The CIO Paradox: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

The CIO Paradox: Battling the Contradictions of IT Leadership Martha Heller bibliomotion (2013) The CIO “for all seasons” Rather than one paradox, as this book’s title suggests, Martha Heller rigorously and eloquently examines several separate but related paradoxes: Cost versus Innovation, Operations versus Strategy, Futurist versus Archivist, IT and Business Paradox, Accountability versus Ownership, Recruiting, […].

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How to Lead Massive Change: An Interview with Lockheed Martin CIO Sondra Barbour

Next Level Blog

The Eblin Group is a leadership development and strategy firm that supports organizations in ensuring the success of their leaders. General Leadership Improving Communications Organizational Development Team Building Leading Change Lockheed Martin podcast Sondra BarbourSondra Barbour is the chief information officer and senior vice president of enterprise business services at Lockheed Martin.

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Compensation and Class Warfare

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Career Development Leadership Development I recently interacted with someone on Google+ related to a post showing “average CEO pay in the US” compared to other nations. Career Development Leadership Development AFL-CIO blame CEO class warfare compensation employees employment greed recovery salary self-employment Victim

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Compromise: Informed, Intentional and Productive

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development I didn’t get the memo. Leadership Development beliefs CIO Magazine compromise principles valuesDid you? You know, the one that says compromise is negative and should be avoided? Somewhere along the line, compromise (defined by Merriam-Webster as a settlement of differences by consent reached through mutual concessions, one of those “playing well in the sandbox” skills my mom taught me) got confused with [.]

Do You Know How to Get Real Feedback?

ReImagine Work

This post originally ran at CIO Online, Sept. All Posts As Seen On Leadership CIO coaching skills connection listening“Mary, give me some feedback.”. This is from Lydia, my favorite coffee shop manager, who I visit on a daily basis. She asks me this three to five times a week. One day the café was a little quiet, so I asked her what inspires her to asl. Let’s all listen closely to the role model leader at my coffee shop.

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It’s called human resources for a reason

ReImagine Work

Indeed, the ability to intentionally address the social brain in the service of optimal performance will be a distinguishing leadership capability in the years ahead. A version of this post originally ran on the CIO online site on April 27, 2015. All Posts As Seen On cio compassion culture dignity human resources humans at workYou keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. – Inigo Montoya, character from the movie, The Princess Bride.

Leadership in Cybersecurity

N2Growth Blog

Human resource leadership. Security leaders are primarily reporting to the CIO. Digital Transformation cyber leadership securityDefining the position of the lead security person in an enterprise can be a challenging and sometimes confusing task. There are various job titles such as; Chief Security Officer (CSO), Chief Risk Officer, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), V.P., IT Security, V.P., or Director of Information Security.

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Experiment-Learn-Apply-Iterate: My Life Motto

Mills Scofield

CEO CIO CXO Talk Control Culture Innovation Leadership Strategy Thank you Vala Afshar & Mike Krigsman for all you do for so many! Including taking the time to do CXO Talk , the Huffington Post blogs and now this great slideshare !!! I am so thankful for you!!

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7 Ways to Remain Relevant & Deliver Value

Mills Scofield

CIOs CXO Talk Culture Enterasys Extreme Networks Innovation Leadership Networking Strategy Vala Afshar Value So many incredible thanks to Vala Afshar for a great Huffington Post piece about my guest appearance last Friday, November 8th , for CXO Talk ! As usual, it''s so much fun to ''hang'' with Vala and Mike mixing profound insights with laughter. Here''s Vala''s view of our episode.

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Should Your CIO Be Chief Digital Officer?

Harvard Business Review

CIOs who do great things in leading IT soon gain extra responsibilities. By helping business leaders to improve their businesses, the CIO becomes an obvious candidate to fill any open role that involves technology, process, or strong governance. Some CIOs become CIO-Plus-COO or CIO-Plus-Head of Shared Services. In the book, The Real Business of IT: How CIOs Create and Communicate Value , Richard Hunter and I coined the phrase CIO-Plus.

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Blogging on Business Update from Bob Morris (Week of 9/30/13)

First Friday Book Synopsis

Shawn Hunter The Wisdom of Titans: Secrets of Success from Entrepreneurs Who Rose to the Top William Ferguson The CIO Paradox: Battling the Contradictions of IT Leadership […]. I hope that at least a few of these recent posts will be of interest to you: BOOK REVIEWS Out Think: How Innovative Leaders Drive Exceptional Outcomes G.

