What Kind of Innovator Are You?

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When it comes to innovation, it is no different. Jeff DeGraff writes in The Innovation Code , “ Your dominant worldview is your biggest strength —the quality that makes you stand out from other people.” DeGraff describes four basic worldviews or approaches to innovation : the Artist, the Engineer, the Athlete, and the Sage. The Artist The Artist loves radical innovation. This is the high-risk, high-reward innovation approach.” What kind of innovator are you?

5 Components of Charismatic Leadership

Skip Prichard

Charismatic leaders engage in innovative behaviors that run counter to the established norms of their organizations, industries, and/or societies. Once the new order is institutionalized, charisma fades because the need for radical change has disappeared.


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Too Much Charisma Can Make Leaders Look Less Effective

Harvard Business

But our research shows that while having at least a moderate level of charisma is important, having too much may hinder a leader’s effectiveness. First, it’s important to understand what charisma is. Traditional models of charismatic leadership state that charisma is not a personality trait, but simply exists in the eye of the beholder. In other words, charisma is attributed to someone , as opposed to being grounded in one’s personality.

Unemotional Leadership—an Oxymoron

Lead on Purpose

The common thread connecting these names is passion, others might call it charisma. The Components of Charisma. Defining charisma is difficult. While we know it when we see it, like love, it is difficult to define because both charisma and love are experienced on an emotional rather than rational level. Those with charisma understand who they are. Generating that interest is what leadership is all about and charisma plays a large role in successful leadership.

Why You Need Charisma

Harvard Business Review

The emerging leaders and rising entrepreneurs on whom I place my bets have one thing in common besides a promising idea: a lot of charisma. Charisma isn't oratory or rhetoric; Lee is not a polished speaker or writer. Charisma isn't devoid of substance, either. That's the essence of charisma. Charisma has been getting a bad rap recently. But rejecting charisma as a factor goes overboard, missing the personal appeal that makes someone a leader.

Can Charisma Be Taught?

Harvard Business Review

Indeed, "perhaps only in Silicon Valley would a group of engineers think they could hack their way to charisma with a series of neuroscientific shortcuts." This is how opportunities to be nimble and innovative are squandered, he says, and how companies become irrelevant. Companies should value initiative, innovation, and passion, he says, over obedience, diligence, and, yes, even expertise.

You Don’t Need Charisma to Be an Inspiring Leader

Harvard Business Review

The problem is that most leaders believe that in order to inspire other people, they must exude the uncommon charisma of someone like Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, Jr., A decision to kill the cutting edge “Newton” PDA in 1996 is how Steve Jobs inspired Apple’s engineers to begin thinking differently on their way to one of the most innovative product development runs in history. Virtually every leader wishes they had the power to inspire people to change.

The Value of Professional Conferences. Also Why Has There Been So Little Innovation?

Curious Cat

When I used to think about this 20, 15 and 10 years ago the opportunities to innovate using new technology and thinking differently about the value conferences provide lead to tons of idea on how they could be much better. And maybe I am wrong and they really have all sorts of great things they are doing to meet customer needs in innovative ways. And while keynote speakers often have charisma and polished presentation styles I often found their content very lacking.

LeadershipNow 140: April 2019 Compilation

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Why Authenticity is the New Charisma by @SusanMazza. How to Create a Culture of Innovation from @Ex2Lead. Here are a selection of tweets from April 2019 that you don't want to miss: You Are the Captain of Your Ship by @FSonnenberg. VIDEO SHORT: April 29, 2019 Monday Motivation @HighPointU @NidoQubein The more you celebrate your life the more there is to in your life to celebrate. Cross-Cultural Leadership: How to Avoid Making People Lose Face by Aad Boot @LeadershipWatch.

Tips for overcoming racial discrimination in the workplace

HR Digest

Tina Charisma, the founder of Charisma Campaign, explained “diversified work forces support empathy and compassion between people beyond their race in that the awareness shared during conversations goes on to influence relationships and eventually work practices.”.

