The Danger of Success: CEO Syndrome

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The biggest danger facing an accomplished CEO isn’t another lockdown, competition or technological obsolescence.

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Turkish Airlines & Turkish Cargo Rise to the Top Amid Coronavirus Pandemi

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For more than a year, the global aviation industry has faced its greatest crisis to date and in 2020, it suffered the heaviest losses in history.


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Reshaping Leadership

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New data-driven capabilities are breaking down barriers between formerly siloed business units, flattening out management structures and streamlining production processes, prompting many firms to redraw leadership roles and responsibilities, according to information-technology executives, industry analysts and management consultants. They are broadening the use of so-called agile management techniques, known for shorter and more frequent development cycles that make use of customer data.

Is Your C-Suite Working As A Team?

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This is a great example of where the chief marketing officer needs to work closely with the chief information officer and possibly the Customer Services Manager so that the front, middle and back office systems all converge to deliver a seamless customer experience. Professional Development freelancers collaboration impact shared leadership

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How to Lead Massive Change: An Interview with Lockheed Martin CIO Sondra Barbour

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Sondra Barbour is the chief information officer and senior vice president of enterprise business services at Lockheed Martin. The Eblin Group is a leadership development and strategy firm that supports organizations in ensuring the success of their leaders. General Leadership Improving Communications Organizational Development Team Building Leading Change Lockheed Martin podcast Sondra Barbour

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How to Evaluate Whether You Made an Effective Career Decision

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Tom made a major career decision 3 months ago: he decided to leave his position as chief information officer at a large manufacturing firm to become an entrepreneur and start a company to provide software that helps manufacturers improve the quality of their manufacturing process. He made his choice after talking to his friend Dave, who left his chief technology officer position in a high-profile manufacturing company to become an entrepreneur six months ago.

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5 Leadership Lessons: The Velocity Manifesto

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As a leader], you—not the IT department, nor the VP of IT, nor the chief information officer (CIO)—must understand, drive and be accountable for how technology is structured in order to reach the strategic goals of the operation….Technology Software engineers, developers, and programmers must be viewed as the artists of this generation.

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In Defense of Meetings


Atlassian, a software development company based in Australia, regularly what they called “FedEx Days,” where developers drop their normally assigned tasks and work on whatever they want. Not a bland, sit around a large table meeting, but a social event with food and drinks where the developers share the end result of their 24 hours. No one is a fan of meetings anymore.

Turning Those Flabby Abs Into That Sexy Six-Pack

Marshall Goldsmith

“Don, our CEO, has been hearing some serious grumbling about Bill, our chief information officer,” she groaned. Just as with diet and exercise, Bill’s behavioral habits took years to develop and won’t go away overnight. He needs to realize that lasting leadership development is a lifelong process. I don’t watch much TV. But on a recent Saturday morning, I found myself channel-surfing for about 15 minutes.

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Leaders Need to Work the Diagonals

Next Level Blog

One of the leaders I interviewed for the new edition was Avon’s Chief Information Officer, Donagh Herlihy.    Here’s some of what he said about his diagonal leadership strategy: I’m very informal… I build relationships and trust with peers, but I also like to know their people up and down the organization… I have lots of different informal data points. 

Digital Media and the Future of Your Leadership – Video

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So, I’m sitting across from the Chief Financial Officer of a major organization and he’s going on about the next director he plans to fire. As the Chief Information Officer for the organization, it’s my unfortunate responsibility to support his behaviors. Yet, he’s the Chief Financial Officer of a major organization. I just consume vast amounts of information about leadership.

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Is Your Company Using Employee Data Ethically?

Harvard Business

With the emergence of new information technologies, corporations can now amass and analyze unprecedented volumes of unstructured data — the data created by humans, such as the text contained in company documents, email, instant messaging, and social media. For sales and business development, this is an invaluable tool. Ask for guidance from your information governance (IG) committee. Potter Stewart, justice of the U.S.

How Senior Executives Stay Passionate About Their Work

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Leaders like Ellyn Shook, the chief leadership and human resources officer at Accenture, actually carry around “dumb phones,” which don’t have any apps and can’t send or receive email. Jim Fowler and Jeff Smith talked about peripheral vision in relation to the chief information officer role (Fowler is currently CIO at General Electric, and Smith was formerly CIO at IBM).

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A Simple Way to Map Out Your Career Ambitions

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My experience with even the most successful global companies is that they’re between average and poor at developing future talent. They’re often not transparent about your real needs and vague about the most effective development options. Development matters. To begin, you want to be very clear about your starting point and desired destination on that development journey — an obvious item that’s often missing from a development plan.

