Being an Ethical Business in a Corrupt Environment

Harvard Business

Our research in Egypt , Zimbabwe , and India shows that organizations should view the prospect of building a strong ethical reputation in such environments as an opportunity, and consider the costs of resisting corruption as an investment in building such a reputation. Moreover, our research illuminates specific steps companies can take to maintain high ethical standards in environments where corruption seems widespread. Ethics Can Be a Differentiator. Ethics Digital Articl

Praising Customers for Ethical Purchases Can Backfire

Harvard Business

For example, one study showed that participants who selected green products over conventional products were more likely to cheat on a future task. We conducted six studies on diverse samples with over 450 participants, from undergraduate students to working adults. Using different variations of praise messages and participants, we consistently observed that messages featuring customer praise backfired and led to subsequent selfish behavior.


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The Fickle Nature of Good Character and Trust

Leading with Trust

I’m sure you’ll enjoy his wisdom about the intersection of character, trust, and ethics. We are prone to make bad, and sometimes unethical judgements when there is greater pressure to “get’er done,” versus to get things done ethically, safely, or legally.

Is a Corporate Board Seat in Your Future? :: Women on Business

Women on Business

By Bonnie Marcus This past week I had the opportunity to not only attend the MA Conference for Women, but also to participate in a leadership panel about women and corporate board positions. Look at the opportunity strategically and focus not only what you can contribute, but what this commitment can do for you.

Ethics for Technologists (and Facebook)

Harvard Business Review

In retrospect, if I had to write it again, I’d include a section or chapter on ethics. The ongoing explosion of technologically-enabled business opportunities inherently expand the ethical dilemmas, quandaries and trade-offs managements will confront. So the ethical question and challenge organizations should openly—not secretly or quietly—confront is: How can we honestly, openly and authentically demonstrate that our experiments are reasonable, fair and safe?

Ethical Consumerism Isn’t Dead, It Just Needs Better Marketing

Harvard Business Review

Ethical consumerism is the broad label for companies providing products that appeal to people’s best selves (for example, fair trade coffee or a purchase that includes a donation to a charitable cause). Now that the general idea of combining ethics and shopping has become a mainstream concept, there is a developing a backlash against the idea that consumers might effect change through their purchasing habits. Marketing Social responsibility Behavioral economics Ethics

How to Fix Financial Capitalism? Focus on Ethics

Harvard Business Review

It has lost touch with what one participant at the CFA Institute event called "the golden rule of being a fiduciary — exercising the same degree of care in managing client assets as one would one's own money." That's because it is causing what one participant called "chronic under-investment" in equities by investors who are currently hoarding cash and over-allocating their savings to fixed-income securities. Write articles and speak publicly about ethics.

October 2020 Leadership Development Carnival

Lead Change Blog

Linda Fisher Thornton of LeadinginContext contributed Leadership: Evaluating Ethical Awareness. Linda shares: “ Ethical awareness may have been considered private in the past, but it has become easier to observe in a society that is always socially connected. Welcome to the October 2020 Leadership Development Carnival!

Are You a Disruptive Mentor?

Lead Change Blog

His impeccable ethics honed values that encouraged wholeness, honesty, and respect. Great Mentor-Leaders Are Participative Partners. Great Mentor-Leaders Have Impeccable Ethics. The most important lesson I learned was this: teaching is an ethical act! Since learning is a door opened only from the inside, great mentor-leaders focus on nurturing a learning relationship laced with humility, compassion, courage and a commitment to help insight turn into innovation.

Mentor 223

How to Become Truly Social

Coaching Tip

If enterprises are to become truly social, they need to participate in conversations with their stakeholders rather than simply talking at them. That requires moving from coercive or motivational leadership that uses sticks or carrots to extract performance and allegiance out of people to inspirational leadership that inspires commitment and innovation and hope in people. Books Business Coaching Ethics Web/Tech Weblogs Dov Seidman How social networks

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The Ten Virtues of Outstanding Leaders

Leading Blog

They insist "that ethics, character, and virtue are essential to real leadership" and anything else is misleadership. Leadership, at its core, is about character: specifically, a character attuned to its ethical responsibilities to others. It describes the leader''s basic commitment to the truth, and a sense of shame or anger when deceitfulness replaces truth-telling." They understand the consequences of ethical values and are able to share it with others.