The 8 Elements of Punk Rock Business

Leading Blog

Many businesses these days are clogged up by bureaucracy that thwarts innovation, slows down creativity, and encourages mediocrity. If people see that you are fundamentally a good person, whose heart is in the right place, whose motives are pure, who has charm and charisma, who isn’t arrogant or conceited, who cares about people, and above all else is human and has humility, then you can apply all eight elements without worrying if you’re going too far.” O K, I’ll bite.

Do Leaders Really Matter?

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Charisma helps leaders bypass filtration. Extremes, on the other hand, are all about innovation. Are individual leaders truly responsible for the end result, or do they just happen to be there—for better or worse? asks Gautam Mukunda in Indispensible. To be sure, Lincoln and Churchill have mattered, but does every leader matter? Of course, every leader matters to someone. But here Mukunda is talking about leaders who matter on a larger scale—those that matter to all of us.

Favorites of 2012: Team Building and Leadership Blog Articles

Mike Cardus

Charisma is NOT a replacement for Competence. Corporate Team Building Innovation Leadership Organization Development Team Building articlesWith the end of the year approaching, this week is great to share some of my favorites of 2012. Here is the schedule it may change; 12/20/12 – Team Building & Leadership Photos. 12/21/12 – Images used in presentations & Articles. 12/27/12 – Team Building & Leadership activities (simulations).


Lead Change Blog

Its charisma comes from change—turning the animator or shaking the kaleidoscope enables the mirrored pieces of glass (granddaughters call them jewels) to constantly change positions revealing awesome images. His newest book is Kaleidoscope: Delivering Innovative Service That Sparkles. LeadChange is a really cool word picture. The message is this: the role of leadership and the practice of change are intertwined.

Laying Groundwork: How Do Leaders Create Positive Company Culture?

CO2 Business Leadership

The culture can emerge from the leader’s own personal charisma or ethos. The culture can also take shape around how the organization differentiates itself from others or how it innovates. Innovation is as good a way as any to build effective cultures. Consider for a moment the four methods of innovation that Gary Hamel identified: Process Innovation (Make it better). Leadership Innovation (Work different). Corporate Culture.

Hamel 40

Leadership Evolution

Coaching Tip

This kind of leadership presents zero possibilities for creativity and innovation, as followers must implement specific orders to the letter or face a terrible fate. . Not “do they have charisma?” We''ve had too much charisma the last 100 years.". There has probably been more written over the ages about leadership than any other subject in the business arena.

How To Achieve Executive Presence

Eric Jacobson

And according to the senior leaders that Hewlett researched the top aspects of gravitas are : Confidence and "grace under fire" Decisiveness and "showing teeth" Integrity and "speaking truth to power" Emotional intelligence Reputation and standing/"pedigree" Vision/charisma In her book, Executive Presence , she teaches how to act, communicate and look your best while avoiding the most common blunders in each of these three categories.

Dr. Martin Luther King Wasn’t Perfect — And That Should Be Encouraging

Ron Edmondson

That we could never attain greatness, because we don’t have the charisma of Dr. King. Call to Ministry Culture Encouragement Innovation Kingdom Leadership Life Plan Martin Luther King wasn’t perfect. And that should be encouraging to all of us. I’m reminded of the great prophet Elijah from the Bible. God used him once to hold back the rain. He was fed by ravens. He kept a widow and her son alive — miraculously.

Work with Who Your People Are, Not Who You’d Like Them to Be

Great Leadership By Dan

Of course, leaders have always relied on their charisma as one of the tools of persuasion, but persuasive intelligence alone is not enough, today’s leader must also possess mental agility and deftness with behavioral strategy. They have won business awards around the world for Innovation, Creativity and ROI working with such organizations as Coca-Cola, Unilever, News Corp and the United Nations in Singapore.

All Work in Done Through Relationships

Coaching Tip

It is not a personality attribute, inherent charisma or physical attractiveness. Why Innovation is not "Invented Here". . Fostering the formation of positive relationships in organizations is a topic that has been well examined. One of the most important findings associated with this research, however, is the explanation for why positive relationships produce desirable outcomes.

7 Essential Attributes for Picking Good Leaders

Leading Blog

Charisma and smooth talk just aren’t enough. For example, innovation “requires the imagination to conceive of a new vision, the judgment to ensure this vision is practical and can be implemented, the empathy to anticipate how others will react to the new idea and to garner their support, and the courage to stick with a plan despite inevitable bumps in the road.” They note that because innovation draws on so many of the seven attributes it is a rare quality among many leaders.)