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CIOs Must Lead Outside of IT

Harvard Business Review

The CIO paradox is a set of contradictions that lies at the heart of IT leadership. Many CIOs have buckled under the CIO paradox, while others have managed to be effective despite it. In working with these successful CIOs over the years, I have found that they all share a common set of practices, philosophies and approaches. We are in the midst of a computing renaissance, when all CIOs will need to raise their game and master this same set of practices.

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5 Ways to Know When to Let the Tiger Out

Leadership Freak

A CIO with an SP… Continue reading → Marks of leaders Taking others higher Growth Leadership Development organizational success Extraordinary strength in a person with a strong personality (SP) is a potent opportunity for advantage or destruction. Don’t dial back your strong personality. Choose when to let the tiger out.

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John Mattone: Part 1 of an interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

John Mattone is known among leaders of Fortune 500 companies as a cutting-edge thinker in the areas of leadership and talent management. He is recognized by the Thinkers 50 as one of the world’s leading management thinkers and by Leadership Excellence Magazine as one of the top independent leadership consultants, executive coaches and speakers in […].

Blogging on Business Update from Bob Morris (Week of 11/26/12)

First Friday Book Synopsis

Fighting the Fears that Block Creativity” “Leadership and the art of plate spinning” “Surviving Disruption” “What’s your training schedule?” Kurtzig Shannon O’Donnell strategy+business magazine Talent Management magazine The Complete Executive The McKinsey Quarterly Tom Kelley and David Kelley Unlikely Leadership of Abraham Lincoln" Your Most Pressing Management Concerns: What You’ve Told Us

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The Metamorphosis of the CIO

Harvard Business Review

Tomorrow''s businesses will have a very different make-up, and the CIO must lead the charge in the face of these changes. The Rise of the CIO. CEOs don''t think CIOs understanding the business , and how to apply IT in new ways to benefit the business. CIOs must become aware of the changes in the business world and the enterprise and how these changes are affecting the roles in the C-suite and their own leadership role.


Are We Asking Too Much of Our CIOs?

Harvard Business Review

It is all well and good — and true — to say that the role and mandate of the CIO are expanding. But too many organizations are stretching their Chief Information Officers (CIO) too thin. CIOs are being tasked with managing internal business systems, cloud-based services, big data innovation, data security, and the 24x7 needs of global customers who access company data on personal devices. Today''s CIOs must learn to balance all of these personas.

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Three Ways CIOs Can Connect with the C-Suite

Harvard Business Review

There is a marked dissonance between CIOs and the C-suite — a fact that we uncovered in new research conducted with HBR, The Economist, CEB, and TNS Global. We have identified the problem , which is that CEOs believe that the CIO does not understand or help with the CEO''s issues and the needs of the business. To put it simply, CIOs are not engaged in the strategic decision-making that goes on at the executive level.

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The First 90 Days in a New CIO Position

Harvard Business Review

Managing this rapid change and fostering innovation while "keeping the trains running on time" is the primary leadership role required of any CIO, new or old. As I approach my own new role as CIO at Harvard Business School, I''m focused on promoting a culture that provides the highest levels of service quality while enabling true agility and innovation. These are core tenets that all CIOs need to hold close. Google''s CIO on How to Make Your IT Department Great.

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The CIO in Crisis: What You Told Us

Harvard Business Review

Our research, conducted in partnership with Harvard Business Review, The Economist, CEB (formerly the Corporate Executive Board), Intel, and TNS Global, finds that corporate leadership has lost confidence in the CIO as a strategic partner and views IT as a commodity rather than a difference-maker. Clearly the roles of CIO and the IT organization need reinvention — and that''s the conversation we''ve been having over the last few months in webinars and posts.

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5 Leadership Lessons: The Velocity Manifesto

Leading Blog

As a leader], you—not the IT department, nor the VP of IT, nor the chief information officer (CIO)—must understand, drive and be accountable for how technology is structured in order to reach the strategic goals of the operation….Technology In today’s high-velocity environment, Scott Klososky believes you need to understand how to guide your organization in the implementation and usage of technology—in short, how your organization “does” technology. [As

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CMOs and CIOs Need to Get Along to Make Big Data Work

Harvard Business Review

Variations of this Big Data story line are being played out in executive offices around the world, with CMOs and CIOs in the thick of it. CIOs, tasked with turning technology into revenue, are themselves pounding the table demanding better requirements for Big Data initiatives. In all this table-pounding is a central truth in today’s Big Data world: both the CMO and CIO are on the hook for turning all that data into above-market growth.

