7 Interesting Reasons to Invest In Platinum Today

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The investment market dealing with precious metals has barely made the cut in terms of popularity among people, and it’s not something many people tap into, if they do hear about it, it’s mostly for either gold, silver or palladium.

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Where Are All The Great Careers? Hiding Right Here.

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Car Sales - If you get into the game, you can quickly become a finance or desk manager making $120+ a year. A friend of mine is a chemical plant manager and he said that he pays his engineers $110k and he is worried that they aren’t paying enough.

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Building Your Brand “Buddy the Elf” Style – Part 1 :: Women on.

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For others, adults, Buddy was a “chemically imbalanced” adult man who thinks and dresses like an elf running around through the streets of New York City.

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How Organic Wine Finally Caught On

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The paltry market for organic wine around the world belies the fact that over the past half century, countless organic winegrowers and vintners have dedicated great effort to creating a larger market for the category, without much success. Through historical research and many interviews, we found several ways in which early stumbles in the organic wine market created marketing problems that the industry still struggles to overcome. Kroeger/Gross/Getty Images.

Can Index Funds Be a Force for Sustainable Capitalism?

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These two trends may seem separate—or, some people believe, incompatible—but together I believe they have the power to improve finance’s role in the world. It is tough to beat the market and over long periods of time indexing has been shown to outperform most active managers. On the other side, fans of active management see it as a trend that can damage market efficiency and lead to distortions in market prices. Hiroshi Watanabe/Getty Images.

Why America Is Losing Its Entrepreneurial Edge

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financial services sector went from 13,000 of independent banks to half that number, while the top ten banks grew from 20% market share to 60%. As of 2013, the top ten banks had 70% of the market. In chemicals, energy, technology, beer and more, you can see a multi-decade trend toward the consolidation of behemoths. In a concentrated market, competitors are few, and growth may come more from mergers and government lobbying than new product lines. The U.S.

Ending the Shareholder Lawsuit Gravy Train

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The Supreme Court is going to host a debate next week on the efficient market hypothesis. a case scheduled to go to oral arguments on March 5, the Supremes are reconsidering the “fraud on the market” doctrine at the heart of most securities-class-action lawsuits.

What It Will Take to Fix HR

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Break up a strategic function in response to underperformance in the wake of severe market disruptions? What would the capital markets look like today if a similar tack had been taken when the CFO role was ripe for transformation? Nearly 40 percent of the 312 CFOs and other executives participating in Deloitte’s 2013 Global Finance Talent Survey said they are either “barely able” or “unable” to meet the demand for the talent required to run their organizations.

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How to Know If a Spin-Off Will Succeed

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The diverging fortunes of two recent spin-offs in the energy industry illustrate how financial markets value autonomy from the parent. The outsiders provide new blood in support functions such as finance, legal, or administration.

Rethinking Your Supply Chain in an Era of Protectionism

Harvard Business Review

and European companies have spent the past 20 years concentrating more and more of their manufacturing in East Asia to reduce costs by exploiting labor-arbitrage opportunities and address the promise of that rapidly growing market. With all of the changes and uncertainty, companies in a wide range of industries – from autos and chemicals to electronics and appliances – are moving quickly to rethink supply chains and make them more resilient. Most U.S.

What Businesses Need to Know About Sustainable Development Goals

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First, the global goals campaign represents a significant new opportunity for companies that view emerging and frontier markets as their source of long-term growth. Realizing the Sustainable Development Goals will improve the environment for doing business and building markets.

The Rise of the COO

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COOs are relatively common in service industries such as financial services, energy, information technology and telecommunications, but in manufacturing sectors — such as automotive, chemical, and pharmaceutical companies — they are relatively rare. Part of the problem may be in the backgrounds that companies desired: 85% of COOs had experience in operations, strategy, or finance. Does your company have a COO today? What role does he or she play in the organization?

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If the U.S. Gets into a Trade War with the EU, It Will Lose an Ally in Pressuring China

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SOEs receive preferential access to land, finance, telecom, hydrocarbons, and electricity. When China was admitted to the World Trade Organization in 2001, the Western hope was China would move toward a market-driven economy. Such market shares will create a platform for global juggernauts. billion in subsidies included solar panels, chemicals, pipe, steel wire, wheels, wind towers, and kitchen appliances. Monty Rakusen/Getty Images.


Have a Real Impact; Keep Your Day Job

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The lure of establishing an organization that uses market mechanisms to achieve its mission is substantial. James is using his expertise as a chemical engineer to develop new business models for base-of-the-pyramid consumers.

80% of Companies Don’t Know If Their Products Contain Conflict Minerals

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In 2010 Congress passed the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which included a provision, Section 1502, mandating that companies listed on American stock markets disclose whether their products contain conflict minerals: tantalum, tin, tungsten, and gold originating in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) or adjoining countries. stock markets. Manufacturing used to be highly vertically integrated in the U.S.

Making Sense of the Many Kinds of Impact Investing

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According to the Global Impact Investing Network, the market for impact capital, currently sized at $60 billion, could grow over the next decade to $2 trillion, or 1% of global invested assets. Everyone agrees that impact investing is on the rise.

Joint Ventures Reduce the Risk of Major Capital Investments

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A company sets up a joint venture with a partner that has complementary assets and capabilities, in order to limit up-front investments, speed up market entry, and reduce risk. In many industries, the capital required to build an asset of minimum efficient scale is growing.

The Buzz on Green Business in China

Harvard Business Review

Of these 5 articles, some were self-explanatory: " Nation spurs development of new, green technologies " " VW: Tooling up for sustainability " " Batteries still drag green vehicle effort " Two articles didnt scream sustainability until you read them: " Chemical company paints rosy picture for the future ," which opens with the question, "How can a chemical company earn more money through eco-friendly products?"

What See-Through Pants Can Reveal About a Company's Weaknesses

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For years, the creative side of the company was the top priority, leaving things like finance, IT, and HR to suffer (yes, they tried to run their operations on spreadsheets). Why would an industry beat a hasty retreat from a market that continues to boom?" SSRIs alter serotonin metabolism, but those changes don’t explain why the drugs work, and researchers have given up on the highly marketable but too-simplistic view that depression is just a matter of a chemical imbalance.

Gloominess About the US Economy is a Choice

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But an awful lot of these jobs command very high-wages in law, finance, accounting, consulting, advertising, engineering, design, software, healthcare, scientific research, architecture, entertainment, hospitality, and many other areas. True, emerging market countries are getting better at what they do, and even Europe is on the upswing. All this talk about permanent unemployment in the United States is making people nervous.

The 10 Most Important Sustainable Business Stories from 2014

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All the major players in the personal care product value chain — the giants of consumer products, chemicals, and fragrances — were there (as was I). The general topic was how this group could reduce the physical and chemical impacts of all those gels and liquids we use on our bodies, and the group will continue to work together and convene to tackle thorny issues in the value chain. Financing the clean economy.

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Sears Has Come Back from the Brink Before

Harvard Business Review

Concerns that it wouldn’t have enough cash to finance its holiday stock has apparently led to the company to sell real estate, spin off its Lands’ End brand, and raise $625 million in unsecured loans and equity warrants. At the hoary age of 128, it had already beat the odds twice over when it lost its place to chemical maker LyondellBasell at close of trading this year on September 4 th.

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