Ethics for Technologists (and Facebook)

Harvard Business Review

In retrospect, if I had to write it again, I’d include a section or chapter on ethics. The ongoing explosion of technologically-enabled business opportunities inherently expand the ethical dilemmas, quandaries and trade-offs managements will confront. So the ethical question and challenge organizations should openly—not secretly or quietly—confront is: How can we honestly, openly and authentically demonstrate that our experiments are reasonable, fair and safe?

Praising Customers for Ethical Purchases Can Backfire

Harvard Business Review

Like leading the way in cup technology with the first U.S. In one study, participants viewed a short 40-second Starbucks commercial that either praised a customer for making an ethical purchase (it used phrasing such as: “Everything we do, you do. You buy more fair trade certified coffee than anyone else”) or praised the company for its ethical business practices (“Starbucks is the biggest buyer of fair trade coffee in the world”).

The Importance of Testing in an E-marketing Campaign

Women on Business

Thoughts That Make You Go Hmmm … on “Good Company”

The Practical Leader

” “In announcing the arrival of “the ethical consumer,” Time magazine noted: “We are starting to put our money where our ideals are.” ” If companies want to succeed in this ethical age, they had better live up to those ideals.”

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How to Become Truly Social

Coaching Tip

Winning in this environment requires more than new technology ; here are ten ways to become truly social in a world that is not just connected, but interconnected and interdependent: 1) Do away with one-way conversations. Just because all companies now possess the technological capability to hold social conversations with employees, customers and stakeholders, this does not mean we can automatically make these conversations valuable. By Guest Author Dov Seidman.

The Seven Signs of Great Leadership

Great Leadership By Dan

Making ethics a part of the culture A critical trait I noticed in great leaders was a consistent set of ethics. Dave Farrell, the long serving CEO of May Department stores, was always very consistent with ethical decision making. They inspire by their own personal commitment.

CFO 231

Guest Post: Watch Out for Flying Monkeys!

Lead on Purpose

With over 20 years of technology industry experience, he has a fresh and current perspective in leading product management teams and has a gift for taking conceptual ideas and turning them into strategic reality using methods based on market sensing best practices.

Taylor 141

Nine Rules for Employee Engagement

Chart Your Course

Employee engagement is defined as the emotional commitment an employee has for a job or organization, which then drives their performance. This desire has increased in recent years, due to the rapid pace that technology is changing the way businesses work and the skill sets they require.

8 Things Collaborative Leaders Know

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

The need for collaboration is driven by the issues arising from the current economic crisis and supported by the opportunities afforded by advances in technology, specifically Web 2.0. Technology has created the opportunity to know. Are you a collaborative leader?

Crisis 324

Ideas To Help Accelerate Your SWOT Analysis

Six Disciplines

Operations (facilities, capacity, distribution channels, supply chain, costs, use of technology). Organizational (leadership, accountability, commitment, engagement). Cultural (values, ethics). Technological (pace and changes in technology). A SWOT analysis is a tool used to assess an organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

SWOT 102

Veterans Among the Best Civilian Leaders

Strategy Driven

Always at the forefront of innovation, technologies pioneered by the military are often adopted by the commercial sector; companies looking for cyber knowledge or network engineering skills can find this expertise among veterans.

Frontline Festival: Leaders share tips about professional development

Let's Grow Leaders

Next month’s Frontline Festival is all about favorite apps and technology. Unlimited commits to finishing one book per month (some take more than one month) and keeping a list. Welcome back to the Let’s Grow Leaders Frontline Festival.

5 Critical Skills You Will Need to Hit the Ground Running After College

Leading Blog

As employers search for signals that someone is ready for a job beyond achieving the baseline bachelor’s degree, participation in collegiate athletics is seen by many as one clear indicator of commitment and drive in a generation of college graduates often lacking both.