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How to Respond To Employee’s Wacky Ideas (Tool & Video)

Let's Grow Leaders

In almost every Courageous Cultures leadership development program we do we get this question. For example: “That idea would be really interesting if we were planning to expand our leadership training programs to include training llamas. How You Respond Sends a Powerful Message.

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How CIOs Can Keep In Step With CEOs

Harvard Business Review

New research, conducted with HBR, The Economist , CEB, and TNS Global, reveals that CEOs believe CIOs are not in sync with the new issues CEOs are facing. CEOs also tell us that CIOs do not understand where the business needs to go and how IT should support strategic goals. CIOs need to be aware of these changes in order to keep in step with their business leaders: Goods and services are becoming rapidly commoditized.

Servant Leadership Observer ? November 2010

Modern Servant Leader

The Modern Servant Leader Servant Leadership & Technology. Leadership. September 20, 2011 Servant Leadership. Servant Leadership Intro. Servant Leadership Academic Programs & Education Opportunities. Servant Leadership. Servant Leadership. If You Seek Prestige, Please Don’t Try To Lead… Servant Leadership Profile: Lionel Logue. Holocaust and the 2008 Financial Crisis – Leadership Lessons in Resistance.

When your manager is a no-show

ReImagine Work

” Click here to read the rest of my post at my column at CIO Online. All Posts As Seen On Manager/ Employee Communication connection employee development empowerment leadershipYou have a lot on your plate. It seems like everyone wants everything at once. Others don’t communicate at all. You need someone to help you prioritize and to support your decisions, but your manager is nowhere to be found.

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Female Leadership on the Decline in Canada :: Women on Business

Women on Business

CEO, CMO, COO, CIO, CFO, etc.), Tags: Catalyst Women , women in business , businesswomen , female executives , leadership , women on business No related posts, yet.

7 Ways to Measure the Impact of Leadership Development

Great Leadership By Dan

Much has been written about the importance of measuring the impact of leadership development programs or systems. In most cases, consistent great company performance can usually be attributed to great leadership. And of course, lousy leadership is usually the root cause of business failures. External perception of leadership. Internal perception of leadership. Leadership development training measures.

How to Transform Your Company into a Digital Leader

Skip Prichard

Digital Leadership. Leadership Tip: make change a core competence. The post How to Transform Your Company into a Digital Leader first appeared on Skip Prichard | Leadership Insights. It’s not uncommon these days to see a company go from top performer to bankrupt.

How to Stop Selling Your Ideas and Start Enrolling People in Them

Next Level Blog

That idea comes from Donagh Herlihy who, when I interviewed him for the first edition of The Next Level back in 2005, was the CIO for Avon. You may have noticed that these steps lead to more of a collaborative approach to leadership than a heroic approach. Communications Influence leadership resultsThink about the last time you made a big purchase like a car, a major appliance or a mattress.

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To Create Radical Outcomes – Make Sure Every Output Has A Purpose

Strategy Driven

For example, a salesperson for a large technology business, who is accustomed to orchestrating deals with a Chief Information Officer (CIO), would head into the first call thinking about how to have a conversation about the CIO’s role, challenges, and pressures she is facing, so that she finds value in the conversation and agrees to another meeting to explore how his company can help her.

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LeadershipNow 140: June 2012 Compilation

Leading Blog

Leadership and Followership. 8 Most Dangerous Leadership Traits by @RonEdmondson. Faith, Hope and Charity in Leadership by @mjasmus. Leadership's Most Perplexing People Decision. Henley Centre's Patricia Bossons describes evolution of good leadership. SonyaShelton: SAP's CIO: You're Putting Your Executive Career at Risk if You're Not Social - Forbes. Leadership Caffeine: Coping with a Personal Leadership Confidence Deficit by @ArtPetty.

