

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CEO Spotlight: Pipeliner CRM’s Nikolaus Kimla on Making the World a Better Place Through Sales

CEO Insider

One thing about Nikolaus Kimla is undeniable: he intrinsically understands sales, and as the Founder and CEO of Pipeliner CRM, a customer relationship management platform purpose-built for salespeople, and its associated media channel SalesPOP!, CEO Insider

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