Morale 240

3 Expectations of Millennial Employees

Chart Your Course

Often older employees view younger colleagues as being less committed and lacking a good work ethic. This can contribute to their participation in and commitment to the organization. Organizations cannot afford to ignore their perspectives, preferences and input if they hope to maintain a committed, effective workforce in the years ahead. Jolene Erlacher One of the key arenas where generational differences collide is in the workplace.

Course 135

Women at the Top

Coaching Tip

We then invited the women to participate in the lengthy interview process and 23 agreed.”. They are arbiters of ethics and etiquette—and all the other things women do to keep themselves and their families healthy, happy, and fed. And they are committed to the service they provide to charities, their communities, their companies, and their profession.

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How Managers Should Respond When Bribes Are Business as Usual

Harvard Business

’” One way is to offer the person or his or her staff members a chance to participate in high-level discussions about the company’s commitment to the local community and to give that office a greater voice in shaping those decisions. At that point, everybody will lean in together to fix that problem in an ethical and compliant manner, even if it takes considerably longer,” Bistrong says. MirageC/Getty Images.

Frontline Festival: Leaders share tips about professional development

Let's Grow Leaders

There are two ways to participate…either submit a blog post on the topic, or your 1-2 sentence answer to the question. Click here to participate! Unlimited commits to finishing one book per month (some take more than one month) and keeping a list. As part of her commitment to life-long learning, Michelle Cubas, CPCC, ACC, of Positive Potentials, LLC makes an effort to learn something new daily. Welcome back to the Let’s Grow Leaders Frontline Festival.

Research: When Managers Are Overworked, They Treat Employees Less Fairly

Harvard Business

Extensive research finds that employees who feel fairly treated are better performers, helpful to colleagues, more committed to their workgroups and the organization, and less likely to steal or be rude to others. We varied the amount of time participants had to complete the task to simulate varying workloads–20 vs. 30 minutes for heavy vs. light workloads. Managing people Time management Ethics Digital ArticleGary Burchell/Getty Images.

Be Different! The Key to Business and Career Success

Skip Prichard

The team helps further define the vision and participates in setting goals. Effective leaders set the right tone at the top, which becomes the organization’s ethical standards. Meet your commitments. Don’t make a commitment you cannot keep. Be You.

9 Key Principles for Business & Life from Sam Zell

Leading Blog

Ethics are a cornerstone. To me, the Eleventh Commandment acknowledges that we’re all human beings who inhabit the world and are given the gift of participating in the wonders around us—as long as we don’t set ourselves apart from them. It’s commitment to get it done, see it through, make it work. B ILLIONAIRE investor Sam Zell has put down on paper an account of the principles that guide how he does business in Am I Being Too Subtle? He doesn’t claim to be self-made.

Blog 185

5 Critical Skills You Will Need to Hit the Ground Running After College

Leading Blog

They participate in campus life but too often from the sidelines, so they lack and deep engagement in activities that provide much needed skills for the job market. As employers search for signals that someone is ready for a job beyond achieving the baseline bachelor’s degree, participation in collegiate athletics is seen by many as one clear indicator of commitment and drive in a generation of college graduates often lacking both.

Skills 162

Experts Share Their Thoughts on “Spring Cleaning:” A Frontline Festival

Let's Grow Leaders

What actions can we take to boost our ethical immune systems? And how could doing that help us create more ethical organizations? ” This spring, make a commitment to keeping your team motivated with this one “secret” to great teams.” New participants welcome. Welcome back to the Let’s Grow Leaders Frontline Festival. Our April Festival is all about spring cleaning.

Creating Your Image As A Leader With Colleen Hammond – The Answers From Leadership Podcast Episode 15

Joseph Lalonde

I had gone from a committed businesswoman to looking at this baby in my arms and thinking “I can’t leave him. I think a leadership success is when you can look and see that everyone was happy, you inspired people to something that is ethically and morally a good thing, you helped other people, and everyone was helped in the process and everyone gained something from it. There was one study where participants were given a white coat to wear.