CIO 233

Servant Leadership Observer – Spring 2012

Modern Servant Leader

Welcome to the Spring 2012 edition of the Servant Leadership Observer – your most comprehensive source of servant leadership news, events and blog posts. Want to receive monthly servant leadership updates and regular posts from He embodies the true essence of servant leadership–it is part of his core. The Setonian : Servant Leadership Major Focus for Arts & Sciences Dean Applicant. Air Force : Servant Leadership.

Are You For Real?

Lead Change Blog

We are in mid-presentation when the CIO walks into the room, takes a seat right-up-front, and suddenly that train of thought derails. Self Leadership Imposter Syndrome LeadershipI was in a gift shop one lazy afternoon, sort of lost in my own little world. I wandered about reading pictures, posters, and plaques on the wall. I looked up at one, completely mesmerized at its profound identity with what I had been feeling for weeks: “Always be yourself.

CIO 211

How Top Executives Lead


Whether finding innovative solutions or new marketing strategies, CEOs, CIOs and CFOs have departed from “business as usual.” Leadership infographic Today’s business environment is more crowded and competitive than ever. ” This infographic from presents the results of a survey of 6,000 top executives and gives a peak inside the executive suite.

Welcome to Business 2.0 as Powered by New IT

N2Growth Blog

CIOs become Aggregators of Business Capabilities : What does the CIO do, when there’s no Big IT to manage? senior leadership team–charged with identifying and aggregating the technological capabilities available in the marketplace for delivery into the enterprise. Business 2.0 represents a new way of thinking and doing for early 21 st Century companies. Unlike e-commerce where consumer transactions are done via the Web, Business 2.0

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Ray Attiyah: An interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Ray Attiyah is an entrepreneur, innovator, and author as well as founder & CIO of Definity Partners (a training, process and leadership improvement firm who works primarily with mid-sized manufacturing companies). As the son of a math teacher Ray was raised to be a life-long learner, taught to think and not take everything at face […].

CIO 86

Friday Five: The Philosophy of Management


This note sums up the underlying philosophy of management and leadership. That, according to me, is the #1 challenge of leadership today. As IT and business leaders, CIOs bear responsibility for finding ways to offer their people opportunities for learning and continual reinvention. A focus on culture, development, and leadership can pay off in more ways than one can imagine. LinkLove Friday High-Five Leadership Link Love Social Media Trust

CIO 101

3 tactics to avoid burnout and be more productive

ReImagine Work

A version of this post originally ran on the CIO Online site on June 22, 2016 here. See my column, Navigating the Workplace , at CIO online here. Women In Leadership (@WeAreWIL) June 24, 2016. Old habits die hard. Sometimes they over-complicate our days because we don’t take the time to look at them. Real professionals look at the little things and how they can leverage them for big results.

How to Get a Safe, Smart BYOD Policy off the Ground

Chart Your Course

CIO calls Bring Your Own Device the “new normal ,” and whether you approve or not, it’s happening. The post How to Get a Safe, Smart BYOD Policy off the Ground appeared first on Leadership Speaker and Motivational Speaker for Businesses | Employee Engagement | Gregory Smith - Chart Your Course International. You probably know that some (if not all) of your employees are using their own mobile devices at work.

Is HR Too Important to Be Left to HR?

Harvard Business Review

Have you ever met a sales executive or a CIO who said: "Sales is too important to be left to Sales" or "IT is too important to be left to IT"? Take over responsibility and leadership. Have you ever met a sales executive or a CIO who said: "Sales is too important to be left to Sales" or "IT is too important to be left to IT"? Take over responsibility and leadership.

A WUP Upside the Head 1.8

Steve Farber

That would be a whole company of CIOs. I jotted down the words Carry, Scan, Eavesdrop, Ponder, Talk, and Try Something New , and then wrote, everyone a CIO? I turned to Cam, a vision of millions of CIOs swimming in my head, and asked what he thought of all this. The Radical Edge Uncategorized business business books coaching education extreme leadership greater than yourself innovation inspiration leadership love personal development speaking the radical edge writing

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Rethinking the Work of Leadership

Harvard Business Review

Yet, here we are in 2013 with organizational leadership models that continue to deny the social nature of organizations and wallow in inertia. Our leadership practices remain authoritative. And, a paltry 38% reported that their organizations had effective leadership running the show. What if our approach to leadership was to evolve into Drucker''s vision of "socially accountable and culturally embedded" management? Tell us how you''re rethinking the work of leadership.

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