7 Principles to Lead with Imagination

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Brian Paradis was the Chief Financial Officer for Florida Hospital when he was tasked with leading the troubled organization in 2006. At the same time, you must become self-aware about the influence your ego casts. I MAGINATION is about seeing what others don’t see.

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Will the Huawei Arrest Influence the U.S.-China Trade Talks?

Harvard Business Review

The arrest of Meng Wanzhou , chief financial officer of China’s Huawei, by Canadian police upon the request for extradition by the U.S. Paul Taylor/Getty Images.

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Digital Media and the Future of Your Leadership – Video

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Whether or not you realize leverage this opportunity, there are major influencers who will. So, I’m sitting across from the Chief Financial Officer of a major organization and he’s going on about the next director he plans to fire. They’re influencing our communities.

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The Secret Button for Getting Your Ideas Approved

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Chief Financial Officer: “We should enter the Italian and German markets because we can generate $XMM in incremental profits.”. Chief Marketing Officer: “We should enter the Italian and German markets because we can increase our European market share by X%.”.

Deadly Disease of Management: Emphasis on Short-term Profits

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Fiduciary Duty: better align interests of financial intermediaries and their investors. Almost 80 percent of chief financial officers at 400 of America’s largest public companies say they would sacrifice a firm’s economic value to meet the quarter’s earnings expectations.

Study: A CEO’s Decision Making Is Shaped by Whether Their Parents Were Immigrants

Harvard Business Review

We chose this design as a way to isolate the effect of cultural heritage: while CEOs born to immigrant parents or grandparents are exposed to the same legal, social, and institutional influences as other CEOs, they’re likely to possess a distinct cultural heritage. We replicated our analysis for the Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) of each bank and other members of the top management team, but we did not find a relationship between their cultural heritage and firm performance.

The Problem with the CEO’s Job Title

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The title Chief Executive Officer is something of a misnomer. An effective CEO makes things happen principally through his executive colleagues, aptly called “Chiefs” too: the CFO, CCO, and COO.

Can Your C-Suite Handle Big Data?

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The chief financial officer (CFO) role rose to prominence in the mid -1980’s as pressures for value management and more transparent investor relations gained traction. Adding a chief marketing officer (CMO) became crucial as new channels and media raised the complexity of brand building, while Chief strategy officers (CSOs) joined top teams to help grapple with complex and fast-changing global markets.

Build Your Team Like an Executive

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In a pragmatic way such executives see their teams as extensions of themselves, and use them to free up bandwidth for critical executive-level activities — for example, setting strategy, managing relationships with customers and other external stakeholders, influencing peers to endorse new initiatives, and identifying and driving the next major innovation to improve performance dramatically. Virtually all leaders espouse the benefits of a strong management team.

The Most Important Negotiation in Your Life

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Whether they''re pitching to a customer in an office, brokering a peace deal at Camp David, or arguing over curfew at the kitchen table, negotiators are people trying to persuade other people of their point of view. Learning to communicate well and to influence other people are essential skills in business. The Big Four are: The Chief Executive Officer: your inner Dreamer. The Chief Financial Officer: your inner Thinker.