The Three Pillars Of Executive Presence

Eric Jacobson

And according to the senior leaders that Hewlett researched the top aspects of gravitas are : Confidence and "grace under fire" Decisiveness and "showing teeth" Integrity and "speaking truth to power" Emotional intelligence Reputation and standing/"pedigree" Vision/charisma In her new book, Executive Presence , she teaches how to act, communicate and look your best while avoiding the most common blunders in each of these three categories.

Unleashing Your Leadership Presence …

The Empowered Buisness

Leadership p resence includes character, charisma and self-confidence YET is much more. When they allow energy to flow, they are alive, engaged, passionate, on purpose, creative, innovative, intuitive, clear, visionary, playful, relaxed and refreshed. Even Before You Speak. In 1987, I flew to LA to a women’s leadership conference for one reason only. To meet Anita Roddick, founder and “then” CEO of multi-billion dollar franchise, Photo by David Niblack.

Do You Have A Money Making Personality?


Or maybe you choose Ivan- he has all the charisma and social skills of a high achiever. Her ability to take control may lead her to become too controlling which will strangle other’s creativity and innovation. by Do You Have A Money Making Personality? Suppose you have observed four young people on their first day at your company and you are asked to tell which one of them will make it to the top? Which one will make the most money?

Why should anyone be led by you? That’s a dumb question.

Mike Cardus

Charisma is the antithesis of effective in role-leadership it develops blind followership and removes the democratic relationship of a team of skilled, competent people working together to achieve common/shared goals. Other “assumed leadership qualities” such as courage, initiative, proactivity, energy, flexibility, open-mindedness, imaginativeness, innovative, resilient, etc… are all everyday qualities that are needed for any working role.

The One Thing Today’s Leaders Need To Do

Tanveer Naseer

And yet, despite those increasing demands and distractions – not to mention the need for continuous adaptation and innovation in light of changes that are brought on both within and outside the organization – there is in fact one thing that every leader today should be doing. Some other posts you may enjoy: Understanding The Value Of Charisma In Leadership Are You Creating Value Through Your Leadership?

Social Nation - CEO Blog - Time Leadership

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Things like Principle 4 - Monitor and measure your communities contributions and Principle 6 - Rely on your community for growth and innovation. CEO Blog - Time Leadership Friday, November 26, 2010 Social Nation I ran the 4 th annual Turkey trot in Huntington yesterday. Great weather. 40 degrees at the start. It was a hilly 4 mile course. My time was 29:58 which was good since my goal was 30 minutes. Then I celebrated US Thanksgiving with friends.

Blog 176

CEO Blog - Time Leadership

CEO Blog

Many business analysts attribute a great deal of Virgins success to the innovative leadership style of its chairman, Sir Richard Branson, who has demonstrated a marked ability to inspire his people to innovate and grow. Watson infused his charisma within the organization by instituting policies and rituals tied to his personal beliefs.

Blog 186

Leaders: Born or Made? | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

If we’re to be honest with ourselves, as opposed to defending a particular position to suit our needs, we’ve all known born leaders…They are those affable individuals that posses charisma and presence combined with the ability to make good decisions that people have flocked to since an early age.

Blog 325

When Charismatic Leadership Goes Too Far

Harvard Business

In most cases, charisma is a useful quality for CEOs. Especially when an organization is asked to become more innovative and to perform beyond normal levels, having followers with an unusually strong belief in the leader and their vision increases the odds of success. But charisma has a dark side that can sap the strength and potency from an organization. Charisma is often misunderstood. Bu charisma can be a slippery slope.

LeadershipNow 140: October 2012 Compilation

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MaxMckeown: " A crisis is a terrible thing to waste." ~ The Truth About Innovation cc: Larry Page, Google. RosabethKanter: Why charisma matters - and how to develop it. Here are a selection of tweets from October 2012 that you might have missed: Story vs. Storytelling by @tomasacker. NPR Decision Time: Why Do Some Leaders Leave A Mark? Are You Prepared for Your Moment of Truth? by @jamesstrock. RobertHThompson: What Moderation Means. What Do Managers Do at Work? by @HalGregersen.