Why the Entire C-Suite Needs to Use the Same Metrics for Cyber Risk

Harvard Business

For instance, the general counsel thinks about the issue in terms of compliance with information security regulations such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. The chief information security officer (CISO) or chief information officer (CIO) reports the technical vulnerabilities that his or her team has successfully remediated. And the chief financial officer is looking at the potential financial impact.

How a German Manufacturing Company Set Up Its Analytics Lab

Harvard Business

This gave ZF access to top-notch expertise in data analytics and the management of information systems. This kept everyone informed, gave them a greater sense of personal responsibility, and implicitly expressed management’s appreciation for their professional judgment. Once we put this rule in place, the number of change requests from the internal client dropped and the information initially provided tended to be more accurate and complete than before.

Here’s Why Strategy Chiefs Succeed or Fail

Harvard Business

Consider Staples, the office-supplies retailer, which had tumbled from being the market leader to being a third of the new leader’s size by 1992. So founder and CEO Tom Stemberg hired John Wilson as head of strategy and chief financial officer. Walgreens Boots Alliance’s Rick Mills has been the group strategy officer for 20 years. alicemoi/Getty Images.

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What Digital Change Demands of IT Organizations - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM DXC TECHNOLOGY

Harvard Business

In the past, IT just provided direct services to the operating groups, according to Chief Information Officer Hector Calva. Ross, principal research scientist at the MIT Center for Information Systems Research (CISR). Her research found that another 26 percent have created the service level, but not the reusable components that make developing new offerings fast and efficient. Information & technology Technology IT Sponsor Content

Using Data to Strengthen Your Connections to Customers

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But this data is a far cry from the specific information that retail managers need to figure out which products to put into a particular store — one of the most important frontline decisions in an organization. Marketing and commercial decision makers often complain that customer analytic tools developed to improve their productivity actually make them less effective. Marion Barraud for HBR.

Empowering Digital Societies - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM MICROSOFT

Harvard Business

million citizens but is larger in landmass than Switzerland; as a result, many towns do not have a nearby government office. A collaborative research project has launched in New Zealand to explore some of these larger questions of how governments can harness digital technologies to develop smarter, more inclusive societies. For more information visit Economics & Society Technology Innovation Information & technology Sponsor Content

Just Using Big Data Isn’t Enough Anymore

Harvard Business Review

The survey gathers perspectives from a small but influential group of executives — chief information officers, chief data officers, and senior business and technology leaders of Fortune 1000 firms. 54% of firms say they have appointed a Chief Data Officer, up from 12% in 2012. Develop the right metrics.

A Consultant’s Guide to Difficult Client Feedback

Harvard Business Review

During one of my very first consulting assignments, a colleague and I interviewed direct reports of the Chief Information Officer of a chemical company about improving project execution. You can list the next steps for moving forward, or you can collaborate with your client to develop an action plan.

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Top Reasons Salespeople Lose Business

Harvard Business Review

What resources do you have to get something fixed?" —Chief Operating Officer. Every salesperson is trying to get into my office and explain how their wonderful products will save me tons of money. Very few do because most don't understand what it takes to sit across the table from me." —Chief Executive Officer. What they said didn't really apply to us." —Chief Financial Officer.

CMOs and CIOs Increasingly See Eye to Eye

Harvard Business Review

For the past four years, Accenture has conducted an annual survey of chief marketing officers (CMOs) and chief information officers (CIOs) to understand the state of their collaboration. Both marketing and IT leaders agreed that the top five marketing IT priorities include customer experience, customer analytics, social media, corporate website, and other web application development.

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Marketing’s New Digital Role Is Shortchanging IT

Harvard Business Review

Once a realm defined by its creative expression, trade shows, and glossy literature, marketing has instead become the place in the organization that pulls together all of the information necessary to find, sell to, and serve the customer effectively and efficiently. This shift blurs the lines of control as supply chain, customer relationship management, and other data systems become subordinate sources for information critical to marketing success. Every revolution has its vanguard.

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The Dangerous Tension Between CMOs and CIOs

Harvard Business Review

At a time when many executives say that improving digital reach will be a significant differentiator for their companies, our research shows that two of the most important digital leaders — the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and the Chief Information Officer (CIO) — do not trust each other, understand each other, or collaborate with each other. Identify the CMO as the "Chief Experience Officer." Develop trust by trusting.