Skills 207

July 2017 Leadership Development Carnival

Lead Change Blog

In the post, Jim explains, “To be a true Cyber Leader requires a strong and sustained commitment. Technology is proving to be a powerful enabler to bringing people together from around the globe. John Hunter of Curious Cat submitted Technological Innovation and Management.

LeadershipNow 140: July 2011 Compilation

Leading Blog

10 technologies that will change the world in the next 10 years. TheLeaderLab: Just how connected are ethical climate and engagement? You have to claim it , & commit w/concentrated effort.".

Investment for Small Business Owners

Strategy Driven

Investing , in its most essential form, is the act of committing money in the hope you’ll make a financial gain or profit. It often means committing an amount of money, we would have used for something else, such as purchasing new clothes or going to a fancy restaurant.

Statesman vs. Politician | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

Contrast this with a statesman who keeps commitments, is motivated by service above and beyond self, and by making a lasting positive difference.

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How Top-Performing Organizations Differ from the Rest

Six Disciplines

Top performers are also good planners, but are practical and are disciplined about the commitments they make. Strategic Use of Technology. Top-performing organizations give more emphasis to using technology to impact the business in strategic ways (114% more) than the lower performers. work ethic/attitude, teamwork, commitment, etc.). Ever wonder why some organizations (businesses, not-for-profits, churches, etc.) just seem to perform better than others?

July 2016 Leadership Development Carnival

Lead Change Blog

Art writes, “The emerging digital and technology-driven world demands that we rethink everything about how we manage, lead, structure and run our organizations. His scorecard checks whether products are meaningful, sold ethically, produced in a sustainable way, and so on.

Don’t Coach Integrity Violations – Fire Them!

Marshall Goldsmith

He’s not updated on recent medical technology,” was the answer. The second question I ask is: are the client’s issues integrity or ethical issues? It was about people who, instead of being fired for ethics violations, got coaches.

Know Your History, Purpose and Direction


The modern business marketing and technological opportunity that social media provides is one of the greatest marketing tools for any business, particularly small start-ups. Personally and professionally I am influenced heavily by my ethics and standards. Why do you do what you do?

Hammer 155

Why Companies Are Blind to Child Labor

Harvard Business Review

Yet a recent report by Amnesty International uncovered a number of cases of child labor among suppliers linked to major technology companies, including Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft, as well as to several automotive manufactures, such as Volkswagen and Daimler AG.

Six Guidelines for Resolving Intergenerational Conflict

Coaching Tip

Generational Signposts shape ideas about everything from expectations and perceptions about what the working environment will provide and how people should behave as employees, to company loyalty and work ethic. . . Generation Y workers are technology wizards.

Can We Keep Our Biases from Creeping into AI?

Harvard Business Review

But there’s a smaller community of people committed to addressing two more tangible risks: AI created with harmful biases built into its core, and AI that does not reflect the diversity of the users it serves. The good news is that AI is an opportunity to build technology with less human bias and built-in inequality than has been the case in previous innovations. But that will only happen if we expand AI talent pools and explicitly test AI-driven technologies for bias.

What matters in 2010?

Lead on Purpose

Are attendees leaving with a new idea, some new inspiration, perhaps a renewed commitment to their work or to the world?&# - Mark Hurst “The road to sustainability goes through a clear-eyed look at unsustainability.&# - Alan M.

Godin 158

How To Be A Writer: An Interview With Jeff Goins

Joseph Lalonde

And technology makes it so easy and so accessible to start a blog, build an audience, create an email list, and begin interacting with your tribe, your audience, the people who want to hear what you have to say. Seth Godin calls this an ethical bribe.

How To 278

Leadership Self Examination | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

They will not compromise their value system and personal ethics for temporary gain. Great leaders don’t major in the minors and understand that the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing…Great leaders are committed to not losing focus and not giving-up. They are committed to both personal and professional growth.

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8 Traits of Ineffective Leaders | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

Lack of Focus and Follow-Through : Those leaders who lack the focus and attention to detail needed to apply leverage and resources in an aggressive and committed fashion will perish.