Keep a List of Unethical Things You’ll Never Do

Harvard Business

Management is about commitment, execution, and follow-through. Maryam Kouchaki (the Kellogg School) and Francesca Gino (HBS) found “ unethical amnesia ” in their studies on over 2,100 participants. Ethics Digital ArticleHBR STAFF. Did you act? Did it work? Do it again. It didn’t? Do something else. Above all, keep doing things; keep taking action. I teach a course in strategic controls at the University of Portland.

Veterans Among the Best Civilian Leaders

Strategy Driven

Intensive training and a well-understood chain of command may have instilled in veterans a respect for authority and a commitment to duty, but this was not to the exclusion of their development as leaders. When agility assessments from transitioning military personnel were analyzed, two-thirds of participants ranked higher in learning agility than their civilian counterparts, many of whom were seen as “high-potentials.”.

How Does An Organizational Culture Develop?

HR Digest

Employees who understand what it means to work for you and why they work for you will be more committed and engaged. . We typically associate these values with ethics, morality, honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, fairness, justice, respect, compassion, and responsibility.

Know Your History, Purpose and Direction


I have been a leader throughout my whole career which started in late teens when I was fortunate enough to be provided with an opportunity to participate in a two-year supervisor traineeship with a large retailer in Adelaide. Like anything, there are good and poor ways to apply a system or tool. How do you show ethical values i.e. honesty and fairness, non-discrimination? Personally and professionally I am influenced heavily by my ethics and standards.

Hammer 112

How to Be Generous in Business

Nathan Magnuson

At the end of the day, no one should feel guilty for profits that are earned legally and ethically. It’s easy to write a check, but sharing your organizational niche often requires greater participation – and can return a greater reward. They’ve demonstrated that commitment by sponsoring one of my favorite annual leadership conferences Leadercast , which helps keep the event accessible and affordable for more people.

How To 144

Frontline Festival: Leaders Share Ideas about How to Take a Break

Let's Grow Leaders

There are two ways to participate…either submit a blog post on the topic, or your 1-2 sentence answer to the question. Click here to participate! Eileen McDargh of The Energizer reminds us that the American work ethic may not be ethical. Taking a break gives you the opportunity to rethink your current approaches, making time for the pursuits you love, and committing to more thoughtful and intentional actions once you return.

Wilde 116

8 Things Collaborative Leaders Know

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

People want their organizations to be successful, and when given an opportunity to participate, they bring their best thinking and contribute fully. Through involvement, people develop deeper understanding of the issues and goals and become more committed to implementing decisions. It might once have been possible to get away with questionable ethics, but there’s nowhere to hide anymore. Are you a collaborative leader?

Blog 228

The August 2011 Leadership Development RoundTable Challenge: A Coaching Dilemma


He’s obviously not doing between-meeting assignments that he committed to, and hasn’t had a meeting with Linda yet. From Dan McCarthy: At the risk of stating the obvious, it sounds like Rob’s not committed to: Improve. After you’ve done this, and you’re sure Rob is committed to improve but you both need help, then consider offering the services of a coach. Welcome to the August Round Table!

14 Leadership Studies – Quick Overview of Leadership


PARTICIPATIVE LEADERSHIP THEORY. The id ea of a participative leadership style arises from the work of Dr. Rensis Likert in 1967. Likert proposed several types of leadership styles including exploitative authoritative, benevolent authoritative, consultative, and participative. Participative leaders were those who show great concern for employees and use input and advice from these individuals when making decisions. 14 Fascinating Theories from Leadership Studies.

Leadership Tips

Coaching Tip

To maximize our potential in a rapidly changing global economy, people recognize the need for leadership ethics more than ever before. Developing commitment in a world of "free agents" and "volunteer" talent is not an easy assignment and requires the development of leadership skills ; effective leadership ability that you didn''t learn at the university or in executive education. Build Effective Leadership Skills.

Tips 99

Dogged by a Daydream

Marshall Goldsmith

I am probably the only executive educator that you have ever heard of who actually measures if the participants in my leadership development courses do what I teach – and then measures if they are seen as becoming more effective leaders. When one of my clients – which also happens to be one of the world’s most respected companies – asked the participants in my course if they were planning to do the follow-up that I suggested, 98% of them said yes.