Nominations Being Accepted for Exceptional Women in Business.

Women on Business

According to today’s press release from Veuve Clicquot, the award recognizes successful British businesswomen with judges focusing on the following qualities: Achievement Motivational ability Innovation Creativity Business acumen Entrepreneurship Dynamism Charisma A profound concern for the sustainable growth of her business and development of her team A focus on responsible and sustainable growth as it relates to the environment Do you know a British woman in business who fits the bill?

No Brilliant Jerks: How to Deal with Maverick CEOs

Leading Blog

He is a smart, entrepreneurial visionary with great charisma. B OARDS and executives are feeling an unusual amount of pressure these days. And it’s not from covid-19—the squeeze started several years ago.

CEO 334

Humility and Leadership | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

It is the genuine nature of their subtle & quiet charisma/presence, and not the decibel level of their rhetoric that draws you in.

Blog 329

Making Your Case to Senior Executives

Curious Cat

That builds the case for using the management ideas I believe in and listening to what I say (based on past results instead of my charisma or communication skill). This month Dr. Suresh Gettala writes about the Talking To the C-Suite About Quality in the monthly ASQ Influential Voices post.

Craft a Remarkable Personal Brand Statement! 29 Steps & Examples

Miles Anthony Smith

Hubert Rampersad ​"Passionate and compassionate to inspire learning individuals to unlock their potential and dedicated to energize innovative organizations within the service and manufacturing industry. Using my holistic insight and innovative Total Performance Scorecard principles, I promise to help my customers to realize their financial dreams." ​9. Also, a little charisma does go a long way.

What Great Leaders Have in Common


Gary Hamel provides examples of exactly the kinds of tough questions leaders and organizations must ask in his HBR article “ The Why, What, and How of Management Innovation” : What tough trade-offs do we never get right? Source of the serene passion (charisma) required to lead and to developing leadership skills and to develop others as leaders, and the source of persistence (joy in the labor of) when the path gets tough.

Hamel 60

Six Ways To Earn The Trust Of Those Around You

Tim Milburn

You may have charisma, an outstanding talent, the ability to communicate well, and the most capable team on the planet. When you gather people of diverse viewpoints and ideas, you create opportunity for innovation and immense creativity. I walked into the room full of newly elected student leaders. You could feel the excitement. You could sense that each one of them was motivated to do his or her very best. They all wore the same t-shirt. They were all on the same team.

Great Leaders Make Decisions | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

Do you have boundless energy or mesmerizing charisma? Walt Disney, one of the greatest creative talents and true innovators of our time realized the value of action when he said: “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.&# Furthermore, if your company isn’t leveraging action learning to develop leaders, fuel innovation, foster collaboration, and catalyze growth then you are missing a substantial opportunity.

Blog 307

Like It or Not, You Are Always Leading by Example

Harvard Business

Competence, character, creativity, and charisma remain difficult qualities to quantify, let alone cultivate. When entrepreneurs, innovators, and executives describe the kind of leaders they want to be and/or hire, an unhappy truth invariably emerges: The attributes they so admire often aren’t the behaviors they display. Charm and charisma are wonderful, but good examples can prove as persuasive as great presence.

Definition of Leadership | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

Motivating Your Most Creative Employees

Harvard Business

These ideas are the seeds of innovation : the intellectual foundation for any new products and services that enable some organizations to gain a competitive advantage over others. However, organizations are often unable to put in place the right processes, leadership, and culture to turn creative ideas into actual innovations, which causes even their most creative employees to underperform. Yuji Karaki/Getty Images.

How to hack a management system [brief talk]

Ask Atma

Wiring in innovation as a cultural behavior. Training for charisma, confidence, and presentation skills. [A 5 minute talk given at LA Hackers on April 23, 2011 at Coloft]. My name is Atma. I am an industrial psychologist. That’s kind of like a project manager on academic steroids. I specialize in the psychology of organizations and am currently working on my PhD in this topic. Part of the power of organizational psychology is that it leverages emotional energy.