Joint Ventures Reduce the Risk of Major Capital Investments

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If a company does not invest, it faces several problems: lagging behind competitors in terms of production technology; being unable to meet customer needs for better-performing or cheaper products; not having facilities and equipment ready by the time demand picks up again; or failing to comply with stricter regulatory requirements for safety or emissions. The model can be a win-win as long as the two companies address different customer segments. Benefits and risks of co-opetition.

Leadership Is About to Get More Uncomfortable

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Such “co-opetition” will require leaders to maintain a difficult dual perspective – rivals must be simultaneously seen as both vital partners and market threats. But hierarchies are flattening as power moves away from top internal management and toward employees and a proliferation of external stakeholders. Altrocentric leaders will be capable of long-term vision encompassing both global and local perspectives. Leadership Managing people Personal effectiveness