Two Easy Ways to Boost Employee Engagement

Michael Lee Stallard

There was a terrific energy among group participants. They were handing out t-shirts and Starbucks baseball caps for participants. When this type of activity is backed up by an annual employee survey you should be able to tackle the big and small issues equally effectively – and nuture and fully engaged and committed team Posting your comment.

3M’s SVP of HR Kristen Ludgate on a Better Way to Attract Top Talent

HR Digest

We launched a new culture framework in 2019 to articulate what our culture is – and what we aspire it to be – with a focus on building on our strengths and committing to stretch ourselves into the future. COURAGE UNDER CHANGE.

Become a More Effective Leader by Asking One Tough Question

Marshall Goldsmith

I may be the only executive educator who actually measures whether the participants in my leadership development courses actually do what I teach--and then measures if they are seen as becoming more effective leaders. Dropping the Ball I had the chance to interview many of the 'do-nothings' with one of my clients a year later to ascertain why they had dropped the ball on their follow-up commitment. Their answers had nothing to do with integrity, ethics, or values.

When is Spinning the Message a Good Thing?

Marshall Goldsmith

Yet optimists often over-commit. I always teach that leaders who knowingly commit ethics violations should never be coached - they should be fired. To participate in the 2011 Thinkers 50, visit [link]. Q: In our company we value integrity, yet leaders - especially in marketing - are taught to "spin" to make products and services sound good to clients. When is "spinning" a message a good thing? When it is wrong?

The Big Picture of Business- Professional Education Necessary for Company Success

Strategy Driven

Expert teachers (fountains of learning material) are the building block in the educational process, and the student must be an active participant (rather than a non-involved or combative roadblock). If committed, the person turns the quest for knowledge into a life priority. 7) Purpose and Commitment. This requires many years of commitment to learning, compounded by the continuous development of knowledge.

10 Ways To Be A Great Non-Profit Board Member

Ron Edmondson

Work the meetings into your schedule, participate in activities expected of board members, and fulfill the obligations expected of you. They don’t learn the language of the organization or ever feel a deep commitment to the cause. Participate. Can Non-Profit Work Encourage a Poor Work Ethic? I believe in public service and giving back to the community.

The Right Way to Use the Wisdom of Crowds

Harvard Business

As team leaders, we started to notice that a common source of team friction came from members committing to their own ideas before the team as a whole agreed to a course of action. We also asked participants how intelligent or ethical they perceived the other person to be, based on their recommendation. adults to form a judgment before seeing the judgment of another participant selected at random from a prior study. Paul Taylor/Getty Images.

City Kids Adventures - A Model Mentoring Program for At-Risk Kids

Building Personal Strength

They were trailed by a gaggle of inner-city junior high and high school students participating in the McNeils' innovative City Kids Adventures program. It is a year-round commitment for all participants, about 150 in a given year, where the older kids help mentor the younger ones and kids are expected to stay involved beyond high school. I subscribe to Texas Parks and Wildlife magazine, which I read every month.

Mind the Gap: Are People Bumping their Heads on Your Values Ceiling?

The Practical Leader

Ethics and honesty data collected through 360 surveys by Zenger Folkman on 5,268 leaders vividly illustrates the point. ” The very same can be said about an executive’s integrity, honesty, and ethical behavior. Most acts of executive hypocrisy are committed innocently. ” Only those people with a career death wish will then participate. Lead by example is a management cliché. Most executives mouth the words.

Leadership actions that are not an option for leaders.

Strategy Driven

If the leader is slack, lacks work ethic, or is slow to decide, they have given tacit permission to their team to be and do the same. If training is to have a lasting value, it must have leadership support AND participation. Great leaders remain committed. They are respected and followed because of their commitment. “Where’s the action? Where’s the game?”

What U2 and the US Navy Have in Common: Connecting with Core Employees

Michael Lee Stallard

Knowing that their input has been factored into a leader’s decision is motivating and it positively impacts their future participation. We are committed to something larger than ourselves: the protection of America’s interests around the world and democracy.” The Voice Bridge In group meetings with leaders, Admiral Clark encouraged participants to speak up. The Voice Bridge U2 is further unified by its participative, consensus-oriented decision-making style.