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Our Aim, Vision and Values

Deming Institute

We will strengthen nonprofits that are as committed as we are to making people’s lives better. The result will in time be greater innovation, applied science, technology, expansion of market, greater service, greater material reward for everyone. Our Aim. The aim of The W.

Definition of Leadership | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

The Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount are all the ethical code anybody needs.&# - Harry S.

Leadership & Influence Summit | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

link] ATIG Mike, authenticity and transparency for better and ETHICAL business.

Business Does Not Need the Humanities — But Humans Do

Harvard Business Review

” The anecdote was too delicious to ignore, seeming to capture all we (think we) know about Zuckerberg—his casual brilliance, his intense competitiveness, his hyper-rational faith in technology, and the polarizing effect of his compelling software. beastfromeast/Getty Images.

Mayo 14

The Big Picture of Business- Professional Education Necessary for Company Success

Strategy Driven

If committed, the person turns the quest for knowledge into a life priority. 7) Purpose and Commitment. This requires many years of commitment to learning, compounded by the continuous development of knowledge. They embrace technology, rather than ideas and concepts.

Two Easy Ways to Boost Employee Engagement

Michael Lee Stallard

Vineet Nayar of HCL Technologies pioneered the concept of Employee first and customer second.

The Big Picture of Business- When the Rules Don’t Fit the Game, Corporate Cultures Reflect Business Progress and Growth

Strategy Driven

That having an E-mail address or a website makes one an expert on technology. That technology is the most important driving force in business and society. Addictive organizations show frozen feelings and ethical deterioration.

The Big Picture of Business – Developing The Talent for Business to Succeed

Strategy Driven

Push paper, systems, technology. Deeply committed to accomplishing something special… beyond basic job requirements. Science-Technology Provider. 7 Plateaus of Work Ethic. Deep Commitments to Body of Work, Professionalism, Ethics.

Attention Leaders: Five Attitudes to Take to work in 2014

You're Not the Boss of Me

And, there are a great many about thanks to the wonders of technology. For instance, legal and ethical boundaries are permanent fixtures in any reputable company and must be strongly enforced. I wrote this post last year in contemplation of the beginning of 2013.

Leadership & Political Correctness | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

I don’t know about you, but it’s almost as if we have raised a generation of leaders who feel they have a moral and ethical obligation to be politically correct – WRONG.

New Supply Chain Jobs Are Emerging as AI Takes Hold

Harvard Business Review

While AI will be deployed to manage certain tasks, including higher-level decision making, the technology’s true power is in augmenting human capabilities — and that holds true in the supply chain. Supply chain Analytics Technology Digital Articlealashi/Getty Images.

The Big Picture of Business – The Future Has Moved… and Left No Forwarding Address.

Strategy Driven

Futurism is a continuum of thinking and reasoning skills, judicious activities, shared leadership and an accent upon ethics and quality. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Clarke, Technology and the Future. What you can and are committed to accomplishing…rather than what mysteriously lies ahead. Commitments to learning, which creates knowledge, which inspire insights, which culminate in wisdom.

Value-Added Leadership

Strategy Driven

Organizational purpose, vision, quality of life, ethics, long-term growth. Value-added leadership requires a senior team commitment. You employ state-of-the-art technology and are in the vanguard of your industry. You have and regularly update-benchmark a strategy for the future, shared company Vision, ethics, Big Picture thinking and “walk the talk.”

The Advisor’s Corner – How Do I Build Ownership?

Strategy Driven

For instance, do the members care about starting and ending on time, silencing technology, making it an acceptable norm to pass in a ‘round-robin’? The Advisor’s Corner – Can Ethics Be Learned?

Attention Leaders: Five Attitudes to Take to work in 2013

You're Not the Boss of Me

And, there are a great many about thanks to the wonders of technology. For instance, legal and ethical boundaries are permanent fixtures in any reputable company and must be strongly enforced. Attitude is a big deal.