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A Technique to Bridge the Gap Between Marketing and IT

Harvard Business Review

ING''s customer intelligence group does market research and "database" marketing — they develop sales campaigns for targeted customers. While the customer intelligence group was learning about customers'' emotions, Ron van Kemenade , the new chief information officer, was learning about ING''s IT organization. Ron van Kemenade: "Our focus on customers has led us to reduce our development cycle from months to days.

How CMOs Can Work with CIOs to Gain Customer Insight

Harvard Business Review

In fact, recent research [PDF] conducted by the CMO Council, suggests that this process should start with the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and the Chief Information Officer (CIO). And although there are a myriad of analytical tools for generating this kind of information, CMOs are struggling to convert data into consumer insight they can use. And new technology can integrate these disparate sources of customer-related information.

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6 Ways to Keep Good Ideas from Dying at Your Company

Harvard Business Review

What would new product development executives or project managers in the R&D lab tell you are the organizational dynamics that ice their best ideas? Many innovation groups want to have it both ways, acting as a partner to the business units to help them tackle near-term opportunities, while also developing further-out, “disruptive” ideas that could shake up their industry.

Just Adding a Chief Data Officer Isn’t Enough

Harvard Business Review

One of the newest additions to the C-Suite is the Chief Data Officer. For instance, the person who was once the best at analytics may no longer hold that position if a Chief Data Officer is brought in. He said that without changes in incentives, as well as a change in the structure of the C-suite, broad-based roles like Chief Information Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, and Chief Data Officers are hampered in their effectiveness.

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Using Big Data to Make Wiser Medical Decisions

Harvard Business Review

As the chief information officer of a large academic medical center, I oversee four petabytes of data. The raw data were just numbers, although they helped reveal interesting information — that none of my life activities (commuting, tea drinking, work) influence my blood pressure. In short, the BP data I had gathered telemetrically at home, coupled with information in my EHR, helped my clinician and me make a wise choice about my treatment.

11 Ways Big Companies Undermine Innovation

Harvard Business Review

Chief executives and business unit leaders weave the word innovation into their PowerPoints, hoping it will magically yield better product ideas, or miraculous improvements to existing processes. Something very real is happening here: as it becomes cheaper and easier for startups to upend existing businesses with new offerings, big companies are realizing that they can’t continue to rely on their time-worn methods for cultivating and developing new products, and lumbering into new markets.

The CIO as Corporate Psychic

Harvard Business Review

Chief information officers are expected to see deeply into the future and generate IT predictions that companies can build their strategies around. Members should be encouraged to go to nontraditional conferences, listen to webcasts, and develop position papers. Robert Plant ( is an associate professor of computer information systems at the University of Miami School of Business Administration. IT management Information & technology

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The New CTO: Chief Transformation Officer

Harvard Business Review

In a recent article , I suggested that the role of the CIO needs to shift from Chief Information Officer to a Chief Innovation Officer, due to the massive, rapid, multiple technology-driven transformations that are occurring today. And, just as the CIO''s role needs to change, so too does the CTO''s—from Chief Technology Officer to Chief Transformation Officer. CTOs must embrace the role of Chief Transformation Officer.

CIO 12

Lessons in IT Innovation From Silicon Valley

Harvard Business Review

But our recent research has taught us a lot about how management innovations can travel — in this case, from Silicon Valley tech sector companies known for their experimentation and agility in information technology (IT) management to the much older Bay Area companies who are their neighbors. This kind of open sharing of information is a hallmark of innovation in Silicon Valley. They can also develop faster and more innovative ways to move their businesses forward.

CIO 12

A System for Speaking IT Truths to CEOs

Harvard Business Review

Believe me, this skill comes in handy in the chief information officer's line of work: CIOs often have to tell CEOs that the large portfolios of legacy applications driving corporate operations are bound to fail sooner or later and need to be replaced. CIOs need to engage with the CEO's informal influencers to gain insights into the visibility of this topic in the C-suite. Avoid the temptation to develop "what if" scenarios on the fly.

CIO 17

The Seven Skills You Need to Thrive in the C-Suite

Harvard Business Review

One consultant described the search for a chief information officer in these terms: “Whereas technical expertise was previously paramount, these competencies [being sought today] are more about leadership skills than technical ones.” A world-class leader must be able to hire and develop an exceptionally strong leadership team—he/she cannot succeed as a brilliant one-person player,” one asserted. Developing Mindful Leaders for the C-Suite.