Creating an Effective Peer Review System

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Employee performance reviews are a hot topic once again. Many people think real-time peer reviews will be a key piece of the puzzle. But how do you create, maintain and support a successful real-time peer review program to make sure it delivers on its potential? Peer reviews shouldn’t feel like work. For example, JetBlue’s CEO Robin Hayes has at one point given each crewmember in the company a Lift award for reaching certain milestones.

Employees speak out against Facebook’s ‘Hunger Games’ Employee Review Process

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According to a CNBC report published on Tuesday, former Facebook employees say a ruthless ‘stacked ranking’ review process created a cult-like culture where they felt the need to feign happiness in a desperate attempt to form friendships with colleagues to advance their careers. The former employees put the blame on Facebook’s bi-annual peer review system which heavily relies on the perception and feedback of colleagues. Featured News Facebook peer review system stack rank

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Are CEOs Overhyped and Overpaid?

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How much do CEOs actually matter? Although such sentiments may not apply to most CEOs, even the anonymous CEO still benefits from the impulse: Most CEOs worldwide earn between 50 and 100 times more than the average worker. The CEO-to-worker pay ratio in America is even bigger, at 350:1. It is therefore reasonable to ask whether CEOs are actually worth it. To answer this question, I considered several scientific studies of CEO impact.

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Unexpected Leadership Lessons that Mobsters Can Teach Lawful Leaders

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Zimmerman is also a founding editor of the Journal of Accounting and Economics, one of the most highly referenced peer-reviewed journals in economics, and has served on several public company boards of directors.

The Swedish CEO Who Runs His Company Like a CrossFit Gym

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This hasn’t gone unnoticed by some leaders, and a new generation of CEOs taking a cue from this last bastion of the Protestant work ethic. He’s the CEO and self-titled “Head Coach ” of Björn Borg, the Swedish sports fashion company named after the tennis star. When he was brought in as CEO in August 2014, the company wasn’t in great shape. ” But in his defense, the CEO is not entirely trapped in a bubble.

Loyalty Beyond Reason Defined

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Previously he was with global creative powerhouse Saatchi & Saatchi for 25 years, with CEO roles at Team One Advertising in Los Angeles and at Saatchi & Saatchi Australia and Japan. He has been published in Advertising Age, the Journal of Advertising Research, and in several peer-reviewed books and journals. This is a post by Brian Sheehan, author of Loveworks: How the World''s Top Marketers Make Emotional Connections to Win in the Marketplace.

Unusual Hiring Practices

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Gabriel Fairman , Founder and CEO of BureauWorks , has been working on transforming localization business processes into technology over the past 15 years. Over the past 5 years he has focused on developing algorithms that make sense of bigger data patterns in order to predict translator performance based on data obtained through peer reviews. The challenge on building AI towards that end is that translations can be great and still be significantly changed by reviewers.

Data Can Do for Change Management What It Did for Marketing

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These are not the foundations of a proper science that verifies knowledge through experiment and replication of findings in peer-reviewed studies. This makes it difficult to justify investment in change management with the rigor that a data-driven CEO or CFO might expect. Neasden Control Centre for HBR. Business in the 21st century is being redefined by a data-driven revolution.

If There’s Only One Woman in Your Candidate Pool, There’s Statistically No Chance She’ll Be Hired

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There are more CEOs of large U.S. companies who are named David (4.5%) than there are CEOs who are women (4.1%) — and David isn’t even the most common first name among CEOs. So because 95% of CEOs are white men , the status quo bias can lead board members to unconsciously prefer to hire more white men for leadership roles.

How Leaders Can Help Others Influence Them

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But my peer-review literature search revealed no similar ways to assess how willing leaders are to be influenced or how transparent they are about how they can best be influenced. I worked with a CEO who used this approach. Recently, I was talking with a senior leader from a world-class global learning and development company. We were discussing his firm’s approach to teaching leadership. He was talking about how to help leaders influence others.

Performance-Based Pay for Executives Still Works

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And while it’s true, as they write, that “large bonuses and stock options have been held responsible for overly risky behavior and short-term strategies,” I know of no peer-reviewed evidence that the crisis was actually due to poor incentives, and their article cites none. Given the current levels of equity compensation, this would cost the average CEO $4.5 Performance-based pay has come under fire since the global financial crisis.

How B2B Marketers Can Get Started with Social Media

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Many B2B CEOs still believe that social media isn’t right for them. And the information and reviews these people are providing about B2B interactions carry a lot of heft. One study found that 62% of respondents said they’d purchase products or services from a B2B company after reading a positive review, while only 42% said they’d purchase from a B2C company after reading a positive review.

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Are Business Schools Creating Higher-Ambition Leaders?

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Even though I'm now retired from the faculty of Harvard Business School, I still have the opportunity as a consultant to learn from the CEOs I work with — especially those who believe a company should create both economic and social value, a dual-purpose that benefits not only investors but also employees, customers, suppliers, and society at large. Higher-ambition CEOs know who they are, and how they lead and run their companies reflects their personal values and principles.

A Way to Gauge How Well Your Company Is Really Performing

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Just change the peer group, and a laggard becomes a leader, or vice versa. When Jack Welch was CEO of GE, he famously tasked each business with achieving number 1 or number 2 status in its industry, a goal-setting principle that echoes across the decades. We believe that the method, which has been published in a top peer-reviewed journal, is statistically sound. Do you have an accurate sense of how your company stacks up?

Make Your Knowledge Workers More Productive

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In 2011, Thierry Andretta, the CEO of French fashion company Lanvin, announced an initiative called "no email Wednesdays" because he thought people had stopped actually talking to each other. Marissa Mayer, Yahoo''s CEO, ended the company''s work-from-home policy to foster a more collaborative, innovative environment. The analyst would then review each law and group them by similar characteristic.

Speed Up Your Product Development Without Losing Control

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As Andy Singleton, CEO at Assembla , explained to me, continuous deployment can be both cheaper and lower risk. Google combines automated testing with a related process that requires a human peer to review code changes. Together, the automated testing and peer review provide a high level of quality control that frees Google developers to actually work on the needed changes themselves.

Why Men Have More Help Getting to the C-Suite

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A typical comment came from Mark, a successful serial entrepreneur in the tech sector and CEO at Pfister Strategy Group, Inc., “An overwhelming majority of those I have sponsored in my arena have been male. Rigorous, peer-reviewed research debunks these myths. At the last big Apple media event, I was left scratching my head. Executive after executive came out, presented a new product or upgrade, and emphasized how new and cool it was.

How Facebook Tries to Prevent Office Politics

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” “Describe a few of your peers at your company and what type of relationship you have with each of them.” For years Facebook has held weekly Q&A sessions where anyone at the company can ask a question and get an answer directly from our CEO and the rest of our leadership team. We‘ve created processes and tools to minimize the impact of personal bias on our hiring process and our performance reviews.